Motorcyclists, the modern Don Quixote?

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Photos: Oscar Carrascosa/Red Bull Photofiles

These pictures, created to promote the Red Bull Don Quixote 2 enduro race in Spain, raise an interesting question. Clad in suits of armor that appear comical to other people, obsessed with an unfulfillable, overly romanticized quest for speed and motivated by adventure, are motorcyclists a modern day Don Quixote?  >

  • Deltablues

    Well, yes. But who is interested in the exploits of a Honda Accord driver?

    • Mike

      Well said Deltablues.

  • Daniel

    Not enough of them. Most are just Sancho Panzas.

  • 2ndderivative

    Tilting at 3-series’?

  • vic

    from don quixote comes one of my favorite quotes : “I drink when I have occasion, and sometimes when I have no occasion.”
    all in all…this gray world need more don quixote’s

  • Doug

    Surprised the bold primary colors and space man-looking faces didn’t spook the horses—those two things and the absurdity of being photographed to promote a motorcycle race by tying it to Don Quixote; I’m very surprised those three things combined didn’t spook the horses.

  • coho

    I think it’s quite apt.

    If a car is a horseless carriage, then a motorcycle must be a horseless horse. ‘Rocinante’ (Quixote’s steed) is roughly translated as ‘something which was once a horse’.

    I say Cervantes invented the proto-biker.