Video: Zero MX down under

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Zero_MX_Action.jpgRemember when the Zero X lost the first ever electric supercross race because the rear wheel exploded? Maybe fitting mountain bike components to a motorcycle wasn’t a good idea after all, which is why we have the Zero MX with real wheels, real forks and a real shock. Here it is hooning at a bike show in Australia, we challenge you to watch these videos and tell us you still think electrics are boring.  >

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  • John

    Are you really calling the wheels and suspension real motorcycle components!! Even on the MX model…Go look at their parts list and see that a complete brake assembly cost Retail $49! Really! Are you going to trust those brakes at high speed?

  • RiderP5

    For the speeds that it’s designed for, they do pretty well. The brakes felt decent when I demo’d one down a tight, downhill stretch of Mulholland. Surely not as confidence inspiring as my FZ6, but for a bike as light as the Zero they did the trick.

    • John

      I guess if you feel they do the trick rather than doing the job that’s good for you. They fade out after 4 laps of hard riding on a track! The rear shock is still a heavy duty mountain bike shock! The front forks look like a heavy duty pit bike fork and not full size moto forks. And the hubs are still based on a mountain bike and not a motorcycle. So in my opinion they are still stuck between at mountain bike and some what a motorcycle! They have an identity issue…lol.

  • j

    I think its annoying that they had to drown the videos audio tracks with loud music to make up for the lack of noise coming from the bikes. I have as much interest in how quiet these things are as I do in hearing roar of regular bikes. Nards!


  • 5valve

    It’s not only fun on a zero e-dirtbike. We also had real fun on a Quantya e-dirtbike on a real track. Watch the video

  • AceCafeClipOns

    When I was 6 I used to make “engine” noises with my mouth while riding my bicycle… Future does’t seems to be going to be any better or even less ridiculous than that…
    Over-population is the real problem! Face that and give us back the smell of two strokes, please!

  • pplassm

    Great, next time I want to ride in a parking lot, I’ll think of one.

    How about some trail riding? Can it go out of sight of the truck yet?

    And I’m a big lug. I need a full size bike with 18″/21″ wheels, please.