Only 1,302 Buells left

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Last_Buells.jpgDespite paying dealers a $5,000 incentive on every Buell sold, there’s still 1,302 of “America’s sportsbike” remaining at the time of writing. Harley really, really, really wants you to buy one. To help, it’s set up a bike finder detailing the numbers of specific models remaining and their location. Expect very good deals.

In other news, the last Buell ever made, an XB12Scg was donated to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Alabama. Someday, a father will point at it and explain to his son, “Yes Timmy, America once did produce good motorcycles.”

Let us know what kind of deals you get.


  • MG

    Wes, maybe start an HBL version of a Darwin Award for entities in the motorcycle world gone terribly wrong. With the spirit of the HBL nameplate in mind, call it the “Hand-basket To Hell” award. Readers would submit nominations and vote.

    3 solid nominations for 2009:
    -HD for killing Buell
    -DMG for killing AMA pro racing.
    -OCC for “incestuous, homoerotic litigation” (borrowed your appropriate descriptives. ;>)

    • Wes Siler

      Sure,but what’s “HBL?”

    • Josh

      I’m stuck with my local dealer insisting on getting $8,700 for a 2007 XB12STT with 3 miles on it, I guess they don’t want to sell it.

    • DoctorNine

      I was wondering if motorcycle companies have become deciduous, like woody plants, which shed their leaves whenever the weather gets cold and blustery…

  • MG

    oops. Let’s try HFL (Hell For Leather)

  • broke

    I live in Northern Alabama and visited the Barber museum a few times, it’s absolutely amazing. If you ever get a chance to go, DO IT! They have a lot of everything and a lot of historic Buell racing bikes.

  • JJ

    Bad info on line AGAIN!!! I work at a Buell dealer, only 5K Dealer rebates on 1125′s.
    Xb’s have different amounts (way less) depending on models!!!!!

    • Wes Siler

      Sorry JJ, but that was fact checked straight from the horse’s mouth.

      • geonerd

        I mentioned the rebate to my local HD shop and they of course asked where I’d heard about it. Unfortunately, “The internet told me” doesn’t hold much water. If I had the info from “horse’s mouth”
        on hand at the dealer, that might make a difference.

  • Papasan

    Here in AZ you CAN’T get a salesperson to even talk to you once you say “BUELL”.
    I hope they choke on the remaining bikes…

    Papasan in AZ

  • sburns2421

    I remember reading it was $5000 for the Rotax bikes, and only $2000 on the Harley-sourced engined bikes.

    Most if not all the good deals were gone in October, and dealers still sitting on them want what amounts to almost MSRP minus rebate, plus setup plus freight. Good luck with that guys. I’m sure at those prices many will be sitting on these bikes a long time, demand has evaporated as quickly as it appeared in October. I have been tracking the remaining Buells on their site for the past couple of weeks, in that time less than a hundred have been sold. That no doubt includes at least a few bought for Christmas presents.

    Remember before 2008 many of these same dealers had been spoiled for more than a decade by getting at least MSRP for their Harleys, and tacking on thousands in chrome add-ons to pad their pockets at the time of sale. The current Buell buyer is in a completely different mindset from the good ol’ days of easy money H-D buyers circa 2006.

    If Rossmeyer Harley can be at the precipice of bankruptcy, any H-D dealership can be at the moment.

  • smoke4ndmears

    The dealer here on Oahu refused a friend any part of the rebate, claiming extra shipping expense. Pretty typical of the most marked up dealer on island.

  • CafeRacer1200

    At the end of October I traded my high mile ’03 Triumph Sprint ST on a new ’09 XB12R. Total out the door cost was a tick over $2800. I had to drive right past the shit dealer in Indianapolis that couldn’t care less about Buell or the customer and drive to Bloomington to get it. That was the BEST bike buying experience I’ve ever had. That dealer truly cares about Buell customers. Most of their staff ride them it seemed.

