Roland, Drake, Ronnie do a little turn in Moto-USA

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Roland_Drake_Ronnie_MotoUSA.jpgWe’re extremely impressed that Roland Sands, Drake McElroy and Ronnie Renner managed to hold serious faces long enough for this photo to be snapped. Seriously guys, you look fierce. This fashion spread and the accompanying interview can be found in the latest issue of Motorcycle-USA. Want a copy to stick on your bedroom wall? Just order some goggles or something from their sugar daddy, Motorcycle-Superstore and the mag’ll come in the same package.

via RSD 

  • Fatrod

    Poseurs. Why don’t they just get on their Ducs and pose/ride away.

    • Grant Ray

      Fatrod, I’ll lay money you will not be able to ride as good as any one of these guys in 3 lifetimes. And for the record, Wes is just poking fun because they’re buddies of ours. Have a little humor, fellas.

      • AGP

        Well… he should have said so then. :) Makes more sense now…

        • powermatic

          If you’d come around more often you’d have known. Just sayin’.

          And for the record, MCSS has always treated me absolutely great. Their inventory is accurately shown on their website so you don’t get the dreaded ‘we suckered you into your cc money, but guess what-it’s backordered’ notice, the shipping is fast, and returns are not a problem. No affiliation, just kudos for a mail-order store that knows the meaning of personalized service.

          Carry on.

          • AGP

            Apologies – the inside joke was lost on me; I will come around more often then. :)

          • AGP

            Completely agreed on MCSS – great service all around, I have been a loyal customer for years.

  • AGP

    It’s just a staged photo, and these guys are incredibly talented.

    Could not find anything else more meaningful to whine about?

  • bobx

    is that the mickey rourke bike on the lift?

  • Jeffeson

    “Hey Roland, you light a fireball in my pants.”

    Couldn’t resist. Sorry for lowering the level of dialogue.

    • Telekom

      It was the first thing I thought too – “my buddy blowtorched my nuts because I suggested a flame paintjob on the tank”.