Aprilia RXV 4.5 Dakar: Italy's entry

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One of the neatest bikes taking part in this year’s Dakar is the Aprilia RXV 4.5, which has been made newly competitive by the 450cc capacity restriction. Similar to the bike that’s competed in Africa’s Pharaohs rally for the last two years, these RXVs (there’s four racing right now) appear to be based on the 2008 or previous model (anyone know why?), if the diamond-shaped swingarms are anything to go by. Mods include the huge side-mounted auxiliary fuel tanks, upswept Arrow exhausts and all the de rigueur Dakar navigation aids and fairings. Standings as of yesterday’s stage 4 have one of these in fourth place.

Update: The RXV beat former champion Cyril Despres to win stage 5, its first ever stage victory at the 16-day race.

via Omnimoto.it

  • ollie

    they allready had a complete dakar bike ready for the race. to bad they didn’t use that one.
    look at startwin.com or http://www.b-art.com note that the bike was made en ready for the dakar that was cancelled.
    imho it was even better looking

  • Charlie

    Still, the RXV 450 never looked so good. Very cool. I just got an ’86 G/S…so I’m doing a little adv riding in the CT suburbs this winter. Not quite as radical as this machine

  • ollie

    extra fuel tank under the seat, it’s approved by the aso so it has the required amond off fuel.

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    THAT is what I’d want to escape with when the zombie nazis invade.