Jumping the LA River with Roland Sands

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RSD_LA_River.jpgCan you think of another custom builder that’d round up a bunch of his bikes, take them into the glorified drainage ditch that is the LA River and proceed to ride the crap out of them? This is why we like Roland Sands.  >

via TwoWheelsBlog

  • Paulo

    Damm that was great, Thanks for posting this!

  • AadmanZ`

    The circle in the RSD logo combined with the colors reminds me of some European government halfway the 20th century.. ;-)

    • http://www.xborgforum.de Eric H.


      You’ve been downstairs, I see…

  • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

    Pepper on Something was funny.

    Hooning bikes in the LA ‘river’ is cool, but skipping basic protective gear (gloves, jacket) is not cool. It is stupid.

    • CBontheMV

      “Hey everyone, check out this gash on my hand from wiping out. I’m so hardcore”

      Case is right. Get some gloves. It doesn’t make you look hardcore, it makes you look stupid.

      • Kidchampion

        Not only are they NOT wearing protective gear, the female rider is wearing heels! If you’ve ever watched Nitro Circus, or Jackass, you’ll notice it is half extreme sport and half masochism. This video style/culture originated with street skaters and the wreckage and physical damage is one of the themes.

  • powermatic

    So Tom Waits rides bikes. I did not know that.

  • JR

    really enjoyed that

  • Nick

    Why is it so cool to use Girl Talk tracks without permission! Always cracks me up.

    • Kidchampion

      Re: Girl Talk. What is he going to do, sue? If they use the song on Nitro Circus on MTV, somebody will get real paid.

      • sam

        im pretty sure he nick is joking, considering girl talk steals all of his samples.

  • Nick

    Front-burnout @1:58 was sweet too

  • Scott

    Been done. Let me email you guys some pix of my boy jumping the LA River on his CRF450. Puts the snake river jump to shame!

    Roland kicks ass! The KR V5 GP board tracker was one of the coolest custom bikes ever. Dude makes sik parts.

  • Gary Sideburn

    Of course it’s stupid riding without proper gear, that is the WHOLE point. It’s also stupid to try jump a custom Harley. It’s all stupid, that’s what makes it great. And memorable. The idiot who doesn’t even care about his own safety. If he was wearing full leathers and a neck brace and on a CRF450 it would be ‘so what’. I don’t know why the people who leave comments don’t understand this. Viva Roland the Dimwit. GI

  • bobx

    good video
    cool bikes
    lack of safety gear?
    his choice, not mine.

  • Chris

    That was fvcking awesome!!!

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    I cannot understand a word the mayor of skidrow is saying. is it just me?

    • http://www.mpnmag.com Doug

      Clearly, you’re not a golfer.

    • Sophia

      I can’t understand him as well, lmao! You said “mayor of skidrow”