Pissed off Buell fans subvert Twitter

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Buell_Twitter.jpgA group of Buell fans upset that Harley killed Buell, apparently with no reason, have devised a way to subvert every Harley message on Twitter. They’ve created a program that automatically replies to any tweet containing “Harley” or “Harley-Davidson” with an anti-Harley, pro-Buell message. As you can see above, we’ve demonstrated this, tweeting the kind of thing we’re guessing the average Harley rider talks about. Soon after, we received that reply. So how’s it work?
Here’s their explanation:

When you twitter posting either contains the term Harley or
Harley-Davidson, you will receive an unexpected answer from a twitter
user named [Redacted at user's request] after a random time between 15
minutes and two hours…..

What does this little beast do with the help of twitter API and some bits and pieces of Script?

It scans ALL tweets for the term and answers with a random sentence:

‘Always remember #BUELL if you talk about Harley Davidson!’,
‘Hey, remember #BUELL if you talk about Harley Davidson!’,
‘Remember #BUELL FOREVER! Harley Davidson? NEVER!’,
‘It makes me sick, that you dont talk about #BUELL ;-)’,
‘#BUELL #BUELL #BUELL remember the Harley Davidson #FAIL’,
‘#BUELL killed by Harley Davidson in 2009. Remember that!’,
‘#BUELL will never die. Harley Davidson will.’

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  • kawalaser

    so childish

  • steve

    who the fuck cares

  • PJ

    Most likely not even Buell owners, just the usual infantile internet trolls that would get a tingle from twitterspamming HD.

  • http://SoCalBuellRiders.Com SoCal Buell Riders

    I don’t think jamming twitter that way is going to produce positive results. While I completely understand the emotion, it’s important that we not risk portraying all Buell owners as children lying down crying in a supermarket aisle.

    Erik Buell has been able to move on. Supporting Erik Buell Racing is the way to go, rather than responding via a bot to any mention of H-D. See you on the track!

  • Do these chaps make me look like one of the village people?


  • Fatrod

    For the gazillionth time….

    IF CHAPS HAD AN ASS COVERING THEY WOULD BE PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “assless chaps” is redundant and indicative of a moronic mind. Really, let it go, we know what you ride is better than what other people ride. You rule, we get it.

  • http://www.mpnmag.com Doug


    Another technocrat—I like it!

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    I see this affecting Eric in a negative way, regardles of the original intent. Very Lame.

  • Harley is Hardley a Bike

    I could care less about Harley Davidson Motorcycles. They are outdated and overpriced. HD should have kept Buell and canceled all that overweight crap they produce. When all there 60 year old buyers age they will be out of business anyway.

    • Boggled

      Considering the fact that more Harleys have sold in every year since they acquired Buell than Buell sold in it’s lifetime, your plan sucks.

  • http://plugbike.com/ skadamo

    I hope the auto tweet is short term but it is pretty clever… and scary. :-/ :D :O

    @fatrod @Wes, should say asslessless chaps next time.

    Warning, boring rehash follows…

    In the end HD is a business that had to make a business decision. Erik should have thought about that before selling to them. Public businesses are about $ not emotion.

  • tj

    ha, perfect! the end of buell will cause the end of twitter. more people will start doing this and it will die.
    now get face book and maybe employers will get productivity back O_o

  • DoctorNine

    Riding your Harley in chaps with no pants on sounds fun and all, but I’d rather pilot one of those Peruvian Mototaxis naked up and down the Andes. Remember, it’s not how many cc’s you use, it’s how you use your cc’s…

  • Lame Harleys

    Buell made 2 mistakes from the get go. 1st they used Harley motors and 2nd they used Harley dealers. Who in the hell wants a sport bike with a out of date Harley motor? Heavy and no horsepower and who wants to walk into a Harley dealership to look at a Buell? Unless you are dressed up like a pirate they pay no attention to you. There too busy bragging who’s Harley has the loudest exhaust or tallest handle bars.

