Field Test: Alpinestars Drystar range

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fldtst-Markus.jpg This is the first of a series of Field Tests in which we’ll give real riders real riding gear and have them tell us how it works in the real world. First up is Markus Koelbl, his BMW R90/6 and Alpinestars’ range of cut-price Drystar sport touring clothing. He rode from New York to Orlando and back in it, then told us what he thought.

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Field Test: Alpinestars Drystar range

  • Lance

    Hey this is a good idea and I am glad to see you guys are doing this type of thing. Thanks.

  • s0crates82

    Excellent review.

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    Cool Airhead.

    And the gear looks good. Too much black, though. Did the article state if it came in other colors?

    Riding in the rain in traffic wearing all black just seems like a bad idea.

    • Sean Smith

      The pants, boots and gloves are available only in black. The jacket is available in camo as well as black. Cus’ people are totally gonna see you better in camo.

      In any case, most bikes have a working brake light, and 9 times out often it works much better than any sort of reflective or brightly colored things.

  • BL

    i applaud HFL for this.

    that being said, without armor, leather, or even very tough looking nylon, i’m not sure what makes this a motorcycling jacket?

    it’s gotta take more than zipping into pants and an a-star logo.

    • http://Http:// Grant Ray

      BL, the jacket has armor actually.

  • Chris

    Good review and nice photos. I like the concept of sending gear to your readers to test and report. Feel free to send me some cool shit and I’ll totally get back to you on it. :)

  • Chris

    Next time you guys want to road test some waterproof gear come out to Seattle and do some winter commuting. It’ll exploit any deficiencies in your gear with a quickness.

  • Sean Smith

    Oh, and I’ve got the ST-5 pants. Same price, but with cheesy cargo pockets and slightly better fabric. They’re awesome. 100% waterproof, comfy, armored, warm when I need it, and cooler when I dont.

    As for the gloves, they make another glove called the Apex. It’s full length, super comfy and warm, and best of all it’s completely waterproof.

    Nice write-up guys.

  • HDF Madrid

    Good idea. Whenever you guys want to test something in the searing heat of the Spanish plains or the changing weather of the Alps and Pyrenees, I’ll be happy to do some Euro Testing for you – just as long as you don’t ask me to give you first hand experience on the abrassion or impact resistance of the gear.

  • Cameron Baum

    Nice review, but…

    What an obnoxious web presentation!

    -Force users to open a new window even though they have their browsers set up to open a new tab.

    -Create a Horizontal web page where the user has to scroll left/right instead of up and down. Most scroll wheels do NOT allow you to scroll left and right easily to the reader is forced to grab the scrollbar itself and manually move left and right.

    I understand the need for some people to be different. If you just want to be different, why don’t you just put the text sideways or upside down and force the user to flip his monitor too while you are at it.

    Oh, the triumph of style over substance. I was hoping that with the imminent bankruptcy of Harley Davidson on the horizon I had hoped that this triumph would be blunted somewhat. But I see that it is still going strong…

    • jconli1

      … speaking of style over substance.

    • Wes Siler

      When you think about it, horizontal scroll actually works a lot better on modern computers. Vertical became the default for web layouts back when computer monitors were square and beige, but now that they’re rectangular, horizontal is actually way more functional for reading and looking at pictures, there’s just more info on the screen. Not a lot of people do it yet, so you’re not used to it, but more and more sites will be going that way. Explore all the features in the left sidebar and I think you’ll see how nice it can be.

      Since not everyone is smart enough to own a Mac, this is one of the only ways we can control the way they experience our features — things we put an awful lot of work into creating — popping out into a file format that Internet Explorer, try as it might, can’t screw up means all that work doesn’t end up all screwy just because someone’s using Windows ME and IE5.

      Remember that we’re not a huge corporation, just a couple of guys punching above our weight to deliver a publication that’s better designed, more functional, more entertaining, more timely and more informative than any of our established competitors. We may not be perfect, yet, but I think you’ll agree that we’re pretty good.

  • gregorbean

    I have to agree that the horizontal format on a lot of the features is distracting and kind of annoying. Good content though!

  • Jefferson

    Ok Cam, let me make sure I got this. You liked the review (substance) but were upset that it opened up a new window and made you use your mouse to see half of the last picture. Then, you decry the ‘triumph of style over substance’. That about right?

    I am not sure i have enough bread crumbs to get home.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    “Since not everyone is smart enough to own a Mac…”

    Wes, I enjoy your website, but such comments are out of line, and considering the 30+ year old bike gracing the top of the page, somewhat ironic.

    Defending yourself is one thing, but talking down to your readers is not a way to build a fanbase.

    BTW,I have always found your photo interface clunky at best.

  • motorcycle owner

    I find the web interface with photo pictorial refreshing. I think it is unique and makes this site refreshing. I work in the programming field and really enjoy the photography and large pictorial layouts.

    To the coder boy who criticizes this work – I say get a life. More specifically, get a motorcycle and ride it.

    • amsterdam

      I agree with motorcycle owner (Wes?)
      (I do own a Mac)

  • sam

    im assuming, H. Scott, that the mac comment was a bit of a joke, its kind of a standard internet meme to rib one another over the mac/pc divide. perhaps you should not expect a non-corporate, privately owned site to pander to you and mince their words quite so much??

  • Random

    Nice review. Keep ‘em coming.
    I just wish my mouse wheel rolled sideways.

  • johnny

    I quite enjoyed Wes trolling his own site

  • V

    I wonder if there is any correlation between motorcycling and paranoia.

    • amsterdam

      Good point, I say yes, every car(/pc) owner is out to get you.
      You might call that paranoia, I just call that being aware of the dangers out there

  • Mateo

    Yay for bitching about UI, gotta love it when people bitch about how Free information isn’t to their liking. Take it with a grain of salt Wes, heh.

  • BL

    Oh my god, click a link and scroll….it’s so difficult…jeebus!
    I personally enjoy the extra design work in the features, it is what first attracted me to this site.

  • CafeRacer1200

    Wes, out here in the hinterlands of Indiana I’m liable to encounter freezing fog one day and a sunny 50 degrees the next. I generally ride 350 days a year in every type of weather condition imaginable. I’m older now so I’ll exclude snow and rain but will do and have in a pinch. If this doesn’t sound like a shameless plug to do a gear review in dozens of different conditions instead of just rain, just cold or desert like I’ve lost my touch. I can write, I can photograph and not only make it clear but make it fun. I’m like the Enjoli of motorcycling. Samples of all available upon request.

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, well this go around we’ve already distributed gear to a bunch of riders here in NYC, it was just easier for us to manage it that way. It looks like this series is going to be a success, so next go round maybe we’ll get some of our frequent commenters involved as a little thank you to them.

      • amsterdam

        I do hope that includes commenters from Urup?
        amsterdam lives in Amsterdam.
        (everything Belstaff size XXL, thank you)

  • Jonathan Sace

    Cool! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.