Motorcycle rocket launcher: definitely try at home

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Motorcycle_Rocket_launcher.jpgStep one: make extra powerful bottle rockets by mounting model rocket engines to skewers. Step two: make custom launch tubes, spray paint, mount to fairing. Step three: mount launch controller within easy reach. Step four: commence mayhem. Congratulations sir, you’ve just managed to make motorcycling even more dangerous.

Update: video’s back up.

via The Icon Moto Blog

  • Telekom

    What a fucking brain donor. I suppose the only consolation is that since he spends all day jerking off in his garage, and is therefore unlikely to find a female, his hobbies may make him less likely to reproduce.

    • cdog

      Go back to Harley riders pensioner home Telekom, This guy is full of win. All these rockets need is a guidance system and warheads (thus becoming missiles) and they would be perfect for the daily commute.

      • Papasan

        Excellent idea cdog!

      • Telekom

        Hey Cdog, I wouldn’t be seen dead on a Harley – not unless Junior here shoots me with a rocket and drags my corpse over to one. But my retirement home is comfy and clean, at least compared to your jizz-stained teenage bedroom full of Marilyn Manson posters and Darth Vader action figures. :0

    • jairus

      All the people making sex or masturbation comments must be very insecure to start considering that as a comment about a fun video of rockets and bikes. It was meant to be fun not inspire anger and or negativity. Keep your comments based on your own sexual frustrations out of it.

  • Eric H.

    This guy wants to be Bond, James Bond SOOO bad…

    • jairus

      actually I’m leaving soon for EOD in the NAVY, but the james bond guess was close

      • Wes Siler

        Good for you, and don’t worry about the naysayers, people are always jealous when you’re having fun and they’re not.

  • BL

    finally something worth looking at on this blog

  • pepe

    That has to be the weakest thing I have seen all year, dude should be driving a brown mini van backwards into hell.

  • motoalchemy

    Make motorcycling more dangerous? ya, for the cage drivers….This is a very good thing. cant wait til yamaha makes them standard on the R1

  • bleeps

    This is so stupid… which is part of the reason why it’s also so AWESOME.

  • Mucci

    <3 He Is Legend.

  • Stephen

    I could have used something like this today when Susie SUV decided to make an illegal U-turn right in front of me.

  • Mike

    I’ll give this guy props for actually acting on a drunken idea instead of throwing it away in the dishwater like yesterday’s Natty Ice. I love how one of the rockets bounces off the wall and damn near hits him at 1:03. He’ll get his consequence someday, whether it’s in the form of a rocket through his visor, cops, or a rifle-wielding road rager; but until then, he’s got a neat little novelty.

  • XXlager

    Dude! i want that in my bike, ahorita mismo!

  • Corey

    If you have ever made a potato cannon out of PVC, or played with firecrackers, or had even the slightest naughty fun with firearms then you know that what this mouthbreathing meathead did was in the range of what most young heterosexual boys do before chopping it all off on the holy altar of matrimony and bourgeois normalcy. The only disappointing thing is that he did this on open public roads – a truly stupid thing. The rest can be explained as youthful exhuberance in a first world country (sounds like he is from some terrible place in Western Pennsylvania or Maryland – can you knock him for that?)

  • jj

    I have to say I often fantasise about having a launch button for when some jerk tries to kill me whilst riding.
    In my minds eye the rocket launches, spiraling towards the foolish suv or whatever before hitting it towards the lower half of chasis and fliping it into oncoming traffic.
    A massive explosion ensues.
    If only.

  • ryan

    100% win.

    This is the best thing I’ve seen on this site for at least 2 years.

    In fact, it’s one of the coolest things i have seen recently full stop.

  • Adib

    Hello sir…I am much interested in your rocket launcher for motorcycle. We need these weapons on our 50cc Yamazotos to fight the American infedels.

  • Deltablues

    It is August and I am on my way to Hot Springs. Up ahead, a heard of Harleys lopes along…barely able to keep it between the Mustard and the Mayo on HWY-7. A tight hair-pin turn is coming. I have been stalking my prey on my Daytona 675 for miles. Their scent, a mixure of poorly jetted open pipes and ben-gay fills the air. The never hear the wail of my Triple behind them. Now, now is the time for the kill. Armed and Activated! Fire Rockets! Suddenly, a path throught the herd has opened and the hair-pin is mine all mine…Ahh, I feel better now.

  • sam

    ha! awesome video, awesome comments

  • bzr

    Wes, I think you meant to say “Congratulations sir, you’ve just managed to make motorcycling even more AWESOME.”

    Oh, and he’s taken a page out of Chuck Norris’s book…

    That’s right, the 80s aren’t dead yet!

  • Darth Lefty

    Der BMW version habt panzerfaust

  • adam


  • meatspin

    That is awesome! but he needs a way to keep the rockets flying straight using vanes or something.

    I dont know how much thrust those motors have but a warhead could be feasible- a striker, shell primer and some gun powder packed in a brass cup full of BBs shouldnt be too heavy. He could put out a lot of eyes with that setup as well as maybe starting some nice fires.

    I’m sure the ATF is tracking this guy as we speak.

    • Forest M.

      Actually, they’re tracking YOU!