  • jconli1


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      “#” denotes a subject on Twitter.

  • ACohen

    @Fatrod: You couldn’t be more wrong. Assless chaps refer specifically to chaps that are meant to be worn with nothing underneath. Your mistake is in assuming that ‘assless’ is literal rather than the name of a style.

    There are many different types of chaps that have specialized uses and the one thing they have in common other than basic structure is that they are loose enough to be worn over pants and boots that are already sturdy enough to offer some protection. Except for assless chaps which are purely for (questionable) aesthetics.

    • Boggled

      Fatrod is right, No matter what the use chaps have no ass. It’s such an ineffective insult because it’s redundant.

    • Mike B

      No, even those are still just “Chaps” but the difference is whether you got them from NastyPig, Mr. S, or your local Harley dealer.

      • DoctorNine

        This still leaves us with the eternal unanswered question of the proper application of ‘Chapstick’ then; where, why, and how much. You can learn so much on the interwebs.

  • sofjr

    Winter is blanketing a good chunk of the Northern Hemisphere….many bikes are away for winer….slow news day I guess.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/xml/syndicate_lens/Online-Money-Quick-And-Easy Tyrone Smith

    I guess if someone gets enough Twitter followers. They can then turn around and market anything to them.

  • Johnny

    I can just see this turning into Rodney King all over again…Eric Buell-”Can’t we all just get along?”

  • http://thegeek.de Marc

    Hi Folks, I’m the developer of the bot and just want to add something: It’s not meant childish, the tweets are ment to be a joke. Okay, maybe our humor is a bit strange… I accept that.

    But we also coded the bot, because it’s possible to do that with the twitter API. The bot should be two things: A demonstration of our protest, and a demonstration what’s possible with Web2.0 APIs like twitter/facebook/…

    But one thing I like very much on the bot: It leads us into a discussion what went wrong with Harley and #Buell.

    I have neither to Buell or Harley a relationship, my bikes are build by Yamaha, Enfield, Ural and Kawasaki, but I respected the great design ideas of Eric Buell. Without Buell there is a hole in the market – they just build great bikes! Can Harley say they build great bikes? Maybe but Harley has a very big prob: To expensive, to old customers. We’ll see.

    And we’ll see when twitter closes the bot account.

    Until then: Keep cool, keep in mind the bot is twittering with a twinkle in his eye. ;-)

    Sry for my english… I’m from germany and not so good in that language. I hope you understood what I want to say…


    • PJ

      so obvious from the start, Marc twitterbot > Wes

  • M.P.

    H-D engined Buells will ALWAYS SUCK because of that “motor”. Period.

  • Brumbear

    its fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A Y-M-C-A

    CHROMOSEXUAL= FAG in the English to ride a crome cow

  • http://www.thp.yuku.com Todd8080

    Great, so we have a foreigner sabotaging an American website claiming it’s in protest of the discontinuation of an American product he has no interest in buying.

    I’ve been riding Harleys far longer than most of you have been alive. If you don’t get killed doing stunts in traffic on your disposable plastic oriental wheelie toy, maybe one day you’ll reach the stage of maturity that allows you to appreciate what a motorcycle is actually intended for.

    Or we could race from New York to Los Angeles for pink slips. There’s a valuable life lesson.

    Not all Harleys move via trailer and not all Harley owners think it’s a fashion show.

    • Kerry


      I think you missed the point yourself. A Buell was a harley motor in a usable chassis. I am not sure what you mean when you say “what a motorcycle is really for” since the only thing the standard hd chassis is good for is a place to hang more chrome accessory garbage and a way for a person to wheel said accessory garbage out into the street and park it to show off. It is not good for any kind of spirited riding that is for damn sure. Not every sport bike guy is a wheelie suntah just as not every hd guy is a dirt-bag. IF the HD chassis was so good then why does nearly every harley derived custom start with a new frame?

