Triumph Street Triple, winter edition

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Triumph_Street_Triple_Winter.jpgWe don’t care if this Triumph Street Triple is wearing KTM 990 Super Duke plastic or even if the track is located too far to the rear for effective traction, we’re just hoping it has heated grips.

via Triumph Che Passione

  • Mike

    I don’t care either, I’d take this bitch to Minnesota and ride her all day long.

  • Eric H.

    Very cool idea…Wrong bike, though – should have been done with the mighty Buell Ulysses… 8-)

  • Sean Smith

    Awesome. I’ll need to pick one of these up. You know, just in case the apocalypse comes, and turns out to be another ice age. Or something. Really any excuse would work.

    • the_doctor

      this is what al gore will ride.

  • john reed

    could you explain why being to far back will give less traction please.

    • Mike

      I’m not completely sure, but I believe the further back it is, the further away from the bike’s center of gravity it is. And the further away from the center of gravity it is, the less weight is concentrated on it at once.

  • wisch_st

    Should be the ‘Street Triple R, winter edition’ on account of the adjustable forks and radial mount calipers. You wouldn’t need heated grips either since that exhaust is so close your rear end would be on fire.

    Am I the only one that actually likes the twin headlights? I think the alien monocle everyone is throwing on is fugly

  • Cameron

    The heck with too far back…

    I like my testicles. I want a gosh-darn back fender or at least some sort of something at the back of the seat to keep me falling off of it!

    Only an idiot would get on something like that, in the slippery snow, and open it up relying merly on holding onto the handlebars to keep you (and your crotch) off of that heuvos-devouring rapidly moving track.


    I’ve seen a few streetbikes with similar lack of rear fenderage and always wonder what (if anything) is running through their creator’s twisted little retarded heads.