Ducati GP10: 'smoother, more bottom end'

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Casey Stoner says his Ducati GP10 is, “a lot smoother on the throttle, it’s got a lot more bottom end. It’ll wheelie a lot less and just have so much more traction.” The MotoGP bike has a new big-bang firing order and likely more traction and wheelie-control electronics, but other details are scarce. A newly healthy Stoner and newly confident Nicky Hayden hope the GP10 will be capable of besting Valentino Rossi’s M1. Two videos below.

  • http://www.damiengaudet.com damien

    man, i can’t wait for the season to start! bike looks good.

  • deckard

    I wish Ducati would stop painting the bottom portion of the nose black.

    • pdub

      I actually kinda like that touch they’ve been doing the last couple years. Makes the bike look like some mean black lipped Beta fish dressed in red gladiator armor.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Ducati makes snowmobiles now?!? WTF!?

  • http://www.fuckyouverymuch.gov ToeCutter

    Looks Ok…. I still think the M1 is the best looking Racebike..

  • Cameron Baum

    What, no umbrella girls?

  • James

    Umbrella Snowbunnies! :P

  • vic

    less alien,more road-bike.

    i don’t care how race bikes look.i just want them to win