  • Cameron Baum

    They could always “cube” them like they did to the Buell Blast…

    I always thought that if the price were good enough you could use them as kit bikes and put in a decent engine from anything else. Hell, a Murray garden tractor engine, complete with belt drive, would be step up IMHO.

    My favorite idea would be to find an old V4 engine from a Magna, Sabre or even a VFR. The SuperHawk engine would be a neat option too. Wonder how they would fit?

    Use that POS harley turd paint-shaker as a boat anchor or maybe even rebar in the foundation walls of your new house.

    • CafeRacer1200

      Whatever. Good to see you have the all inclusive mindset that makes riding such a great sport.

      • Cameron Baum

        All-inclusive? Is this a social-studies, or is it technology that is considered on merit alone?

        Good grief.

        I grade on a curve here. There isn’t a single product made by the MoCo that doesn’t get a solid F- (except maybe the beef jerky, I’ll give it a C- A bit too much Teryiaki IMHO )

    • 4Cammer

      Ummm……no. The XB air/oil/fan cooled Sportster derived engine is just perfect for the design. Thanks though.

      • Cameron Baum


        Keep polishing that chrome and smoking the crack MoCo-Borg!

  • the_doctor

    Barber Motorsport Museum is the best museum a motorcycle enthusiast can go to. It evokes a lot of different emotions. From asking yourself why a certain type of bike was killed, to reveling in the fact that you once had this certain bike.

    I am pleased to hear that the last Buell will be there, but sad to tell Timmy the tragic story of how it got there.

  • Skipper

    They can keep there Buells. I will not walk into a Harley dealer. I do not want to put up with there bullshit. A Harley is the very very last thing I would want on this earth and dealing with a Harley dealer is a joke. I am not interested in buying a Harley ash tray, belt buckle, shirt, jock, dog dish etc. If you are not interested in buying a Harley and then spending another $8,000 on screaming beagle equipment they are not interested in talking to you. Besides, I do not drink beer and I would not look good at all in a village people outfit. And that is my real reason for not wanting a Harley.

    • Greg House

      I 100% agree!!!! When I went into my local HD dealership, they were a bunch of loud and cocky morons!

  • jwr

    I just bought my new 1125 R. for $5,999. This bike will go into my collection and will never be ridden. Gald to have got one.

  • Buddha

    I’ll take the heartbeat of my XB9 over a sewing machine sounding high revving bumble bee of a bike any day…..
    Buell built a bike for those that love the feel of a V-Twin, all the shaking and violence associated with being a Buell owner is part of the charm and draw to the enthusists….
    ….to you Mr. Baum I say “good day!”

  • Scott

    I want an XB12S, but can’t find any deal.
    I refuse to pay MSRP, for that money there are all kinds of bikes I would opt for.

    these bikes are gonna rot unless the dealers get real.

  • Andrew

    Boat loads of torque, decent horsepower in an excellent handling sportbike that is actually comfortable to ride = the most fun I’ve had on a bike in my existance. Who gives a flying crap how “high tech” the engine is or isnt.

  • RTRider

    I contacted a local Hardley dealer and he quoted me $8,700 = tax etc for a new XB12XT. I do not know if that is a good deal or not.

  • CamRam MeBum

    LOL, Only losers choose to ride what I don’t. I so smart, You soooooooooo dumb. LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL.

  • Skip

    Yea, just what I want a sport bike with a Harley motor. You got to be joking. Harley is a joke with there advertising there “New” 2010 line-up. All that is new is the paint color and more or less chrome. Still the same old crap motor and styling. If loud exhaust was illegal nationwide Harley would be out of business in 6 months. The only reason they sell that crap is the morons that buy them “think” they sound cool without an exhaust pipe.

