AGV Stealth SV: full face, internal sun visor

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We’ve always looked at helmets equipped with internal sun visors like the Schuberth C3 with envy, but never felt the trade-off in weight made them worthwhile. The fiberglass/carbon shell of the full-face AGV Stealth SV means weight shouldn’t be an issue while the full-face design will also help keep wind noise down. The internal arrangement is also way more elegant and less obtrusive than the Arai Sunshield Visor. In addition to the internal sunvisor, the Stealth SV is ready to accept the new AGV Voice bluetooth kit without any modifications.


  • CafeRacer1200

    Maybe it’s the position or the graphic but it looks like there is a huge difference in the shape of the chin bar from one to the other.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, I noticed that too, I think the green/white/red one is taken from a slightly different angle and that the graphics do de-emphasize how deep the chin piece is. Look at the vents and the molding along the bottom for similarities.

  • s0crates82

    same goes for the BMW system 6 helmet, which people in the US can’t get unless you email a dealer in mexico. visor and bluetooth built in. system 5 has BT, but no visor, I think.

    also, schuberth makes em.

    $650 + shipping from MX.

  • Eric

    I love this lid but even the XXL doesn’t fit on my size 7 5/8 head! I have that issue with many helmets, but this one was especially problematic. Couldn’t even squeeze into it, as uncomfortable as that would have been. Haven’t tried a XXXL; there wasn’t one available. Only way that would have fit is if there’s a bigger shell just for that size.

  • BL

    and i dub thee, sternum pecker.

  • General Apathy

    Looks cooler than the Schuberth (grind-your-chin-off-modular) version. Sure wish it said DOT and SNELL on the back..

    • Wes Siler

      I’m sure it’s DOT, but doubt it adheres to the ridiculous SNELL M2010.

  • Isaac

    The reason they look different si because they are. One is the SV-1 and the Tri-Colore is the SV-4.

    • Wes Siler

      Actually, that’s just me numbering photos in the gallery for my own organization. They’re the same helmet.

      • Isaac

        LOL, I just noticed that. What a Dee DeeDee I am!


    Both the Schuberth R1 and the S1 Pro are very light. I have the R1 and it’s actually lighter than my Shoei X-11 and a whole lot quieter. You’ll have to order from Germany but it’s well worth it.

  • Beatpusher

    No way I would wear an internal sunshade helmet. Once your head hits the ground that visor is going to destroy your nose and face. IMO

  • kiya

    Once i got one of the Shark EvoLine helmets with the drop down visor i swore i’d never get another helmet without one.

  • shinigami

    Is that model actually available in the USA?

    If you look, it shows up on the Italian AGV website, and the UK one, but the US site only shows the standard Stealth line.

    A Google search for US sources only refers to this very article. Plenty of overseas shops stocking, but apparently, none here.

  • codytoshiro

    “Keep wind noise down” as compared to what? My AGV lid is pretty loud. Comfy and light, but noisy.

    • Wes Siler

      Every ridden in a flip-front? Wind gets in all the little nooks and crannies where it opens and it’s loud as hell. Stealth SV = internal sun visor without flip-front.

      • Michael

        Yeah, I think the flip-face helmet I own now will be the last one I ever own. I have to wear plugs if I plan on riding above 40mph because the wind noise is so deafening.

        About a year ago, HJC offered a sub-$250 helmet with a flip-down visor, the FS-10. As I recall, reviews were poor since the visor didn’t really block much light and the mechanism to open/close it let in too much air. I’m hoping AGV got this one right.

  • Cameron Baum

    This is neat to see that some of the manufacturers are finally starting to get with this internal sun-visor tech. Fighter pilots have had these for 30+ years.

    Wes is right that the external ones are noisy as hell, personally I’ve found that sun issues are rare for me and when there is a problem I just pull out the roll of white electrical tape I keep in my tankbag for just such emergencies and stick it on the top 3/4″ of my face shield. It takes 30 seconds, and peels off cleanly (which is unlike the black stuff which leaves black goo after even a few hours being on there). I don’t even OWN a tinted visor. Man up guys, it’s not that big of a deal. The few times it is necessary you can use a little tape. I ride the motorcycle as my only vehicle in the summer and go on the road as an electrician 1-2 states away from my home for weeks and have only the bike. Still, the sun issue isn’t a problem.

    I’ve owned AGV helmets before -loud, heavy, noisy, funny-shaped. I’ll be sticking with Shoei from now on unless someone can make a more comfy, quiet, light helmet that isn’t darth vader shaped weird. It’d be nice if they eventually incorporated the internal visor into the TZ-R or X-12 lines. But it isn’t that big of a deal.


  • Jon Jon

    I currently sport an earlier version of this helmet, the S-4, and really like it. As far as the DOT/Snell issue, I’m sure it’s ECE and the very similarly shelled S-4 received a 5 star SHARP rating. I have no qualms about it’s ability to protect my melon.

    As soon as this one becomes available, I’ll probably save my pennies and replace the S-4.