Moto Guzzi Griso 8V SE goes upmarket

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The Griso already makes a strong case for itself as a luxury bike. It’s got the looks, the pedigree, the comfort and the power. The Moto Guzzi Griso 8V SE boosts this by adding classy paint colors, a stitched leather seat, a touch more torque and spoked wheels fitted with tubular tires. In fact, the combination of high-end suspension, understated looks and 90˚ v-twin makes this Guzzi, in our book, the most desirable cruiser on the market.
Available in either “Tenni” green or “Rosso Mandello” red, the SE
shares the Griso 8V’s fully adjustable 43mm USD forks, fully adjustable
rear shock and radial Brembo brakes, but tweaks the engine with new cam
profiles, more efficient injectors and a larger air box resulting in
improved responsiveness at low engine speeds and an increase in
outright torque from 80 to 85lb/ft. Power from the 1,151cc transverse
v-twin remains unaltered at 110bhp.

Moto Guzzi

  • Chris

    That green one is really something.

  • Roman

    I have a hard time categorizing the Griso as a cruiser. The bike probably defies category, but if anything, it’s more a standard naked bike, than a cruiser. Whatever it is, I want one.

  • Glenn

    Not a cruiser. I never really liked Guzzi’s, but this one, in green…very nice.

  • Ferd

    Moto Guzzi is the sweetest sounding bike on the road. I had a 2007 Norge until a 16 year old girl made a left turn in front of me while she was text messaging. I will have to give Jim a call at Rose Farm Classics and see if he is getting any 8V SE’s in. I WANT ONE!!!!!

  • Rick

    Where is Rose Farm Classics?

  • Ferd
  • JR

    truly a desirable bike, very VERY sharp in green

  • Scott

    that green one is so pretty… driving tractors can be fun

  • chuluun

    Most beautiful bike on the planet. They actually look a touch prettier and daintier in the flesh than in pictures. Always wanted one.

  • Mike

    That stock exhaust looks sexy as hell, but how do you suppose it sounds?

  • Dale

    I really want to like this bike.
    Italian machines seem to be beautiful without even trying.
    But I know that HONDA made the same motorcycle way back in the 1970′s.
    The CX 500.
    Like Hardly Davidson, if Guzzi doesn’t move into the current century, they’ll die along with their increasingly aged (albeit wealthy) owners/fans.
    Moto Guzzi, you aren’t really trying, are you.

    • HansP

      BMW has practically made the same bike and engine since the Twenties. The Boxer engine is still up and running – does that mean that BMW is going Harley as well?

  • DD

    Why can’t I buy a Breva 850? Give me a few choices. Dale? You gotta be shitin me right? Comparing Guzzi to Harley? Like comparing connoli and espresso to dunkin and donuts. Jackass.

  • Lou

    Havin ridden the 8v Griso, I can tell you this is NOT a cruiser! Far from it, unless you’re comparing it to a Triumph Thunderbird. The Griso is a fantastic bike; a luxury streetfighter, shall we say. The bike has two distinct personalities. Below 5000rpm, a fun, easy to ride attention-grabber. Above 5000, the transformation occurs and its a rocket! QUESTION; are the SEs coming to the States??!!

  • GuzziMan

    Don’t ever compare a Moto Guzzi to a Harley piece of shit. I tend to totally ignore Harley Davidson. Backward company with out of date overweight and overpriced junk. But, its a free country. Put on your pirate outfit and ride your Harley.

  • JavaMan

    WHAT A INSULT TO MOTO GUZZI TO COMPARE IT TO A HARLEY. Man that Dale sure does not know motorcycles. Harley Davidson = Overpriced Junk!!!!

  • JavaMan

    You do not have to dress up like a pirate to ride a BMW and I have not seen any BMW’s riding around with aftermarket loud exhaust. The Boxer motor has been updated and refined. Check out the HP2 boxer – 130 horsepower. You will never see 130 horsepower out of a stock Harley motor. The BMW R1200RT has 110 or 115 horsepower stock. It is a 1200cc boxer motor. Harley is more interested in selling belt buckles, HD ash trays, HD clocks and other nonsense. Harley sells there “Lifesyle” and that is supposed to keep there sales going. Trouble is there customer base are in there 60′s. When they are gone so will Harley Davidson. 90% of the younger motorcycle buyers will not even consider a Harley Davidson. A 900 pound bike with 65 horsepower – give me a break. No wonder 95% of Harley riders put loud exhaust on there bikes. They at least want it to sound like it has some power. And while they are riding around with there self image building loud exhaust they are pissing off 99% of the public. No wonder there is so much Harley bashing.

  • Boggled

    I can’t help but love Guzzi.

  • billybegood

    Sold my beloved LeMans III last year. Now I hear the Griso calling for me.

  • Alex

    I went to a launch of a new dealer – Italian-motorcyles – in my hometown of South Australia and I test rode the 8v Grisso. At first I wasn’t really that thrilled about riding the bike but once I got on it I genuinely enjoyed the ride. It’s as long as a limo but handled surprisingly well and doesn’t feel like a cruiser. I’d say it’s more of a gentleman’s muscle bike, naked, tough but also refined and elegant. However, there’s nothing elegant about that hideous exhaust.

  • J

    i just got a email back from PIAGGIO GROUP AMERICA and they said they were evaluating bringing the SE to the States. As of now the SE will not be coming states side.