      • http://www.thp.yuku.com Todd8080

        Kerry, Harley frames have been quite “usable” for many decades.

        It’s obvious that the sum of your Harley knowledge is just what you hear from other non-Harley riders.

        You speak of “the standard hd chassis”. Harley-Davidson makes five separate and distinct frames.

        My own Harley, my seventh, is a custom bike built on a stock Softail frame. I built it starting with just the [numbered] frame and its matching [numbered] motor cases.

        I’ve put over 225,000 miles on it, enough miles to circle the globe nine times. It’s never leaked a drop of oil nor left me on the side of the road, as sport bike riders claim all Harleys do.

        At 120 miles an hour it purrs along at a lazy 4,290 rpm, far from its 6,000 rpm redline.

        You can see it in the November issue of American-V, a five-page spread starting on page 54.

        The reason most custom bikes start with an aftermarket frame is because it’s cheaper than buying a whole bike just for the frame.

        But try riding ANY sport bike a thousand miles nonstop then talk to me about “usable”.

  • jammer

    I own 7 motorcycles right now. If I had to sell all but one it would be the Buell Ulysses I’d keep. Sans that bike existing, a Harley Road King is a hard bike to beat for all around riding. Of course by this I mean more than 2,000 miles a year kind of riding.

    Any throttle junkie can get off on a rocket disposable bike, take it to the track before you criticize chrome couch Harley’s. I can keep up with most there on a Buell 1125 but there is your 2,000 mile per year bike. Sorry, I that is not enough time in the wind for me.

    Different strokes. But I don’t slam metric riders, or beemers or Gold Wingers. Why do those of you who stereotype and slam Harley or Buell think you are Dogs gift to motorcycling? H-D sells 300,000 a year to white hairs – so? Most riders at 60 have seen and done more than any squid wannabe-racer whose claim to fame is the hours he watches SPEED channel.

    Guess what, you’ll blink and you’ll be there too and my bet is you won’t be on a Gixer 1000, if you are riding at all.

  • christopher ebert

    Harley sells assless chaps?

    H-Ds are trendy, and trendy people don’t think about bikes the way we do. H-D brass can’t afford to think like bike guys, ’cause they’ve got to run a business… selling to trendies.

  • Tom

    The post-closing Buell prices were closer to reality. The problem is that you had to pay more for a 1125cc bike to keep up with a less expensive 600cc bike. If you put it up against its true peers, or even the 750 Suzuki the 1125 just doesn’t cut it.

    As for a road king being a “do-it-all” bike you let me know when I can do a trackday on one, k? Thanks.

    Let’s face it, the reason they went out of business is because people weren’t buying what they were selling.

  • Goldwinger

    I ride a 08 Goldwing. In our group of about 30 riders there are 5 Harley dressers. We always ask the Harleys to ride at the rear of our group. The Harleys do not have the horsepower to pass cars or trucks on 2 lane roads. Also, all Harleys burn oil and we do not like the oil smell on our clothes and we do not like to listen to there loud exhaust. When we stop for lunch or gas the Harley guys eventually catch up to us. Would I buy a Harley? No I have better things to do with my money than blow it on an out of date under powered motorcycle. I know I am right because I have seen this first hand. These Harley guys pull out to pass and all they get is a bunch of noise and no speed. It is very dangerous.

    • Boggled

      To Goldwinger: Bullshit.

      Your post while effective to your point is an outright lie. I ride with HDs, Goldwings and many other types of bikes. New Harleys are very well made, in fact I’d say a new Harley has a better fit & finish than my Triumph. Why do bikers hate on each other so much? It’s so frustrating. We are all experiencing the same joy from riding.

  • RT Rider

    Buell was doomed from the get-go. Now too many bikers were interested in a sport bike with a out of date boat anchor Harley Davidson motor in it.

  • PJ

    How childish this place has become