Not pictured: fractured metatarsal

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Norstar_Trans_Am.jpgThe 1979 Norstar Trans Am, “the boot of champions.”

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  • Mitch

    I don’t know anything about dirt boots, but I know 7 manual buckles can’t be any fun to do or undo.

    • Wes Siler

      You just put them on once and then wait for the paramedics to cut them of with shears.

  • PeteP

    I seem to remember that these were not bad in their day.

  • BL

    you are seriously the most risk averse, safety obsessed, pussbag i have ever read the writing of, how is it that you even bring yourself aboard something more dangerous than a tempurpedic desk chair?


    a stiff leather boot with a thick sole like that offers pretty decent protection.

    you really think a made in china, tpr covered, glued together POS dirt boot is going to protect you better?

    Or is it just the alpinestars logo that does it?

    god you amaze me.

    • Wes Siler

      WTF? Having some fun with an old ad for neat looking boots is somehow being risk averse now? Go look for offense somewhere else.

      • BL

        OK, i’ll take back risk averse. that is a serious armpussy.

        but it’s not just these boots (that you imply will break your foot)
        it’s the glow in the dark arai’s, the exoskeleton handroid gloves, the helmets with ice packs in them and a hundred other examples i don’t want to think of right now.

        you buy into all these safety gimmics and the drooling masses are all to quick to jump on board your bandwagon.

        back to the boots.

        if you’re wearing these boots, we presume you’re riding offroad.
        if you break your foot whilst riding offroad, it’s not the boot’s fault.
        it’s your fault.
        you crashed.

        and sean, if you’re wearing down your toe sliders on a wet public road, you’re not making much of a case for having the intellectual high ground. Prove that the Thor Quadrant boots protect better.
        prove it.

        • Wes Siler

          Where do i say these boots are dangerous? It’s just a neat picture that I dropped on the front page with a funny headline, it sounds like you’ve got a much larger issue here. May I suggest professional counseling?

          Safety gear works, if you’ve ever crashed a motorcycle, you’ll know that. I’m alive post arm pussy because of the Arai Corsair and the Knox back protector I was wearing at the time (along with all the rest of the gear).

          • BL

            i’m sure i do need some help

            but since the internets is here, i can burn some frustration and at least stir up some discussion on here….

            the way i interpret the headline, you are implying that wearing these inferior boots will lead to a broken foot….maybe my comprehension is off…

            you didn’t say the tech 8′s would include a broken fibula last week.

            you’re misinterpreting what i’m saying.
            I’m all about safety gear…wear it all the time.

            i’m just not for all the gimmics…
            good thick leather boots, good strong leather gloves, full face helmet, good sturdy leather jacket with impact protectors…all great. (more for a track setup, more for a dirt setup, …)

            outrageous unfounded claims of sliders/glow paint/ice bags’ protection are just sales gimmics that seem to get bought into way too often around here.

            • Wes Siler

              No one’s saying you have to run out and buy every crazy glove/helmet/whatever that we feature, but technological innovation in safety gear is interesting to us. Ultimately, they represent ideas that could culminate in altering our two-wheeled experience. If that doesn’t belong on a motorcycle publication, then I don’t know what does.

              • BL

                ok, fair enough, featuring new things belongs on your blog.

                but i think you should apply a modicum of critical thinking to some of these “technological advances” before you begin salivating over them.

                “When we first saw images of the Knox Handroid, we realized they represented a tangible advance in motorcycle glove technology.”

                an advance?
                are you sure?

                or did they just put a bunch of plastic all over what is probably a pretty decent leather glove?

                “That reflective clothing and helmets increase safety is a given”

                Please, show me a peer reviewed study that shows reflective / glow in the dark motorcycle helmets increase safety.

                i understand you have sponsors to bow to, but (to me) it would be a more interesting site if instead of regurgitating marketing talking points, you broke down issues with a little more critical thinking….

                then you would have more credibility when you find something that really is a good product

                • Wes Siler

                  You’re crazy, we absolutely don’t regurgitate marketing talk! This is stuff that I’m interested in and I spend a good deal of time researching it and writing it. Look for demons elsewhere please.

    • Sean Smith

      And you sir are an idiot.

      What’s wrong with wearing the best gear you can get your hands on?

      Being a pussy is one thing, riding with inferior gear is a whole ‘nother. I ride harder and faster than most people I know, and I do most of it on public roads. Would you call me a pussy for wearing ever sort of protection I can get my hands on? Even if I just wore out my toe sliders on a damp, crusty mountain road?

