Video: Chanel Triton flees heists

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Remember the Chanel Triton built by Momo Bikes? Looks like Karl’s finally gotten around to doing something with it, incorporating the custom into this bizarrely lame commercial. In other news, Lagerfeld has collaborated with Ruby to produce a limited edition of 100 tweed-covered, $1,800 Pavillons.  >

  • Megatron Jones

    In the words of Ed Lover, “c’mon son. Get the **** outta here wit’ this ****, Karl.”

  • Eric H.

    And the Ruby helmets just keep getting lamer and lamer…

    Best Regards,

    Eric H.

  • Kerry

    I don’t get it. Am I supposed to get it? I know hipster and fashion culture is supposed to be vacuous but is the target audience even more unintelligent than I have given them credit for? Somebody pass the hat and send Karl Lagerfeld to film school.

    That was about as enjoyable as looking at a hat full of rectums.

    • Sean Smith

      “That was about as enjoyable as looking at a hat full of rectums.”

      I think you hit the nail on the head with this one.

    • charlie

      I don’t get it either, is it a joke? that guy in the middle cannot be serious, and why is John McCain waring tight paints and aviators. You cant where a suet while riding, none of this makes sense.

  • CBontheMV

    W. T. F.

  • Hangar4

    Needs more motorcycle and less clothes.

    • Chris

      Little bit of bewb at 2:15. But damn, that sucked.

    • vic

      +1 .i want to do bad things with that woman.

  • GasBreather09

    This looks like an Andy Warhol depiction of a Harley Fashionista

  • Forest M.

    About as exciting as watching French mimes!

    What this vid needs is some comical narration. Anybody have the skillz? Please!

  • Hiwatt Scott

    Hopefully it’ll spawn a copycat crime spree at Chanel stores everywhere. That’ll teach ‘em to make lame vids!

  • lloydy

    bike is dope though..

  • C Mad

    Can’t watch the video form work but i have a question about the bike. Where are the front brakes on that thing? I cant imagine some panzy italian model flat tracking it around town fleeing theves…

    • Ceolwulf

      The front brakes appear to have been forgotten in th shop.

  • big mick

    Sacred Bleau ! he eez not a theef, he doesn’t even have one of zoze leetle black masks. And he cannot ride for cheese..and why ees he working with a dork in a Daihatsu ?
    Man, the air must be very thin where these people live. Mind you, I have always associated CHANEL with daylight robbery………

  • the other larry

    Nice bouncy boobs at the end. Gotta give ‘em that.

  • Isaac

    Has anyone noticed the training wheels on this bike, LMAO!

    Yes there are, look between the spokes on the rear wheel and you’ll see the other set.


    • Wes Siler

      You mean the paddock stand?

      • generic1776

        Haha… yeah I was thinking the same thing.

        I did like how they used the little curb pillar to park the bike during the video. The problem with “street race bikes” is needing to lean the bike against a street lamp or tree in order to park it.

        Is really that bad of a weight burden to leave the kickstand or center stand on the bike?

  • Isaac

    Oooops, I was wround however it would not suprise me if there where TW’s on this thing.

  • Mr.P

    I’m sorry, but I’ve seem to missed the point.

  • ToeCutter

    Well after the Wide wheels Choppers come the Caferacers to hit the fashion world…. Fuck… 1800 for a helmet?

    Can have 3-4 Biltwell, one Arai RX7gp and a TLD….

    fuck that

  • jconli1


    • jconli1

      bah… LATFH… though FTH would make sense for the lady. Hello, lady.

  • Emmet

    hmm, it looks like that bike was only running when he took off. It’s a solo seater lol, the girl’s feet were hanging off when they took off. slowing down her feet were on the rider’s rearsets while he waddled it to stop. lmao, hipsters.