Julien Dupont rides Berlin

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Dupont_Berlin.jpgTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Julien Dupont did what any self respecting Frenchman would do and terrorized the city on a motorcycle. The last time we were there, we got a ticket from a very stern policeman for turning from the wrong lane. There’s two videos below, one taken in Berlin and one in the city’s abandoned Spree amusement park. >

Dupont and Co

  • steve781

    I suppose those giant clanking brass balls prevent him from riding a motorcycle with the usual fuel tank and seat configuration.

    • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

      @steve781: I was thinking the same thing. (You said it better though.)

      I’d like to see the outtakes of him getting hassled by the cops.

  • http://www.sideburnmagazine.com Ben Part

    Apart from the usual gob-smacking defying of gravity, how does JD continue to get away his cheeky fuk antics on a legal level while flying the Red Bull flag? – or do they officially disown him?
    I notice there is no sponsorship mentioned in the titles.

    It’s also really appreciated that there isn’t the usual ‘do not try this at home kids…’ disclaimer


  • T S

    Waving the French flag at checkpoint Charlie? What did the French have to do with ending the cold war?? What a tool.

    • Adrian

      The French flag is representative of the French sector of Berlin after the division of Berlin after WWII.

      Obviously a talented rider and the trials bike seems the ideal tool, but after a while it got boring.