      Now, I don’t ride with Wes, but I’m willing to bet he’s not a pussy.

      Oh, and yep. A TPR covered, glued together made in china boot offers better protection.

  • Mike

    $69.50 in 1979 is $207.09 in 2009 dollars. Just for the curious.

  • vic

    vendramini still makes a repro of their cross boot from the 70′s .updated with (hidden) protection pricey but nice

    • Sean Smith

      Now that is freakin cool.

    • graveslids

      Re: the Vendramini’s. Those are sex.

      • vic

        go check out the other products in the line .i try to stay away as much as i can from their website because i want to buy everything :))
        .and what s cool is that they have managed to incorporate some protection in every shoe/boot they make and being an owner i can say that the quality is top notch

        too bad they don’t market themselves better

  • Sasha Pave

    Wes, you must do a complimentary post about the Hi-point off road boot!

  • BL

    you do regurgitate marketing talk.

    go back and look at your handroid post.

    first you salivate, then you regurgitate.

    then you post 4 videos of speculative regurgitation.


    i enjoy your blog and i appreciate your research.
    i just think you can do better…

    if you don’t want me to post anymore because you can’t take a little “crazy” that’s fine….but i find the discussions in the comments to be the most interesting part of this place…and i’d bet i’m not alone.

    you should pay me for this critical outside perspective consulting service.

    • Wes Siler

      If you want to have a discussion, then don’t start it with crazy allegations. I can’t tell you how hard we work to make HFL, so we’re simply not going to make time for people that are assholes.

      Knox Handroid? Knox is a company I believe in. All of their products do what they’re supposed to and their prices are very, very good. Their stuff has saved my life at least twice. There was no marketing material to reproduce. Knox wouldn’t return my phone calls or emails, I had to research it all myself. Do you think I’d still mindlessly give a handjob to a company that wouldn’t even speak to me?

      Yes, we do include stuff like video and pictures that come from companies, often they’re a little….overly positive about the product in question. I hope our readers are intelligent enough to see that there’s a difference between content we create and content created by marketers.

      Look, I understand where your idea that most motorcycle content is simply created to please advertisers, every other motorcycle publication does that. When we set out to create HFL that’s something we specifically wanted to avoid and we have. If you read something positive here, it’s not because a PR chick flirted with me, it’s because I genuinely believe in being positive about that product.

  • BL

    1. but look at the nice discussion i started with my crazy talk
    2. deleted in order to be less asshole like.
    3.KNOX, fine, but even with a company that saved your ass, you’ve gotta turn on the bullshit sniffer…
    “Boa lacing system” “aircraft-grade steel cables” and “easily outdoing the velcro cuffs of any previous gloves” all marketing jargon in different phases….how could you make up “Boa lace system” without marketing material?
    and beyond that, you would have literally died with a HJC helmet and a A’stars back protector?… i’m glad the knox/arai shit worked, but they’re not the only ones capable of saving your ass…

    4. if that’s what you want to do with HFL, i stick to my advice of turning up the bullshit sniffer… i read your site and appreciate what you’re done. it has created an interesting discussion forum for the greater moto community and i like your full length stories….i think you have some fanboys though, and need someone to call BS more often….and you buy into safety gimmicks too much.

    like sean said, i’m an idiot, so don’t count on the intelligence of your readers too much.

  • vic

    hey i didn’t get credit for the sportsbiketrackgear links back then :))

  • 1%er


  • CheeseCake

    Hey, I think you should really pay BL for his dialog. Ooh.. Maybe there is no BL!! It could be YOU, Wes! You’ve been doing all this for us to stay longer in your blog pages, haven’t you, Mr.Tyler Durden!!

  • CheeseCake

    Hey, I think you should really pay BL for his dialog. Ooh.. Maybe there is no BL!! It could be YOU, Wes! You’ve been doing all this for us to stay longer in your blog pages, haven’t you, Mr.Tyler Durden!!

  • cWj

    “look at the discussion I started”.

    Not so much a discussion as a (seemingly wild )volley and a defense.

    If I ever become a lawyer, I’m going to try it as a plea option when all else fails, though.

    “The jury finds you guilty and responsible for the damages in the amount of…”

    “That’s true your honor. They have and I am.

    But look at the discussion I started!”