Rossi the snowman says 'catch me if you can'

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rossi_snowman.jpgThis 20-foot tall Valentino Rossi snow sculpture won first place at a contest in Val Gardena, Italy recently. One cheek off looks about right, but his chest should be pointed towards the corner and his head should be lower than the windscreen if the artist hopes to achieve accuracy.

via Alto Adige

  • Sarah

    If the chest and shoulders were pointed in the correct way with no centrifugal force at work, this sculpture would look like a melted snowman.

  • the_doctor

    needs moar yellow

  • Zirq

    Somehow I don’t think yellow snow would go over well.

  • The Grudz

    V.R.-”Ah, yes. The snow give a good grip!”

  • MTGR

    The body position looks more like Doohan than Rossi, except of course Doohan was not a stick person like Rossi is.

  • Hangar4

    Looks nice. Is his left foot swept back?