How to wear a Yamaha

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How_To_Wear_Yamaha.jpgThis 1980 ad for Yamaha riding gear is really cool. The rider’s attitude says it all; the right gear gives you confidence.

via The Motorbike Archives

  • the_doctor

    That guy just looks so fast.

  • C Mad

    I guess our power ranger outfits have not changed much over the years.

    • vic

      yeah the gloves sold today for motocross are basicly the same.

  • Pplassm

    I still have two of those jerseys.

    Yep, I’m old.

  • Papasan

    I wear all that shit to bed every night…

  • cWj

    Why did YAMAHA ever decide that it’s trademark colors should be blue and white…

    yellow is fast.

    mighty fast, indeed.

    • vic

      i think fluorescent yellow is the fastest colour in the world right? having fluorescent yellow wheels add 10-15 hp easy
      if they paint the spaceshuttle that colour there would be no need for rocket boosters

      • cWj

        True, true.

        But it only really works if you have strategically placed black to improve handling.