Ducati Streetfighter commits mind crime in 'Inception'

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Ducati_Streetfighter_Inception.jpgWe could think of better bikes for hijacking Ford E-series vans in a downpour, but the Ducati Streetfighter has been chosen to do just that in “Inception,” a new science fiction movie from “Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan. Plots details are murky, but the movie appears to feature the dreamy Leonardo DiCaprio wrapped up in some sort of conspiracy to steal people’s dreams. While we wish Hollywood would get over its obsession with trying to outdo “Dark City,” we do look forward to seeing stunt people try to ride the 155bhp v-twin aggressively in the rain while carrying a gun-wielding passenger. Let’s hope they chose the “S” model and its traction control. Full trailer below.  >

  • Shill McNill

    LSD inspired movies eh?

  • Soma

    cast two, of what i consider
    the lamest asshats in hollywood, in
    one movie.. might as well cast
    colin farrell as one of the G-men.
    (to complete *that circle)

    if it were retitled:

    “Inception [of hollywood doucheyness]“

    it would be more fitting…

    where can i go beg for more trailers of
    Tron: Legacy?

    • Cameron Baum

      Soma, not quite the lamest collection.

      Without that total and complete douchebag Christian Bale involved, the needle on the lame-o-meter isn’t going to be moving much. He re-defines lameness and without him nothing is going to compare.

  • Robert

    Mmmmmm, druuuugs.

  • Jesse

    Soma, I assume you mean DiCaprio and Ellen Page? Because honestly the inclusion of Joseph Gordon Levitt immediately fills this project with win.

  • pdub

    Hollywood hasn’t a clue how a motorcycle works, how a gun works, or anything more technically complicated than a pile of blow or a latte. No surprises here.

    • Hangar4

      Spot on with that!!!

      Dubbing sound with something that doesn’t resemble what is actually on screen is what really pisses me off.

    • Hot Sauce

      You forgot computers!

  • The Grudz

    Did someone say latte?!

  • http://www.bend.gr odysseas

    that ducati seems to be accelerating just as the rider pulls the gun with his right hand. yeah right.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      I thought that was a passenger?

      • http://www.bend.gr odysseas

        hmm… yes Wes, now that i see it again i think you’re right. My bad.

      • shinigami

        Precisely why I carry my (glove-friendly) P7M8 in a left-side thigh rig while riding.

  • Papasan

    What a show…

    Papasan in AZ

  • GasBreather09

    Look interesting….would like to know more about the movie…

    Love the street fighter….just add that to the list of bikes I can’t own :(

  • http://twitter.com/greatistheworld will

    Jesus Christ what a negative bunch.

  • http://www.damiengaudet.com damien

    have to agree with will here. seriously, lighten the fuck up people. its – a – movie. maybe bad, or maybe even good, who knows? personally i like dicaprio and page.

  • http://www.fuckyouverymuch.gov ToeCutter

    Woww a Ducati, let me go buy one now!!!

    Power of Marketing!!!

  • Ben

    mmm street fighter. Just saw one go past today. That would be in my top 10 bikes to include in my movie if I ever were to make one.