How to ride a 1974 BMW R90S

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BMW_R90S.jpgHailed at the time as “The Ultimate Motorcycle,” the BMW R90S was originally introduced in 1974 with a 67bhp 898cc engine capable of reaching a heady top speed of 124mph. Vintage performance like that requires vintage riding skills and, for that, the British are here to help.  >

via Vanishing Point

  • nicholasrandallas

    That guy’s helmet in clip one is AMAZING!!
    Has anyone seen anything like that for a while?

  • DD

    Vintage performance that matches the 2010 Thruxton below.

  • Dale Franks

    “Rockford Files” music. Nice.

  • motoalchemy

    That is themost awsome vid, I love every part of it.

  • AceCafeClipOns

    “doing it the normal, elegant way” lovely vid!
    but… why is that German riding in his pyjamas? ultimate vintage safety, perhaps?

  • Ammerlander

    Nice! I love the R90S.

  • Mei Devs

    Got one and I love it, a bit different from the other BMW of mine being a K1200S.The 90S is very good at high speed cruising, will run all day at 160kph and also comfortable

  • PC Paul

    I had a R100RS for many years. I think I’ll try to find another one and get back to my “roots”.

  • phar

    That vid is really awesome.
    Seems like the Germans are here to help and the British to translate. Beherrschte Faszination – controlled fascination
    Cool title, too!

  • nataku83

    Hehe, I also like to appreciate “nature” when I’m riding.

  • powermatic

    Still a great looking bike. Just look at it-absolutely timeless styling.

    Plus: am I the only one who didn’t know that center-stand-spin trick at 1:20 on vid 1? Nice-can’t wait to try it.

  • crinklesmith

    I wish real life was like that. Put on my patent leather suit, fire up my clattery twin, lanesplit and pass 80% of the time amongst colorful and interesting cars, wave like a little schoolboy at other cyclists, and have them wave back just as enthusiastically, and go for a nice spin in the Dolomites. That would be a very nice day

  • Jeff

    Nice pivot!

  • Megatron Jones

    Is that the theme music from the Rockford Files? Ha! Great vid! I can’t wait to get my first bike finished and put some of this advice to good use.

    • biminitwst

      Yes, it is the Rockford Files theme song.
      I wonder if the writers of the Rockford Files TV show ever thought that James Garner would have been a better PI if he had been riding a fine BMW motorcycle instead of the Pontiac Firebird used in the show?
      Another motorcycle/Rockford connection:
      James Garner was in the Great Escape.
      SWhen they escaped from the German POW camp, Steve McQueen rode a (Triumph) motorcycle, and IIRC, James Garner (Rockford) rode a bicycle.

  • Joe W

    Why is everyone driving and riding on the right side of the road if this is in the UK? At first I though that maybe the video was flipped, but it ain’t.

  • massivattack

    As a fan of 70′s porn soundtracks and old Boxers, I was thrilled to find this viedo. Thanks for posting it!

    /always wanted an R90S

  • PeteP

    Bwahaha! I remember seeing that in a mandatory military safety class over 20 years ago. The class just fell out when the rider rotated his bike on the centerstand, and completely freaked when he passsed all the cars at once.

    That class was full of mostly HD riders, though.

    I remember thinking “I’ve got to get to Germany!”

  • Kerry

    The only person who can truly teach you how to ride an R90S is reg pridmore:

    otherwise you might end up like this:

  • Bob Sullivan

    Really disappointed that you pulled this video. It is one of the best overviews available (or was available)>

    • Wes Siler

      Sorry Bob, but we weren’t hosting the video, so it wasn’t us that pulled it down.