Wheelie Drags: dumbest show ever?

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Wheelie_Drag_Racing.jpgHere’s a preview for Rich Christensen’s Wheelie Drags, quite possibly the dumbest idea for a show ever, not to mention one of the more dangerous. What is it? A show in which a bald doofus in an Ed Hardy t-shirt encourages young rednecks to set the fastest 1/4 mile trap speed while on one wheel. Why’s it dumb? Racing is about performance, not showing off.  >

  • The Grudz

    “First up to the line are the father/son duo…the Teutels!”

  • Tom

    The day dumb managed to square itself….and I thought it would never happen again, after drifting was invented….

  • General Apathy

    I applaud their attempt to help us reduce the amount of idiots in the gene pool.

    • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

      Agreed. This program should be accessible to the millions of them out there.

  • Oscar

    “Racing is about performance, not showing off.”

    Which is why drifting is equally stupid. But that’s a whole other subject.

  • K2theM

    IMO but I think it’s kinda cool, but then again I like drifting etc…

    Will it push the bounds of performance? No. It’s a test of skill, just like anything else.

  • the other larry

    Hey it’s motorfuckincycles! Just riding one at all is a dumb-ass idea to most people anyway. We are not most people, so I say anyone who wants to continue the fun/stupidness in any way and has the balls/talent to pull it off, wheelie away my brothers!

  • C Mad

    ^^^^^^agree, wheelies are fun….and scary….and dangerous…..and FUN!

  • wyatt

    While i wonder at the sanity of doing this on a racetrack at least its in a controlled enviroment . The real idiots are the ones that do this on the streets in traffic or on the freeway .Cant say how many dozens of times ive seen that! in texas that is a go straight to jail offense as it should be .

  • vic

    i have no problem with people doing this on a closed track.every aspect of motorcycling is dangerous you see high speed wheelies done all the time in moto gp on the finish lap
    .high speed wheelies are dangerous..riding at night in a big city on a friday night more so as i found out for myself a couple of days ago
    (sitting on my SM at a stoplight got rear ended by a drunk bitch.dry roads warm weather..no excuse:) )

  • Travis

    Racing is about performance and skill. I really don’t consider this racing but it certainly takes a lot of skill.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    Racing is totally showing off, in any form. It’s showing that your skills are better than the next guy, therefore “showing off”. And by the way, I’d say it takes a lot more skill to ride a wheelie down a drag strip than it does to twist the throttle and hang on for dear life!

  • http://bizbreakblog.com Marshall Haas

    This is probably where he had the “Ah ha” moment for the show


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      I was wondering how long it’d take for someone to post that.

  • The Shrike

    SHHHH… don’t discourage the show. It will spawn more morons doing wheelies, stoppies and other dumb shit on the street. The more of them out there the larger the cheap parts pool there is for us to work on our race bikes. In fact, we need to convince the morons that Ohlins shocks, yoshimura rearsets and akrapovic exhausts are absolute must haves for tricks on city street.

  • The Shrike

    Oh, and for anyone who says drifting and wheelies are the same as racing. Here is a perfect analogy for you:

    Trick Riding is to racing what figure skating is to hockey. It may have similar equipment and require skill but one is an exhibition and the other a competition. I, personally, do not engage in any sport that requires judges to decide who won.

    • Oscar

      “Trick Riding is to racing what figure skating is to hockey.”

      That says it all!

  • Skipper

    Total showing off. Just as bad as the Harley morons riding around with there loud exhaust. Hey Look At Me!!!!

  • Sean Smith

    Wow. I’ve gotta agree, this is a totally lame show idea.

    I have an idea of my own for a motorcycle show. Check this shit out: Motorcycle Racing! It would be easy; hell, most of it is already filmed! All you would need to do is convince speed that MotoGP and WSBK are actually much more interesting than retards sitting in a room, talking about NASCAR.

  • Kevin White

    How can this be compared to figure skating or drifting??

    This is drag racing.

    They’re just throwing an interesting wrinkle in there. The goal is still to have the shortest time, and it is still objectively scored.

  • Shawn

    Who cares if it is showing off? It looks like fun to watch.

    Oh…. and two guys trying to see who can beat each other around a circle…. is showing off.

