Photos: adventure touring in 1952

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In 1952 riders in search of adventure didn’t have Cordura suits that perfectly matched their R1200GS, they were lucky if they had rear suspension. That didn’t stop them from reaching some incredible places. These photos come from a re-discovered personal photo album that was emailed to Old Bike News.

Thanks for the tip, Chris

  • Eric H.

    AMAZING fotos – what a treat…!!!

    Kain Saul and Chuck Carothers are pussys compared to these guys…

    Best Regards,

    Eric H.

  • Hangar4

    Nicely done. Who needs knobby tires when you have a will?

  • Ammerlander

    That looks like fun.
    Very nice!

  • Jeff

    Here’s the original thread on

    • Ammerlander

      Thanks a lot, Jeff!

  • Dan

    Thanks Jeff.

    I wish HFL would always post links to where the original stories come from.

    • Wes Siler

      As far as I know, we do.

  • wyatt

    These old pictures just prove somethings never change . its always been about the riders ability not what bike they ride !maybe the younger crowd with the go fast bikes need to refresh thier memory about the hare and the hound story. just thinking out loud here.

  • Dan

    Boring! This is what Harley owners do everyday, between poker runs.

  • Darth Lefty

    I have to think that at least some of the willingness to play around on big old bikes was due to their lack of power. An R1200GS is going to shove you into a tree at 50mph if you bone it up. One of these is just going to stall and embarrass you.