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The Kaminari are a group of reclusive, influential Japanese ex-pats spread throughout Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. Equal parts Punk, Bosozoku and vintage NOS unobtanium, the tiny garage that doubles for band rehearsal is crammed with some of the finest Japanese cafe racers this side of Tokyo with a particular obsession for all things Kawasaki.

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Shop: Kaminari Racing

  • georGe_fla

    A Kaminari photo expo on December 7,great job.

    • Cru Jones

      I doubt that was intentional. Or was it?

      • Grant Ray

        That’d be my fault. Thought today was the ninth for some reason. Call me stupid, carry on.

        • jwinter

          Don’t worry about it. Infamy isn’t what it used to be.
          Great stuff.

  • Leslie D'Amico

    Sorry bud, but all I see is old clapped out bikes from the 60′s and 70′s, classics? sure, but great to ride now in the midst of even 90′s technology? I don’t think so.

  • Ben

    I always enjoy your photography, Grant. It’d be nice to have the photo-only features separated in the same way “Film” features are. Unless such features will be limited to shops, of course.

  • robotribe

    The day HFL featured Kaminari will be a day which will live in infamy.

    (I must have that incredible Kawasaki jacket)

  • V

    Reclusive, yet influential? These ideas seem difficult to reconcile outside of religious context.

  • Pplassm

    Well, this is more like it, but not in this country:

  • zeke

    i want that 750 2 stroke so bad. that thing has got to be crazy fast. probably loses more gas to blow back than a normal sport bike eats. but who cares about that :).

  • Adrian

    I don’t know how reclusive they are ,as they turned up at the Detonation event in Brooklyn a couple of years ago.

    They have some cool old school 70′s Japanese iron though.

  • ume

    brooklyn going hard on some choice smokers. pics were terrific as usual.