JoMo Racing Trophy55: retro desert racer

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The Triumph Scrambler is our favorite bike in the Bonneville family both for its v-like 270° firing order and the expanded utility its taller suspension and dual sport tires bring. But, like the rest of the Bonnevilles, the Scrambler’s looks veer a little too much towards cutesy and not enough towards functional. This JoMo Racing Trophy55 fixes that by doing away with most of the chrome work and the camp light clusters, fitting left-mount megaphone pipes, a front numberboard, real dirt handlebars, raw cast aluminum engine covers and real knobblies. It’s meant to replicate the bike Bud Ekins won the 1955 Catalina Grand Prix on, but we’d ditch the stickers and just enjoy a nice reliable commuter capable of exploring fire trails and dirt roads on weekends.

JoMo Racing is a licensed revival of Johnson Motors, the company responsible for sponsoring racers like Ekins  and developing the burgeoning sport of desert racing in the post war period. They now plan to sell a range of upgrades for the entire Triumph Modern Classic range; judging by this Trophy55 and the two other bikes they’ve made, JoMo parts should be prerequisite on any throwback Triumph.

JoMo Racing via Sideburn

  • Deltablues

    There is an olive Scrambler at my Triumph dealer here in Little Rock. It would look quite nice with some of the Trophy55 treatments. Would make a good stablemate for my Daytona 675. Hope that Triumph weathers the economic downturn…they are producing some sweet motorcycles.

  • PeteP

    Hmmm. The newer Triumph “Bonnies” all look fatter and heavier than the old “real thing”.

    Do they really weigh 100 lbs more than their ’70s ancestors?

    • John Wayne

      To be fair, that hundred pounds comes with an electric start, bulletproof mechanicals, and decent brakes.

  • Sean Smith

    Is this the same Johnson Motors with the shop tucked in a little alley off Colorado Blvd in Old Town Pasadena? The logo’s appear very similar, yet is says JoMo is a licensed revival. I could have sworn that Johnson Motors. But I’m pretty sure that Johnson is still around. Oh well, I’m confused and whoever threw that bike together has some damn good taste.

    • John Wayne

      That’s the one. They’ve been getting by selling some rad, albeit pricey, designer clothes for the last few years, but the name has a ton of real racing pedigree. It’s good to see them getting back to their roots.

  • chili sv

    Without the signals and brake lights, it won’t make much of a commuter.

  • aarwar

    may I just say, you suck!

    the website’s cool, but to insult the speed triple like that? the scrambler is the coolest modern triumph twin, but on the road the naked triples rock its geriatric corpse!

    • Wes Siler

      Sure you can, but that means I can call you “dummie” for not bothering to read the article. We’re clearly talking about the “Modern Classic” family, the Bonnevilles, not the triples.

  • gogo

    wow. awesome bike. nice to see some more bikes not “crotch rocket” related.

    and wow… the photo layout on this site is still a huge pain in the azz!!!!! :)

    awesome, you guys continue to make it mind bogglingly annoying to look through supersized images.

    can you guys please change the image setup on here somehow so that we dont have to load a pic and then hit the back button every time to look at the photos.


    • Grant Ray

      gogo, you don’t pay for content here but your clicks do, so please be happy with what you get.

      so that we dont have to load a pic and then hit the back button every time to look at the photos.

      You mean like the way your lil’ blogspot works, where an image just links to a straight file, no html? Careful there, teapot..

  • Dan Cavanaugh

    Where can I buy those pipes. All three sets on all three motorcycles are better than anything I have seen. I have sent emails on their site, etc.
    I have tried to get a phone number. Does anyone have any solid info?