MotoGP goes 1,000cc for 2012

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1000cc_MotoGP.jpgPhoto: Grant Ray

It’s official, MotoGP is switching to a 1,000cc capacity limit for the 2012 season and beyond. Why? The move will likely reduce costs, increase the marketing connection between MotoGP and road bikes and provide further separation with Moto2′s 600cc capacity. In addition to the increase in maximum capacity from 800 to 1,000cc, engines will now be limited to a maximum of four cylinders and an 81mm bore. Full rule changes below.  >

There’s also an excellent explanation of the effects of increasing capacity and limiting bore over at MotoGPMatters.


  • vic

    fuck yeah

  • the_doctor

    Hot Damn. SuperBikeGP and SuperSportGP. I guess it will be interesting?

  • Robert

    Aww, only four cylinders?

  • Hangar4

    I can’t WAIT!!!

  • DoctorNine

    The most intriguing part is the cylinder and bore limit. That seems to indicate that they are going to have a fairly long stroke, and more complete combustion, like street bikes. So hypothetically, the short stroke/high rpm track only machines will be discouraged, and developing engine efficiency in the bore/stroke range of street bikes will be encouraged. Very interesting.

  • johnny

    yay, 300 bhp here we come!

  • geonerd

    That’s interesting, but I doubt it will make racing any less expensive nor any more marketable for Ducati since the only 4 cylinder production bike they currently make costs $72,000 and is essentially impossible to buy.

  • carlos

    so where can i get my hands on an old honda v5?

  • Sean Smith

    Whoa. Well that’s some pretty lame news. Looks like everyone will now be running 81X48.5 bore x stroke four cylinders. This leaves them with a B/S ratio of 1.67:1, which ain’t so hot. F1 motors hover around 2:1 and the current crop of MotoGP motors are likely higher than 1.7:1. At the RPM their running, they would have to be to make any sort of useable power as a long stroke motor would A: Self destruct because the insane piston speeds, and B: Never be able to fill it’s cylinders are 18,000 RPM.

    While it’s pretty cool that they’re going back to big motors, these are not the same big motors they had a few years ago. With the 81mm rule in place we’re going to be seeing motors that very closely resemble street engines. This blurs the line between MotoGP and WSBK a little bit. Yes, they’re still prototype bikes, but this kind of restriction brings them a lot closer to street machines.

    This removes any possibility for triples and twins in MotoGP, and moves it closer to formula 1 or nascar in terms of engine design.


  • Jordan

    Great, now I’ve lost one way in explaining to not-so-informed riders that an M1 and R1 are two totally different motorcycles.

    • Sean Smith

      Oh man. If I had a nickel for every time a squid in a Rossi helmet on an R1 didn’t under stand that… Hell, I’d have at least 50 cents. That’s one of my biggest per peeves. How can you be a big fan of something, yet have absolutely no idea what it is?

    • RuffRyders4lyfe

      “Great, now I’ve lost one way in explaining to not-so-informed riders that an M1 and R1 are two totally different motorcycles.”

      What purpose will your life have now? :rolleyes:

  • Ken

    Woah! Wasn’t the 1000cc to 800cc move Honda’s idea? Because they were getting beaten perhaps? And because all they had to do to comply was take a hacksaw to the crankshaft of their 1000cc V5 and create a 800cc V4?

    And since that didn’t work, are we allowed to assume this reversion to 1000cc is their idea too? And if they continue to get beaten in this format will we see a return to 500cc two strokes or 6 cylinder 125s or 350 singles until they finally start winning again?

    I don’t care of course, I’m just happy that manly bikes are back.

  • geonerd

    I notice that the application for the 2012 rule change doesn’t specify whether 2 strokes could be used. I think a 1000cc direct injection 2 stroke would be a real monster. Probably cheaper in the long run too.

  • BertieDoohan

    I can’t wait to see Lorenzo highside himself on one of those bad boys!

    Should be spectacular.

  • Trav

    So, everybody’s going to dust off the 1000cc bikes they had already been using not so long ago.. adjust and modify in light of anything that may have been learned in the past few seasons that is universally applicable… and pretty much continue where they were. Except for Honda with the V5. Either way it makes me think of a woman changing clothes.

  • motogpwsbkfan

    Anything that improves the show.