  • massiveattack

    This is exactly what I need for my commute.

  • Ian Stacconi

    Can it, you sheltered, suburb-raised chickens, this dude embodies the true spirit of relatively harmless retardedness! I salute thee!!!

  • christian

    I actually did something similar when I had a BMX bike… and I was 13 years old. That same year, after seeing a girl’s breasts, I lost any and all desire to shoot rockets off my bike and basically forgot all about hem, gets laid, he’d be like “I did what??!!!?? Nahhhhhhhhhhh…..”

  • carlos

    so it’s mad max, but using mladin instead of mel gibson?

  • Scheffy

    Disappointing that this was left off the new Multistrada’s feature list.

  • Agro

    should be made more usefull… with a weapons system and radar that homes in on on speed cameras radar signature……kapowww!!! ….LOL

  • Tanshanomi

    Great, really great — one more idiot eager to offend, outrage, and alienate all the motorists we have to share the roads with. As if there wasn’t more than enough of that behavior already.

    Nice going, Professor Squid. I hope your bike gets confiscated, crushed, and you lose your license forever.

  • the_doctor

    I think I have followed steps 1-3 before as an adolescent. It was plenty scary attaching a model rocket engine to a piece of wood. Without stabilizer wings, that thing was completely unpredictable. This qualifies as Stupid, Awesome in that order.

  • wisch_st

    Wes, you need to tell Two Wheels Blog that if they are going to run all your articles, they should at least do a pingback to give you credit for them.

    • Wes Siler

      It’s not like they’re the only ones that rip us off. More worried when MCN, Cycle World etc do it…

  • charlie

    This guy has inspired me to try this with a modified paintball gun, cut me off now bitch.

  • Bill

    You need fins on those rockets to give them some stability.

  • fazer5

    Hmm…So intentionally endangering the public is funny?

    Not to mention setting back the work of the AMA a decade or two–A$$hole, go kill yourself on your own property.

  • jairus

    not too dangerous when they are made from cardboard and balsa wood. settle down

  • The_AirHawk

    He just made his life 36.18% more Awesome!

    Tell me what the hell is wrong with that? I encourage him to take this further: the logical progression is a much, MUCH larger rocket-motor (nay, a sheit-pot-ful of ‘em!) securely-mounted to the rear of the bike for a RATO booster-assisted getaway……..

    “And for my NEXT trick, I will set myself ON FIRE!”

  • Nancy Pelosi

    How dare you?! You could’ve set the hair on my poodle on fire or hurt someone’s feelings! [What if terrorists use this ideas too?! - GW]

    I’m going to start a session of Congress over this RIGHT NOW!

  • ZenDriver


    So, you signed on a dotted line for Navy EOD. Did anyone tell you about that whole security clearance/background check thing? You shot a video where you are committing a felony.

    Honestly, what you did isn’t dangerous. But what I am about to say is for your own good – STFU, pull every video of this you can at this point, delete your YouTube account and hide in a dark corner for a while if you ever want a Navy career.

    • jairus

      thank you zen driver for the obvious feedback i WILL TAKE YOUR ADVICE. I posted this video for my friends and did not think this would happen. If you want to be a help, tell people to erase it. No one was hurt or will be. thank you

  • pdub

    You did what every 13 year old dreamed of while riding their bmx bikes in the 80′s.

    Maybe a bit stupid to do that on a public highway. The video I’d really like to see is the cop pulling someone over with this on the bike and asking “now what exactly is this on your bike?” To get a moving violation and explosives rap at the same time? Priceless.

    • Eric H.

      ROTFLMFAO @ “Megaforce”…

      Did you see “Commander Hunter” and his groovy Olivia Newton John/Xanadu gold lamé spandex costume & tough guy baby blue headband…??? It’s Barry Bostwick – aka “Mayor Randall Winston” from the “Spin City” sitcom…!!!

      In this clip he looks like he’s the missing Village People member… XD

      Thanks pdub – now I’m blowing Erdinger out of my nose over here…!!!

      Best Regards,

      Eric H.

  • M


    “In my minds eye the rocket launches, spiraling towards the foolish suv or whatever before hitting it towards the lower half of chasis and fliping it into oncoming traffic.
    A massive explosion ensues.
    If only.”

    So, someone endangers your life, and that makes it OK to kill a bunch of innocent people? (oncoming traffic)

    BTW, genius, it’s “chassis” and “flipping”. lol

    • Nobleedingheartinsight

      “So, someone endangers your life, and that makes it OK to kill a bunch of innocent people? (oncoming traffic)”

      That’s what steel bodies, airbags, and seat belts are for, Nancy.

  • mfn

    Why did you remove the vid..
    Put it back now!!!!

    Screw the sooks and crying pussys… Yes I do have PMS, F&*k off or I’ll rocket you.

  • matt

    gives new meaning to that stupid Speed & Strength marketing campaign “my motorcycle is my weapon”

  • Drew

    KUDOS for taking an idea and doing it!! Ultra Megaforce-ish. This is soooo SWEET!!! Just needs to tighten the direction of the rockets so they don’t bounce back as they nearly did.

  • Allison Carr

    How does someone get a decent background check on someone? How do you know you got everything on the person?