Be like Bubba: Nike AIRMX 6.0

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Nike_AIRMX_6.0.jpgNike’s been sponsoring MX athletes Ryan Dungey and Bubba Stewart for a while, now it’s developed an all-new boot for the two riders dubbed the Nike AIRMX 6.0. Right now, Nike claims this boot is only being made for Ryan and Bubba, with no plans to market a consumer version, but we’d be very surprised if Nike, the company that invented celebrity athlete created and endorsed footwear, doesn’t eventually cash in on its investment with a production model.
As the boot is likely still being refined by the athletes, details of
its spec and construction are currently scarce. The main USP appears to
be weight – a claimed 2lbs per pair lighter than any other competition
MX boot – but improvements have also apparently been made to feel,
with a sole that’s a claimed 4mm thinner than the industry standard.

Looking at the pictures, the AIRMX appears to make extensive use of
carbon fiber, with a one-piece plate of that material running from the
ankle hinge, up through the shin guard. This being Nike and the word
“air” being incorporated into the boot’s name, we’d also expect some
use of air cells in the heel or elsewhere. The other thing that’s
immediately apparent from the pictures is how drastically slim the
Nikes are in profile, combined with the smooth insides, this should
free up room on the pegs and prevent the boots from getting hung up on
the bike.


  • monkeyfumi

    Too many injection moldings in there for it not to make it to production

    • vic

      true,molds are expensive and useless if you re not going full scale

  • Urban Rider

    Nice. Please, please, please make some motorcycle boots Nike. Puma started off well but took a wrong turn…bring back the old Puma Brutale!

  • Mike B

    Psh, 3D printers are only like a couple hundo grand, and they can whip up a pair of these boots in prototype lickety split.

    • monkeyfumi

      Yes, and Nike has many of them.
      But, the product that 3D printers spit out would last aproximately 2 seconds in the conditions that motocross boots have to endure.
      Nike are in this to make money, and that will mean a saleable product.

      • mike

        Not true about the product from a 3D printer – I’ve made prototype parts with polymers that are very durable. The time required to print them prevents it from being profitable, but as a prototype, they’re very usable. I think something similar could’ve been done for these.

        On the other hand, I doubt Nike would pass up a chance to capitalize on the hype these will stir up…even though they’re ugly as sin.

        • Cru Jones

          “…even though they’re ugly as sin.”

          Couldn’t agree more.

  • Cameron Baum


    I’d like to see one more manufacturer enter the boot wars. Competition is a good thing. Increase build quality, further the art of protection, decrease weight, and bring down prices.

    All good things.

  • Scott