How the 2010 MV Agusta Brutale goes together

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Did you know that MV aped Audi for its headlight design? Been wondering how the A/C generator and starter gear fit together? This is technical porn of the first order. In fact, the only thing these pictures, press kit and videos don’t explain is why the 2010 MV Agusta Brutale is heavier and less powerful than the bike it replaces.  >

MV Agusta

  • Giovanni

    The best naked bike in the market, without a doubt and miy next bike too.

  • DaineseDan

    Dude! Get over the power drop/weight gain! The ’09 R1 is heavier and less powerfull than the ’08 and is universally considered a far superior machine. By all accounts I have read by people who have acutally ridden the bike, it is an all around better machine with much improved drive and power delivery. It’s not always about the numbers.

  • monkeyfumi

    Actually, the brutale headlight is based on those from a 993 911 Porsche.
    I don’t know if the new one has daytime running LEDs which are currently all the rage in the car design world and were largely started by Audi.

  • http://Worried kris

    Dainese Dan is absolutely right about the HP/weight thing you just can’t drop for some reason, Wes. Let me throw something out there- A Hell for Leather quote: “Kevin Ash is arguably England’s most respected motorcycle reviewer. Writing for The Telegraph, one of the country’s largest newspapers, he experiences a level of editorial freedom most American journalists don’t even know they’re missing and combines that with the kind of in-depth technical knowledge and meaningful insight that leaves us awestruck. So when he says something about a bike, we listen.”

    Alright then. Now, Kevin Ash on the 2010 Brutale 1090RR: “Despite the figures and some claims you’ll read elsewhere, the Brutale is more powerful and lighter than the old model, although the specifications do suggest the opposite: 154bhp for the old model for example and 144bhp for the new. The reason is simply that the new owners have also brought in a new honesty about the numbers, among other things.”

    So if you respect his opinion as much as you claim, why don’t you put the numbers bs to bed.

    • Wes Siler

      Numbers are important since they’re one of the main selling points of bikes like this. Do I personally care if something’s a few kilos up or a few HP down? Not in the least, but when sales success in the sportsbike market is decided largely on that, it’s relevant. It’s also relevant when a company releases a bike based on a near decade-old design without bothering to update the looks and failing to communicate any mechanical advantage. How is this version better than a five-year-old used model available at half the price?

      Also, lighten up, we’re having fun here.

  • Eder Demari

    don’t forget MV is a HD company – be careful – those guys from milwake are not confidence anymore…

  • Aldo

    Thank God the design has not been changed!! Most beautiful standard bike ever! Just like a Porsche 911, the design IS the trademark.. HD not for much longer..dropping Buell AND MV’s gotta be mad cow disease..