Hayden 'in the doghouse' for leaking GP10

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Nicky_Hayden_Bling.jpgNicky Hayden says he could be “in the doghouse” after leaking a shot of the Ducati GP10. The bike was supposed to be unveiled this week in Italy, but Hayden posted an iPhone shot of it on his personal website just before christmas. The kid from Kentucky went on to tell The Beeb, “When I saw the bike I took a picture on my phone. I should have known better, I was like a kid.” Casey Stoner then stated, “The new ‘big bang’ firing order that the Ducati engineers have been working on is definitely a step forward.”


  • Kidchampion

    Or, he’s in a fake doghouse, for the fake leak, of their new orange motorcycle.

  • deckard

    “Ducati never does anything without a plan. This leak has to be intentional.”


    • Tom

      Ok probably was a leak…guilty as charged…I mean ducati has NEVER come up with a lame marketing scheme based off of a dumb idea….huh….what’s that….oh right…

      • TeeJay

        Yeah, and maybe it is also intentional, that in most news you could read that the picture was taken with his iPhone.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    This is like working for the DoD, and taking photos of something with Top Secret draped all over it. Really smart thing to do.

  • Gazza

    Hate the story, love the pic. This will be my new screensaver.


  • Corey

    In the picture it looks like Nicky is straining with a Pedrosa sized pooh.