Knox Hand Armor: the next step in bike gloves

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When we first saw images of the Knox Handroid, we realized they represented a tangible advance in motorcycle glove technology. The problem was, we had no details and only two images. Now that we have multiple images, full details and even videos of the entire Knox Hand Armor range we understand Knox is making major improvements over other glove makers in three main areas: fit, impact amelioration and scaphoid protection.
All four pairs of gloves share the Boa lacing system. It consists of
two aircraft-grade steel cables that connect to large sliders on both
sides of the glove. Twisting the dial tightens the cable and glove
evenly, ensuring a perfect fit. On the underside of the glove an
elastic band connects the sliders, ensuring that when you tighten them,
it’s an even fit all around. Of course, fit is important not just for
comfort, but for safety too. Reports from people that have tried these
gloves on at Britain’s NEC bike show indicate that this system should
make it near-impossible for the gloves to come off in a crash, easily
outdoing the velcro cuffs of any previous gloves.

Despite our initial guess that the flexible spines on the Handroid’s
fingers were there to prevent hyperextension, it looks like they’re
actually there just for impact and abrasion protection, with the
articulation built in to allow for freedom of movement. All the Hand
Armor gloves feature honeycomb gel impact protection on the back of the
hand and the knuckles.

Developed in conjunction with James Ellison, the other defining feature
of the Hand Armor range is the scaphoid protection. The scaphoid is a
small bone that connects the thumb to the wrist. It’s a bitch to
injure; because it doesn’t receive much blood flow, it takes forever to
heal, if it ever heals at all. Bikers are particularly susceptible to
scaphoid fractures if the palms of their gloves grab the road as the
body continues to flip over. The slider on these gloves, some of the
first designed to protect against this injury, are meant to prevent
that grab.

All four of the Hand Armor Range — the flagship Handroid,
sport-focussed Biomech, budget Recon and winter Zero — are available in
the US from Sport Bike Track Gear, which also put together the
following videos.

Sport Bike Track Gear

  • Case

    I think the cuff will fit well. That’s my biggest issue with my ‘race level’ gloves: getting the cuff to fit properly over my leathers.

    The exoskeleton thing on the flagship glove is a bit much but I’m willing to give it a try because I think they’re making a real effort with the scaphoid protection and fit in the cuff. Plus the price is very competitive. I’ll be picking up a pair of these in March.

    • Wes Siler

      You can always scale down to the Biomech if you don’t want to look like spiderman, all the rest of the Handroid’s features are retained.

  • BL

    needs more sliders.

  • M.P.

    I broke my scaphoid and yes, it sucked. Cast for 15 weeks!

  • stempere

    After seeing the first pictures, i was expecting something around $500 for the handroid… $250 is a pretty good price when compared to the 270€ full metal pro from dainese

  • vic

    i have a feeling that the biomech are going to be extremely popular among street riders.they are dirt cheap for the features they provide and they look a bit more normal
    i am buying a pair as soon as they become available

  • SM

    Wish this was around four years ago, three different operations from scaphiod damage.

    • BL

      you figure this would have prevented the injury?

      your injury was from your leather palm “grabbing and sticking to the road” instead of sliding?

  • Core

    Really nice to have the additional info. The icing on the cake was the Videos. Awesome.