World's fastest gecko hitches ride on R1

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Gecko_R1.jpgA Gecko’s toes are equipped with hundreds of thousands of tiny hairs only 200 billionths of a meter thick. They’re so tiny that they’re capable of interacting with surfaces on a molecular level, enabling the Gecko to cling to any known surface except Teflon. This one’s doing a pretty good job hanging on to the tachometer of an R1 at speeds up to 150mph.  >

Thanks for the tip, Chris.

  • Alex Macfarlane

    Broken tach cover? check.
    Bug problem? check.
    Going to the track day anyway? check.

    My kind of rider.

  • dt

    You gotta wonder how that got broken. It can’t have felt good.

    I believe what you’ve got there is a Florida Anole, not a gecko, BTW. Where the hell did it come from? And where did it go? Blown up there from somewhere else on the bike originally, I guess, then back to speed Anole land.

  • DaFoxx

    “Even though you’re going 148mph, we can still save you hundreds on your insurance, and it only takes a phone call!”

  • nataku83

    Hah, seems like it’d make a good GEICO commercial. Now, if only they actually could save me money on my insurance…

  • Hangar4

    That gecko looks like he is enjoying the speed. Maybe he should consider getting him a helmet next time.

  • Shoffy

    That is actually a Gecko, anoles dont have sticky pads on their feet… Even the floridian kind lol

  • midlife crisis

    I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the video because I don’t condone this type of riding on the street. When will stupid squids realize that going twice the speed limit doesn’t make them look cool, it’s only a selfish behavior that puts others in danger? This type of behavior is why cagers look down on sportbikers.

    • AceCafeClipOns

      Speed limits were created by God itself. As every human should know, any speed limit is therefore eternal, fair and unchangeable. Only some possessed-by-the-devil motorcyclists and now some devil-created-geckos dare to go faster than that, putting the rest of the world in extreme danger. I was once crashed by a cager going well under the speed limit… but I know understand my fault: I feel rather cool (and even sexy, by the way) when ridding my sport-bike. Mea Culpa.

    • Eric H.

      midlife crisis: “I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the video…SNIP”

      Self-ownage at it’s finest. Thanks for the cheap laugh…

      Best Regards,

      Eric H.

  • shamowfski

    @midlife crisis:

    If you had bothered to watch the video, or read the other comments, you’d realize that this “stupid squid” is at a track day. Track days take place on a “race track”. “Race Tracks” are locations where people race, generally in a safe way. Way to reinforce the stereotype of “stupid cagers”.

    • Yukes {SO~SO's}

      HAHAHA +1 FTW

  • C Mad

    I bet “midlife crisis” rides an electra glide….

  • vic

    he seems to be enjoying himself,i think i saw him leaning into a corner

  • lago

    Am I the first to notice that the speed is in kph?

  • monkeyfumi

    You should also notice the sign at the start that says “Queensland Raceway”, no Floridian Anoles in Australia, Mate.

  • lago

    Good catch. I didn’t know they had non-poisonous animals in Australia.

  • mike

    Haha, I thought he was a goner after he leapt off the tach around 3:45…

  • Telekom

    These irresponsible geckos should be brought to justice before they KILL somebody!

  • Pete

    That was great! Super ride. I wanted to be on that bike!
    The only thing missing was a hawk snapping that Gecko up for lunch. I’m assuming he the one we see on TV every five minutes or so.

  • Brissy Riders Club

    Saw this vid at, frigging hilarious.

  • Matt (idroppedit)

    Hey guys, yep that was a fun day! Remember to check your bike for anything at a trackday!

    He was a bit distracting but it survived fine and lived (i scooped him out from cowering behind the nose of the race fairings and put him somewhere safe). IT is a gecko, but they are apparently a stow away from Japan and have really bred fast!

    Footage was taken on my 03 R1 at Qld Raceway in Australia – speedo was from a repairable write off bike (uneconomical insurance write off) and still works so i use it with my track fairings.

    Glad to see some of you are enjoying it… and for the idiot on their high horse…. ITS A RACE TRACK!

  • Harley Trattner

    I adore the new take you did to this subject matter. Certainly was not expecting that when I started reading. Your ideas were easy to comprehend that I thought about how come I never thought of it before. Pleased to know that there is someone out there that actually understands what he is preaching about. Great job!