Aussies break Harley jump distance record

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Longest_Harley_Jump.jpgThe same hoons responsible for the first ever Harley backflip have just unofficially broken the record for the world’s longest Harley jump, leaping 157.6 feet on an XR1200. Not content to rest on their laurels, they also built a globe of death and proceeded to loop a Sportster 883 around again and again and again. We’re not sure which stunt scares us more.  >

via MCN

  • Ben Part

    so pigs can fly

  • C Mad

    wonder how much harley is spending for these kinds of publicity stunts? i still don’t wamt one…

    • Chris

      I dunno… that XR1200 sounds soo good.

  • Cameron Baum

    I’d rather see a Harley dropped from a C-130. Now that’s something of a distance record that would be impressive. If they dropped it onto the Harley Corporate Offices it’d be even better.

    • Fatrod

      Hate is an inbeciles’ pleasure.

      • Cameron Baum

        Imbecile’s Pleasure:

        Harley Davidson.

        1. Loud Pipes? -Check!
        2. Dressing up like a Pirate? -Check!
        3. Pretending to be a Bad-ass? -Check!
        4. ?
        5. Huge Profits? -Not any more for HOG!
  • Petep

    Yeah, man, but Evel did it with stock suspension on HIS XR.


  • Petep

    How about sarcasm?

  • Tom

    I can soooo play this song on Guitar Hero!

  • Tcskibike

    That thing is so heavily modified that this record should remain “unofficial”.