Dakar bike crashes into tomb, rescued by helicopter

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Dakar_Tomb.JPGSwedish Dakar competitor Annie Seel got a nasty surprise when she veered off course on her KTM and suddenly found herself riding into a 16-foot deep vertical tomb. We’ll let her describe it, “The track split around some ruins, and joined again after. To avoid dust I cut from right track over to the left, across a small rise. Behind the rise a 5m deep tomb opened, 2×3 wide. I rode to slow to jump and to fast to stop. Put brakes on, slide bike to the left and abandon ship. I managed to jump to the left edge while bike tumbled down. I am lucky not to go down cause the walls were impossible to climb.”

“Stopped some riders to call for help. A helicopter came and I climbed
down with a thin rope to check bike, it was ok. We tried to pull the
bike, but no. They said I must wait for the organisation truck to come
and help. Took a while but then Mr Etienne Lavigne, race director,
arrived in a helicopter instead. Like a true hero he climbed down with
a rope, tied my bike with the real tie roses, and instructed the pilot
how to lift it. Now I could continue the race, saved by the angel from
above. Only suffering from painful swollen hand and aching foot.”

via TheDakar.Blogspot.com

  • Hangar4

    Impressive that she ditched the bike before she fell in the tomb and that she continued on with the race.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Wow, I am really impressed. Even though Dakar is not in Africa any more, it still is very, very dangerous.

    Also, kudos to the race director. That is awesome.

  • cw

    Were they lacking content for their blog? I know! Let’s say your bike fell in a pit, no wait, a tomb. Yes! A tomb that no human could climb out of. And then, the safety truck comes to rescue you…no…how ’bout the race director! He swoops in on a helicopter and saves the day! Overzealous bloggers will re-post the heck out of this! (C’mon, man! Who’s buying this?)

    • BL

      you think they threw a bike down a pit and then helicoptered it out for a blog story?

      seems pretty elaborate for something that nets them about nothing.

      only question i have is why her helmet is in the hole?

      • Kidchampion

        “A helicopter came and I climbed down with a thin rope to check bike, it was ok”

        Wearing a helmet when climbing down a helicopter ladder into a tomb is !00% proper protocol.

    • http://www.saunafantast.com/ Super Sis Eila

      Annie placed the helmet on the edge of the tomb as a warning for other riders. But when the helicopter landed its strong current of air made the helmet roll down!
      You are not the only one asking this (I did too and some more people)!

  • PeteP

    Believe it or not, been there, done that.

    Didn’t have a heli to get the bike out, though. Had to do it with manpower.

    She’s lucky she didn’t go down with the bike.

    Carry on….

  • Sean Smith

    On a slightly unrelated note, has anybody else noticed the affliction ad on the right? The one place I thought I was safe from that crap, totally just got tainted.

    • Cameron Baum


      Get Firefox and install the Ad Block Plus plug-in. I don’t see ads or popups any more.

      Buh-bye ads!

      • Sean Smith

        I think I’ll do damn near anything to stop Affliction from appearing on my screen.

        Thanks for the tip. :D

  • Stefano

    Amazing story either way. Wish we had a crazy endurance race through Brooklyn. With tombs. Indiana meets bedstuy!

  • Peter

    If you ride the Dakar you´re not going to willingly push your bike down a hole just to get som publicity for a blog.

  • Duge

    They should require all race riders to wear a helmet cam, exactly for moments like this….

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    I wonder if she found any long-abandoned carcasses of Buell Blasts buried in the bottom of that tomb.

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