Roehr eSuperbike: 96bhp, 210lb/ft, zero emissions

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Roehr_eSuperbike.jpgIllinois-based Roehr Motorcycles is planning a range of two electric motorcycles. The first, the Roehr eSuperbike produces 96bhp and 210lb/ft of torque using a 10kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack and an AC induction motor , will be entered in the TTXGP‘s US race series. The second, the Roehr eSupersport, should considerably more affordable and will use a 6kWh lithium iron phosphate powering a similar AC induction motor that produces 48bhp and 105lb/ft; its top speed will be 100mph. Like the company’s ICE offerings, the $49,999 Roehr 1250sc pictured above, don’t expect the eRoehrs to be small or cheap. Full press release below and more details when we get them.  >

Here’s the press release:
Roehr Motorcycles to introduce a line of electric sport and racing motorcycles.

Roehr Motorcycles LLC, the maker of the fastest and most powerful American production sportbike, the 180hp,1250sc, will introduce a line of electric sport and racing motorcycles in the spring of this year.

The new eRoehr model range will consist of two models, the powerful eSuperbike and the lower spec’d eSupersport.
Both models will feature state-of-the-art AC induction motor, and advanced high energy, Lithium ion battery technologies.
Fresh, modern styling, combined with advanced electric vehicle drive technology will raise the standards of electric motorcycle performance and desirability to new levels.
The powerful new electric eSuperbike model will feature 96 hp, and 210 lb/ft of torque and a high energy discharge, 10 Kwh, lithium iron phosphate battery pack.This results in a machine capable of high top speeds, and blistering acceleration that only the seamless and instantaneous torque of electric motor drive can provide.
The eSuperbike will also feature premium suspension and brake components, providing race level performance and safety margins.

The eSupersport model features a 48 hp, 105 lb/ft of torque, AC induction motor, with a high energy 6 Kwh Lithium iron phosphate battery pack.  The eSupersport will be the entry level of electric sportbike performance, providing a 100 mph top speed with smooth and effortless acceleration.

The powerful eSuperbike will be the basis of Roehr Motorcycles’ entry into the upcoming 2010 US TTXGP series. Roehr Motorcycles will also be offering race prepared versions of the eSuperbike for teams or individuals competing in the upcoming TTXGP, and FIM e-Power racing series’.

  • Matthew

    Sweet! Maybe Fischer can get in on this trend, too.

  • skadamo

    Nice, heard a rumor of this one coming. Gurnee, IL is 1 hour from my house :D

    Fischer would be cool to see enter the game. How about Maxtra / Houjue now that MotoGP is not working out?

    How could they pass up this rare shot at a level playing field?

  • Nate Snitko

    This gets me even more excited for the TTXGP series. The more manufacturers the more likely the series is to survive, as far as I’m concerned.

  • General Apathy

    You mean I can pay way more for less power and performance?!?!? sign me up!

    Seriously guys, we need more Tesla and less Prius.

    • Sean Smith

      Eh, I’d rather have a whole lot less of both. At least the Prius does what it says it does, and is what is days it is. Those Teslas smell just as much like snake oil as Elon Musk.

  • Azhar Hussain

    Hey Walter,

    Congratulations on the launch. Bike looks great.

    See you at TTXGP North American Championship 2010 and beyond. Welcome to the party.

    Best wishes,

    Azhar Hussain

  • charlie

    That looks seriously quick, but I would really like to see some performance numbers, mainly top speed for the more power bike.

  • John van Houten

    Good news, but how come the bike in the pic has an under seat exhaust?

    • Ammerlander

      Because that´s a petrol powered Roehr in the picture.

      “Like the company’s ICE offerings, the $49,999 Roehr 1250sc pictured above,…”

  • Tom

    Like the company’s ICE offerings, the $49,999 Roehr 1250sc pictured above, don’t expect the Roehrs to be small or cheap…..

    or worth their asking price. What a sad joke of a company.

  • Peter

    I thinks it’s a good thing, I mean americans don’t have any bikes that are innovative or competitive in any category nowadays.
    The electric bike market is a whole new frontier ,where the rules yet remains to be formed.
    This is one of the few chanses, small companies like Roehr have, to be innovative.
    I wish them all the luck :-)

  • Isaac

    Love the specs I am seeing for the eSBK however that bike just looks so ‘dated’. It looks like a cheap 916 knock off. The suspension and wheels appear to be top tier, but the design…….blah.