Video: Mission One in action at Infineon

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Mission_slide.jpgIn May, the 2010 TTXGP race season will kick off at Infineon Raceway. Here’s a taste of what the 150mph Mission One can do there in the hands of the company’s ex-product manager, Jeremy Cleland. It’s interesting to see him sliding the electric bike so much, he must be doing that solely with the rear brake. The Mission One will be racing in May; on this evidence, combined with its record-breaking Bonneville run, it could be the bike to beat.  >

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  • Isaac

    Sounds pretty sweet, like a Tie Fighter.

  • Sean Smith

    Anyone seen the new Alpinestars ad with Nicky Hayden? The suit he’s wearing looks like an adaptation of a stormtrooper suit.

    Paint this sucker up in Imperial colors, don the suit, and you’ve got yourself one of the greatest PR stunts in history.

    As an added bonus, you could probably get Red Bull in on it. They’ve got a Storm trooper pit crew from their F1 days, and I bet they’re just dying to bring them back out.

  • Sean Smith

    I just looked through the gallery on their site. The top clamp looks strangely similar to the one on my GSXR600.

  • The Grudz

    The future is exciting…despite 2009.

  • KRT

    Can’t wait for May. I’ve already got my tickets.

  • Isaac

    $69k + is really steep for a machine. It does get better range than my R6. It goes 150mi on a single charge!

  • GasBreather09

    bah humbag


    Ya, that between that chick’s voice and the poor choice of words, I’m not enthused at all. Rather than it being an alternative/green way to have thrills on a sport bike. It seems like I’m purchasing a fade, or a way to be “cool” buy riding a “sexy” bike.

  • Edward West

    That was Mitchell Pierce from Washington state riding the bike in this fan-made video. He has mad mad skills.