Luke, I am your bad to the bone father

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You know, these Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker biker toys actually kind of make sense when you think about it. Daddy Darth is the aging veteran desperate to recapture some of the care free adventure of his youth. If pod racing hadn’t evolved into multinational megabusiness, we’d bet he’d be right back in there. Spending the weekends riding from bar to bar with his buddies is a much needed release from the stresses of managing incompetent inferiors who can’t even capture a couple of damn droids. Out on his bike, no one has to know he’s just a lackey for the Emperor, he’s free to be the large and in charge man he was born to be.
Luke’s the young rebel. Pissed of at the world for denying him his
parents and sticking him on a godforsaken planet farming moisture, he’s
just looking for the noisiest way possible to release his teenage
angst. Sure, he might be in love with his sister, but when he pulls
into Mos Eisley with those slashcuts blaring, people aren’t staring
because he’s got freakish abilities, they’re looking at the toughest
mother fucker in the whole damn space port. Rolling with his bitch,
R2D2, on the back, Luke is livin’ it large.

The only thing we can’t explain is the helmets.

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  • AadmanZ`


  • ollieboy

    Awwwww, but I was going into Toshi Station to pick up some power

  • vic

    want darth biker..bad :))

  • mototom

    Wes, you are the funniest bad to the bone, living large, in charge biker dude on any planet.

  • Kerry

    Ok, here’s the real question….are there any actually kids in say the 5-13 age group that care about star wars? Or are these toys really meant for the disaffected now late 30 and 40 somethings who think owning toys is a shallow stab at being young at heart forever?

    • Mike

      Damn.. good question. I bet these will mostly be bought by the late 30 and 40-somethings, but not as toys – as “collector’s items” or “investments.”

  • BobG

    The black one looks just like my Harley.

  • phar

    Why choppers?
    I’d rather see Vader riding some bad ass naked bike.
    And Luke riding a scooter – Little pussy
    Sorry Bob, but your Harley looks…..wrong.

  • phar

    Now I see. Looks like Vader gained some weight.

    • BobG.

      Well thank you phar, I forgot all harley riders are fat and naked bike enthusiasts are idiot.

      • phar

        Well no offense Bob, but you must admit it is easier to ride choppers if equipped with a little beer belly.
        I also did’t mean to offend big people by saying they all ride Harleys.

        But now I can imagine Jabba the Hutt riding a Harley. lol
        That’d be awesome.

        I also didn’t mean to suggest that all scooter people are pussies – It’s just Luke – I just wished he turned over to the dark side…
        And Bob – I suggest you take those weird ass shields off your bike.

        • BobG

          Can’t do it – the sheilds are my saddlebags and wine cooler. Just for the record, I’m not fat, however I do occasionally shove a pillow or two under my shirt to look the part.

        • phar

          Where is the EDIT button?!?!?!?!?
          I just laughed at my own sentence.
          correct: ….admit that if equipped with a little beer belly it is easier to ride choppers. Thats the way!
          Maybe it is also right in the first way….

          • BobG

            Easy now phar, I was just kidding.

  • cWj

    I smell an “American Chopper” premise…