The world's fastest tree

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“I just want to know what a big tree – which is four or five meters long – with a speed of more than one hundred km per hour looks like.” We’re guessing Shi Jinsong also wanted to explore the  connection motorcycles share with the natural world while highlighting their wild side, but at least the Chinese artists is humble. He made these using working motorcycle parts, but no word on whether or not you can actually ride the things.

DesignBoom via The Coolist

  • Mike

    So if your kid got ahold of a box of crayons and scribbled all over a blank paper, is it still considered art?

    • Wes Siler

      Only if you’re a loving parent.

  • Paulo

    Lots of the bikes you post give me wood, But this is something else.

  • Telekom

    Really reminds me of the Flintstones. However, let’s not get into the “is it art?” debate here. That’s old. If anybody feels like pointing a high-end critical eye on this then maybe discuss “is it good art?” “Is it stating or imagining something new?” “Does it make new cultural links?”

  • Eric H.

    Feng Shui…???

  • Darth Lefty

    it ran when I parked it

  • Core

    Looks like a tree ate a scooter…Or some motorcycle was fossilized and the front part was all that remains.

    Its cool looking in a weird way.