2010 Yamaha FZ8: like an FZ1, but slower

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In response to black and white images initially leaked by Motociclismo.it Yamaha has released this single full-color image of the 2010 Yamaha FZ8, but no firm details. The 2010 Yamaha FZ8 Fazer, which adds a dinky fairing, is also being teased. Is this an all-new model? No, instead, Motociclismo suggests that the FZ1′s 1,000cc engine has simply been sleaved down to reduce power and torque, but more importantly insurance costs and the tendency of relatively novice riders to get happy with their throttle hands.

Power is apparently down from 150 on the FZ1 to something in the region of 120 on the FZ8, while visual differences come from gold instead of blue anodizing on the brake calipers. To facilitate a reduced price, suspension isn’t adjustable and neither are the levers. The FZ8 is also missing plastic radiator shrouds and has a slightly different exhaust, although it will come with optional ABS. 

  • s0crates82

    I’ve never had an issue with insuring my FZ1, as some insurance companies go by type of bike rather than displacement, and the FZ1 is considered a standard. Think UJM.

    My concern is whether or not the bike is much lighter. If it’s just a sleeved 1000cc mill, then I’d guess it may weigh about the same. The lack of power might make it more predictable for some folks, like you mentioned, because though the low-end on the fz1 is kinda weak, the top-end is insane. It’s basically a R1 motor with the ergos of a cop bike.

    I like the discreet exhaust, but the license plate panel looks incredibly dorky. Wonder if dealers are going to just do undertail deletes as soon as they uncrate the dang things.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      This is likely a Europe-only bike, and insurance there is largely based on capacity. Forgot to include the weight: 214kg, identical to the FZ1.

  • Cameron Baum

    How hard would it be for a Euro buyer to swap out parts and make his FZ8 engine into an R1 powerplant? Not too easy and any engine surgery can be expensive/complicated -but if one could source cheap parts and knew what one was doing who would be the wiser? Maybe the cops do dyno tests on the bike…

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Well, probably more than ripping the fairing off and putting flat bars on an R1.

    • s0crates82

      I think it’d be WAY easier to take the engine from a wrecked FZ1 or R1 and swap it in, fuel rail, computer, and all.

      Otherwise, you’re talking about taking the sleeves out, possibly machining it, replacing the pistons, possibly crank, loading different ECU map, etc etc etc.

      You’d never get caught until you wreck it and the insurance adjuster is checking the #’s on the triple tree and the engine case.

  • TeeJay

    I really doubt that the suspension is not adjustable type. Even in the 600cc “sporty naked” range only the Fazer is equiped with non-adjustable forks. Well some of the lower spec 600′s are with adjustable pre-load. If Y is going agains t the Z750, it is inevitable to use modern suspension.

  • baddad

    Another boring imitation of wanna be streetfighter scene.

  • Joe

    I hear you on the streetfighter scene, but i like the yamaha fz as just a nice sporty daily rider. i think i am going to buy one, but i want that front end in america!!, oh and i love the red/white paint job.

  • robert zimmerman

    Nice rip-off of Ducati Streetfighter, Yamaha.
    And of the old Honda CB400f’s exhaust headers…

    • s0crates82

      dude, there’s really only so much you can do with the headers on an I4.

  • CafeRacer1200

    Sure, there’s a copy factor here, but I see it as as a modern iteration of the original Fazer which was targeted as a baby V-Max. This is just a baby FZ1.

  • Heath

    I have just bought a 2008 FZ6N (I just had to get the white with red stripe) and after giving this much thought (and being as objective as possible) I have concluded the design of the fz8 is shite.
    I see no reason to change a design that already worked so well, and as for the 600 and 1000, isnt that enough choice?

    Well in the end i am now even MORE happy with my purchase.
    In my book Yamaha would have made the perfect bike in the FZ6n had it not been for the retard that routed the clutch cable over the ignition and the rather tinny (and slightly faggy) chrome mirrors and the decision to only fit the “s” model with a centre stand.

    (Mind you all above points have been seen to)

    Sorry Yamaha – you have made no progress in my book, but thanks for the love of my life.


  • tc

    transplanting a larger displacement motor to similar bikes is easy. I have done several Bandit 1200cc motors into Bandit 600 frames. In the U.S. few people want the 600cc bike so they sell cheap under $1200-$1800. I have found complete 1200cc motors for $250-$500….
    They make great sleeper bikes, and frame is registered as standard 600cc:)
    I had a friend who replaced a ZRX 1100 with a ZX14 motor OMG!
    R1 or FZ1 to FZ8 could also be easy swap.
    Not sure about legalities….

  • ted

    The thing is going to sit in the showroom. Who’s going to buy it ? Seems to me that all the bike manufactures are chasing each others tails and missing the point on so many levels. The FZ8 is a prime example. it’s an 800 cc naked street machine,it’s too heavy and why 4 pots ? them things have no low end torque. If you just like to burn up the black top on the weekends you’ll buy a 1000cc or 1200cc machine. If you are looking for a daily commute then low end torque, fuel consumption, weight, how to carry stuff, potential damage from having your bike knock over by a parking car are all going to be considered. and the thing still has to be fun to ride. I would love to see Yamaha or some manufacture bring out a “CityMoto” – 180mm wheel travel for stairs and speed humps, a fuel tank that will take you further than 200k, a seat height so you do a u-turn on steep hill (780mm) and throw in a rear rack that is part of the frame and over the rear wheel, and yeah 160 kilograms dry. They’d sell boat loads, I’d buy two !