Robbie Knievel to attempt 16 bus jump

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Robbie_Knievel_Jump.jpgNext May, Robbie Knievel will attempt to jump 16 double-decker busses. That’s three more than his father famously failed to clear in 1975, ending his career with a broken pelvis. Unlike his father, London’s Wembley Stadium has been deemed too expensive a venue, so Robbie will be making the attempt at the Battersea Power Station instead.
“I sometimes get butterflies before a jump, sometimes I get
cockroaches; it depends on the stunt,” Knievel told The Independent, “I
think on this one I might just get a few cockroaches. My Dad said I was
a better rider than he was when I was 12, so I want to try to do this.”

Again referencing his famous father, Knievel will be riding a
Harley-Davidson XR750 for the attempt, a much heavier bike than the
two-stroke dirt bikes Robbie typically rides. “I will hit the ground
hard because the suspension is not as good and the bike is heavier, my
back has taken a lot of punishment in the past.”

“Although my dad’s jump ended with broken bones and a lot of pain, I’m
confident he’ll be smiling down on this one. Daredevils are a dying
breed. I’m proud to have been raised by one and to be one myself.”

via The Independent

  • ryan


    • bzr

      What sort of world do we live in when jumping a big ol’ motorcycle over a bunch of buses merits a YAWN?

  • chili sv

    Do it on dad’s bike and then I’ll be suitably impressed.

    • DaineseDan

      He is. He’s doing it on an XR750. His dad rode XR’s and Triumphs his whole career.

      • chili sv

        It might help if I read the whole damn article before posting. But nevertheless, if he does it on an XR750 I will be impressed whether he crashes or sticks it.

  • Jefferson

    GASP You mean Evel Knievel rode a Harley Davidson! Next you’ll be telling me that flat track racers use Harley’s. I though that if a bike didn’t have state of the art FI mapping, ABS, and a crossplane crankshaft it wasn’t worth my time.

    And London’s Wembley Stadium is ‘too’ expensive.

  • gregorbean

    Fu@k the haters. This is cool. Jumping harleys over busses takes giant balls.

  • Corey

    I am sure that Jr.’s tech people have done the math, looked at what suspension and tuning will be necessary and deem it feasible. The Harley will be a heavy pig to jump but will make the mark. His Daddy certainly did it all on a wing and a prayer and paid dearly as a result. Jr.’s jump will probably be successful and as a result much less interesting. Remember Daddy’s famous quote about 50% of people coming to watch him crash and die, 45% who don’t want to see him die but don’t want to miss it if he does, and %5 who come to see him succeed… Times have changed – we all know better. Sadly, Robbie’s jump will be as dull as his mullet, alas.

  • Corey

    Wes and company,

    Here is the cool as hell quote, reproduced in a song called “Original Stuntmaster” by AIM on a compliation of trip-hop grooves called Central Heating. Nice beats, scary quotes from Evel himself prior to the Snake River Canyon jump in 1974. I did my academic best to transcribe it accurately, grammar and all:

    “There is a certain percentage that come to see you die. I think that there are five percent probably in this world that would like to see a person die, me included…that want to see me miss the canyon jump, be killed. I think there are another forty-five percent that don’t want to see you die but want to be there if it happens because they don’t want to miss anything. Then the other fifty percent are on my side and are pulling for me. If it weren’t for a guy like me, people like them would have nothing to do, and if it weren’t for them I couldn’t have not made such a damned good living, so it all works out, one way or another.”
    Evel rocks.

  • The Grudz

    I must back this gregorbean…giant fucking balls are needed to air any bike(much less one of those pigs)over something that big. This is one of those stupid things about motorcycles that is so awesome. If you don’t like what the man is doing keep it to yourself, or find a new hobby…there are far too few of us(we who ride and love the bike)to be spreading the hate.

  • Mike

    Much agreed, gregorbean and Grudz. Just because the risks are more carefully calculated doesn’t mean that the inherent danger in the stunt has disappeared. And it certainly doesn’t mean that it takes any less balls to attempt it. It’s not as if Jr. will have cinema stunt-line attached to his bike to guide it down should he flub the launch. I hope he succeeds, partly to make his dad proud, and partly to perhaps shut up some of the anti-HD elitists around here.

  • John

    Robbie should do the jump on an Ultra Classic, I would pay to see that.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    I think today’s sheltered kids need this even more than we did in the seventies. SOMEBODY has to show them that taking risks is a part of living.

  • Eric H.

    Unfortunately, I forsee this jump – IF it actually takes place – going badly for Robbie because:

    1.) He dares to take 3 more busses than his father failed to clear – using what in essence is the same bike…(Has Robbie even tried clearing 13 busses a few times by at least 100m before going for 16…???)

    2.) By his own admission, the Hardly-Dangerous XR750 is significantly heavier than the 2-stroke japanese motocross bikes he’s normally used to riding/using…

    Robbie, best of luck to you but I’m thinking you’ll only end up snapping ALL your bones like dry twigs and be scooped into the ambulance with a soup ladel – unless you jump with your very best 2-stroke, that is… :-)

    Best regards,

    Eric H.

  • CBontheMV

    Daredevils a dying breed? I see more incredible stunts every time I turn on the tv or log into my computer. If anything, there are more daredevils to day than ever. How about the jump to the top of the Arch in Vegas by Robbie Maddison? That far outshadowed Robbie Kneivel’s jump that same night in front of the Mirage Casino.

    16 buses? How about the next attempt on the world record of 360 feet?

    16 buses? Sorry, but that’s a snoozer at this point.

    • vic

      yeah but he is doing with a harley.
      this is like seeing the worlds tallest woman having sex with the world smallest man.sure people have sex every day in impossible positions,hanging from a cliff or surrounded by man eating sharks but you would still think it’s pretty cool

      best of luck knievel jr

  • Robro