Safe riding, the English way

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Look, Signal, Manoeuvre is a 1960s safety PSA developed by the British Department of Ministry to combat all those pesky youths driving about recklessly with their loud motor-bikes, speeding, dressing queer and drinking coffee instead of tea. The Ministry’s secret weapon? Square Tom. He takes off without using the throttle, slows for fogies, makes traffic signals like he’s passing gas. Tom’s wreckless friend? A detestable hoon who gets a trip to the ER and a broken arm.


via Oliepeil

  • the_doctor

    I also know someone who is quite wreckless and broke an arm and got a trip to the ER. Poor little fella.

  • Yukes {SO~SO's}

    Prude driving gets chicks? Good to know.

  • lux

    Odd, It seems I dress exactly like Tom and Tom’s friend when I ride.

  • sven

    solid gold. loved the narrator’s voice, the incidental music, the bikes, the jackets, the boots, the helmets, the gloves. But they forgot to mention that Tom’s friend was sleeping-in because he’d been up all night shagging the showgirl who was still asleep in his bed. viva le rebel!

  • jimbecv

    Tom’s friend seems to have hell more fun.

  • AceCafeClipOns

    A Robot

  • AceCafeClipOns

    Nurses are sexy, girls from the newsstands are not.

  • lux

    Toms Girlfriend doesn’t appear to fancy Protective eyewear.

  • abenormal

    It appears this movie was produced before mirrors were invented.

  • Emmet

    Fascinating video. I expected every scene to have dry British humor in it.

  • Scott

    Nuclear cooling towers in background at 2:05+/- ?
    A holiday treat, thanks!

  • bzr

    Crazy Messerschmitt bubble car at 3:00! 60s England was so wacky.

  • Grandma

    Some things never change! Passed my test in 1962 on a Sports Cub, a year before the Tiger Cub in the clip was registered and appeared to have a very short life lol
    Those were the days, hardly any traffic, plenty of parking, and yes, no mirrors to help, so shoulder checks and life savers were vital, but to pass your test you only had to ride around the block, with the examiner racing down alley’s to keep you in view, and provided you didn’t knock him over when he jumped out from behind a pillar (post) box for your emergency stop, you passed.
    No theory test, no U turns, no help really apart from RAC/ACU courses which included maintenance as well as riding with cones and U turns!
    Now there is lots of help for those who are sensible enough to make use of it to enjoy their biking and stay in one piece