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Mission_TTXGP_2010.jpgAdding another major player to the list of companies siding with TTXGP after its split with the FIM, Mission Motors has announced it will race in the 2010 TTXGP on the Isle of Man and the series’ inaugural American race at Infineon in May. The team will be racing similar machines to last June’s race, although this time we expect more performance, the Mission One set a 150mph speed record at Bonneville in September. Mission will be joining Zero Motorcycles, TTXGP-winning Team Agni, CRP Racing and several other major teams expected to announce participation in the series in the very near future. Full announcement below.  >
Mission Motors go exclusive with TTXGP

Mission Motors is signing up exclusively with TTXGP and committed to racing in the TTXGP 2010 Isle of Man and North America Championships. Based in the heart of silicon valley in California, Mission is the current holder of the AMA Land Speed Record set at Bonneville Salt Flats with a two way pass average of 150.049mph and top one mile average of 161mph.

Jeremy Burne, TTXGP North America Director, said, “We are delighted to have Mission back with us for the second year running on the Isle of Man and at our inaugural North America Championship race at Infineon in May. With teams of this calibre, we can really look forward to a 2010 series which will not only test riders and machines to their utmost but also position TTXGP as a world leader in the promotion of electric motorsports.”

Mission first rolled out its electric motorcycle at the TTXGP Isle of Man 2009. Edward West, Founder and President of Mission Motors said, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to participate in the second year of this groundbreaking race series.  Last year, the stage was set for the beginning of a fantastic race series, and we are happy to see the TTXGP continue to grow, attract teams, and add events to its series. 

“We knew that we were participating in something important when we unveiled our Mission One on the Isle of Man last June, but what we have seen in the ensuing months is nothing other than the beginning of the transformation of motorsports. This series inspires people to look beyond what people have previously thought possible, combining zero-emissions, and high performance.

”We will be bringing race-spec versions of our limited edition production Mission One superbikes to the announced race at Infineon Raceway in California, as well as the Isle of Man.  These bikes share their power train and chassis with our street-legal production bikes, and feature race-spec fairings.  We can expect that with the rapid progress in the state of the art of electric superbikes, that the entire field will be faster this year.  Our engineering team is eager to show the rest of the world what we’ve been so hard at work on since last June.”

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  • Matt

    That is great to hear. I am wondering if there are any plans to expand the 2010 schedule to include an east coast race?

    • Manona Mission

      Excellent news. Good luck to the Mission team and good on them for sticking with TTXGP.

      This conflict between TTXGP and FIM is fun to watch but must be damaging to the new sport. Unfortunatly the FIM can only ever expect to screw this up.

      Been riding motorcycles since I was 7. TTXGP is proberbly one of the most exciting developments in my 40 years of riding.

      Matt: TTXGP have still to announce the remaining rounds of the championship. Maybe something will turn up East coast still.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Hey Wes, do you and Grant plan on going to Infineon Raceway for this race? Or plan on going to any of the TTXGP races? I would love to see some HFL coverage of this series.