  • shinigami

    Darwinism at its finest…

  • http://www.damiengaudet.com damien

    Is this the same bald guy that crashed the sportbike on that episode of Pinks he was hosting? That was hilarious.

    The guy jumped on someone else’s bike to get down to the finish line area and dumped it about .03 seconds after getting on the bike. I’m pretty sure he said something like, “I only ride cruisers man. wow, that’s powerful…” ha.

  • Bronson

    Rich Christensen: “Is it fast?”

    What a douche.

  • Nikker

    I dont understand what is your problem guys.

    Motocross jumps are also for showing off and not performance and they are quite awesome.
    Why shouldn t people play games? Its what men do.

    We play games cause it simply makes us happy.
    I love popping wheelies and riding on one wheel.
    I love drifting my bike and my car.

    Rossi pops wheelies when he wins to celebrate.
    And Stoner once made a pass on Pedroza with one hand on the air.
    You know why? Because he can.

    Wheelie Drags are awesome.

  • 4Cammer


    But if this will help reduce the number of asshat squids doing this crap on public highways I am all for it.

  • generic1776

    Hold my beer and watch this….

    This is nowhere near as awesome as Julian Dupont’s Ride the World series. But that isn’t for everyone either.

    All the angst against drag wheelies, seems a bit misplaced. I would assume, in general, not all people consider “drag” to qualify as “racing”, especially when you are using amateur contestants on street bikes. However, by magic, when you combine a sanctioning body, equipment rules/regulations and professional racing certification of riders the competition becomes “legitimate” and people give the sport credibility. But at this time, Drag Wheelies lacks credibility.

    Just because “it is on TV” doesn’t make it credible. In a similar light the people on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” aren’t actors and “winning” doesn’t legitimize the activity that was filmed.

  • KRT

    I think all your blind hatred for squids is keeping you all from seeing the positive. First off the whole concept of a racetrack is to remove dangerous events off city streets into an isolated environment with every precaution taken. Giving stunters an avenue like this means they can wheelie to their heart’s desire without ejecting themselves into traffic.

    Secondly, just like the retarded sport of NASCAR led to the invention of the HANS device, such an accident-prone sport as this may lead to better safety equipment.

    And third, if you say wheelies are beneath you you’re lying. Even if you don’t do them yourself watching one is f’ing majestic.

  • KRT

    This turning into a legitimate competition wouldn’t be TERRIBLE, would it? Who knew drivers smuggling moonshine would later lead to a sport credited with the invention of the HANS device? I’m not telling anyone to be in support of “Wheelie Drags;” just wait for it to spawn indestructible body armor before shutting it down.

  • Shawn

    God you people are ignorant. Just because someone does something on a motorcycle that you wouldn’t do…. does not make them retarded.

    If you want to talk about retarded, what about some guy that would rather ride a machine that balances on 2 wheels, rather than 4. A machine that doesn’t have a roll cage, seat belts, air bags, or any other type of protection. A machine that has the HP to Weight ratio of a supercar.

    That would be crazy…………

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au Mugget

    hahaha sweet.

    well why not – if you can do it.

    everyone likes to watch a good wheelie.

  • cWj

    My main issue with it is that I do believe I saw some rather unprotected wheelie-ers in that promo footage.

    ….btw, does that dude have any engineering, designing, competition cred, or is he just yet another person who came up with a show that sold*?

    *something I periodically admonish myself for not being

  • gsf1200

    You people are just jealous that you don’t have the skills or balls to wheelie yourselves!

  • Sven

    Wheelies are totally cool, imho. 100% pure adrenaline. Of course, pussies are like 100% allergic to adrenaline… Which is kind of sad, really.

    Anywayz: don’t call me or anybody else who likes wheelies dumb, you pussy.

    Sorry, you started it. Be ashamed.

  • Don

    Racing is about performance and skill (also showing off). It doesn’t matter how many wheels and if the rider chooses not to wear the right gear, well I am also a fan of natural selection. Racing in any form is inherently life threatening.

    However, this show looks like a douche magnet. After all it is hosted by one of the biggest douches of all. Raise a toast to douchebaggery and natural selection!