  • Ben_Bad

    Skip hit the nail right on the head. When the baby boomers can no longer ride motorcycles Harley will be out of business. Who in the Hell would want a sport bike with an antique boat anchor Harley motor? Just going into a Harley dealer is a joke. A bunch of old guys dressed up like pirates with there loud motorcycles. I guess with old technology and 65 to 70 horsepower you have to do something to make people think you are a bad ass and your bike is hot. Harley’s are slow, heavy, overpriced out of date junk.

  • Greg House

    Buells could never compete with a Lethargic HD V-twin….so in short Buells SUCK!

  • NoWayHarley

    Buell never had a chance from the start. First they had a Harley motor and 2nd they were sold in Harley dealerships. Nobody really wanted a sport bike with a Harley motor and unless you were dressed like the Village People, a Harley dealer would not give you the time of day. Harley dealers want suckers to sell the “Harley Lifestyle” too. You have to buy an out of date overpriced motorcycle then you have to buy a Harley t-shirt, dog dish, clock, belt buckle, jacket, do rag and belt. Best of all your new Harley only has about 70 HP so they sell you Harley aftermarket stuff for thousands extra so you can get enough horsepower to at least pass a slow truck on the highway.

  • Wanabee

    Hey, quit making crap out of Harley’s. I love my Harley. I put on my sleeveless shirt, do rag and leather chaps and crank up my Harley. Everybody looks at me going down the street because I have loud exhaust. I know they notice me at stoplights because I always rev the engine to make extra noise so to make double sure they notice me. I know people must think I am cool because my Harley sounds like it has a lot of horsepower with all the noise it makes. I know I look like a bad ass riding my Harley with my official Harley tough guy outfit. My Harley dealer even gave me a free Harley belt buckle with my new bike.

  • Ammerlander

    What´s so bad about that engine then, when you get right down to it. The engineering may be a little old fashioned but it´s making about 100hp from 1200ccm, comparable to many other standards, roadsters, adventure tourers or what have you.

  • sburns2421

    The 1125R has a Rotax engine that was relatively smooth and had lots of power. No complaints from me on that bike.

    The preceeding Buells used a Sportster-derived engine and at least on the bike I rode (XB12R), it was abysmal. I honestly do not see why anyone would buy one. The vibration at idle is so horrendous that the mirrors shake back and forth an inch. At a stoplight my vision was literally blurred as I sat on the seat.

    Rev it up a bit and it made decent power but then the rev limiter hit suddenly just when it was getting going. So next time you plan on a quick shift, an oxymoron in the Harley lexicon. Revving the engine quickly toward redline and banging a shift simply will not happen. If you do manage to quickly change gear the engine has so much flywheel effect that the revs haven’t fallen to the new gear’s speed resulting in a very strange sensation as the energy of the flywheel must be dissapated to slow down the engine.

    The handling of the XB was decent but not ground-breaking as I expected. It wanted to stand up anytime the brakes were even lightly on. The engine just dominates the experience and it is terrible. Completely unsuited to a sportbike.

    • Ammerlander

      Thsnks for your opinion. I´ve never ridden a Buell myself so I was wondering.

  • Thompson

    The new 2010 Harley’s have stick-on flame decals on the gas tank for $700 extra. That is what Harley considers “New” for 2010. Anybody who buys a Harley, other than the moron’s who put loud exhaust on them to get attention, should have there head examined. The city I live in, like Stillwater, Mn and many others, is enacting a “noise ordinance” starting on April 1st of this year. This is in response to many citizen complaints on the local Harley moron’s with there loud exhaust. I told the city council that there will be about 2,000 Harleys for sale here. The only reason they ride them is to get attention with the loud exhaust. You must have original equipment on your motor vehicle to ride a motorcycle or car/truck here.

  • Bradley Nelson

    First off, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Buells. Ofcourse I don’t enjoy the flavor of the month, I also own a Triumph Sprint ST. Next, sportbikes are creating a more negative image of motorcycling than a bunch of wannabee badasses ever thought of. “Number one stunnas” stunting on public roads with open pipes on sport bikes. So before you cast stones, make sure you don’t live in a glass house or something like that.