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“Because honestly, what average married guy’s wife is going to let him put up Yamaha banners in the house?” Linear Edge’s track maps are conceived as an alternative to posters or other childish motorsports enthusiast ephemera, they’re supposed to be something that fits in with the accoutrements of a modern lifestyle. “I think seeing the tracks as lines like the riders do will help the enthusiasts learn each track better and give them a better sense of how dynamic the tracks really are,” says Russell, the guy that makes them.

Each track is CNC milled from laminated birch plywood and formica. All current MotoGP,  Formula One, SBK and NASCAR road tracks are currently offered, but Linear Edge can custom make any track or road of your choosing. We’re currently hankering after a map of Laguna to complement our piece of Robin Rhode’s “An Expression Of Joy,” but the girlfriend’s going to have to move her “Sex and the City” poster first.

Linear Edge

  • Jeremy D'Ambrosio

    what? $200 for that crap? are you kidding me?

    my local fab shop can waterjet me that out of wood for a miles below that cost… i could even choose my own wood type…

    especially at the size they are making them.

    on the plus side, the concept IS cool…

    • Marshall Haas

      I have Mugello above my desk. Fills out the wall nicely, I wouldn’t want it any larger.

    • Shoffy

      And I bet I could do the same for whatever profession you are in. Theres always cheaper but is there quality? And Id love to see your fab guy get the track perfect and write it into the CAD machine for MILES cheaper.

    • will

      Then do it. I mean if I wanted to, with an afternoon, my Bosch jigsaw, some china birch, glue and veneer I could make one, but this takes 1,000,000x less work and that much more professionalism. Stuff’s clean.

  • Greg

    Now those are cool!

  • Kevin

    I want to get one of these to hang above my newborn daughter’s crib. She’s gotta start learning eventually!

  • Joe

    i want one of the nurburgring nordschleife. more serious though. after i go to Watkins Glen for a track day in my cage, I’ll get that one. might get Indy since i went to the inaugural Moto GP there.

  • the_doctor

    To artsy for me. I will stick with my Yamaha banners all over the house.

  • JR

    I did Laguna on my wall with electrical tape. Looked good. Cost me 10cents.

  • myladySEntRa

    If these also showed elevation (I’m thinking of Laguna Seca), then I wouldn’t be able to refuse. Still a cool idea though.

  • Porfirio Broich

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