Reflective helmet paint helps night safety

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Created as a limited run in Italy, these Arai Vector helmets use a retroreflective paint to increase safety at night. That reflective clothing and helmets increase safety is a given, but they’re often not used because they make you look like a hall monitor rather than a badass biker. Paint like this, available from 3M and other companies, could be incorporated into helmet designs straight from the factory with little to no effect on their daytime looks. We just hope to see better integrated designs than these flames. Laek House bicycle clothing is a great example of how good looks and functional safety can be combined.


  • http://ryan ryan

    Flames?? Where the fuck are the flames?

  • Vinicio

    Shark is introducing a similar helmet. Look at their RSI models with luminescent paint (RSI Shinto for example):
    (I do not work for Shark, I just like their helmets)

  • chris

    wow. my arai phil reed throwback helmet would be ILL with this paint to replace standard white.

  • Matthew

    These “flames” could be a lot worse. I would slap some of that reflective black paint on my black RX7 Corsair myself if it didn’t cost me a ton. Factory applied would get me in a heart beat.

  • Sean Smith

    Whoa. I just clicked on the Laek House bicycle clothing link, and they’ve got some neat stuff. Cool reflective clothing for fixie riding hipsters? I would say impossible, but they seem to have done it.

  • the_doctor

    Those blue flames look like they should be toasting a creme brulee

  • Eric H.


    Can’t decide if this retroreflective paint thing is as gay as the “wearing a neon-green vest every ride, day or night” trend we’ve had going on here the past 2-3 seasons or if it’s somehow strangely…”cool”…

    Best Regards,

    Eric H.

    • vic

      eric i always carry a green vest under the seat( also good for wiping stuff).i always wear it in the evenings and early mornings.these are the times when you are least visible and drivers are tired or still sleepy,oh and whenever i ride through rural areas
      it would be stupid not to especially here in urban traffic.i always thought they we’re silly until i nearly ran over a fellow biker with my car one sunday evening,
      .any other occasion..i go with my gut instinct.
      the vests help a lot in improving visibility.

      this glow in the dark paint..not so much :)

      first of all it has to be pitch dark in order to see it,which is never the case in a traffic situation.
      secondly it s not that bright so you can’t spot it instantly
      and you will look like a geek in the pub because unlike the vest,you can’t fold it away once you’re done with it

      .they should put reflective paint on helmets
      3m also makes that and it also comes in clear sticker form

      • Wes Siler

        this paint is reflective, not glow-in-the-dark, so it’d work just like any reflective vest at night.

        • vic

          from the picture it looked like the glow in the dark that case,thumbs up for arai,shark etc

  • Crown Multimedia Agency

    Arai helmets are already the best when it comes to safety and design, but they have just managed to step it up and set the bar even higher…this idea is “brilliant” (lol). I’d love to share this story with my blog readers. Send me an email if you are interested in sharing links and content. Thanks.


  • Timothy Grandison

    I’d personally actually suggest you to publish much more often.