TT Zero: Isle of Man TT splits with TTXGP, launches own electric motorcycle race

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TT_Zero.jpgThe Isle of Man TT is splitting with TTXGP and launching its own zero emissions race. “This is an indication of how seriously we take [zero emissions racing],” says TT representative Simon Crellin, “we’re bringing it under the same umbrella as all other TT racing.” TT Zero will operating under the FIM’s new electric racing rules. Where does this leave the TTXGP?
Without a flagship race at the Isle of Man, but with an international
series of races in both Europe and America
. The first American race
will take place May 14-16 at Infineon Raceway. Crucially, the TTXGP is
currently the only organization with a full compliment of competing

The Isle of Man Government has promised a £10,000 prize to the first team to post an average lap speed in excess of 100 MPH.

Here’s the press release:

Following the success of the inaugural clean emissions motorcycle
race on the Isle of Man in 2009, the Isle of Man Department of Tourism
and Leisure has confirmed that a clean emissions race will be part of
the 2010 TT.

The clean emissions race in 2009 has been widely
credited with accelerating the development of clean emissions transport
and many of the technical innovations that were introduced in the Isle
of Man are expected to become an integral part of future mass market
transport. The event was conceived with the support and involvement of
numerous departments of the Isle of Man Government as part of the
Island’s Freedom to Flourish programme.

The 2010 clean emissions
race has been renamed ‘TT Zero’ and will become part of the core TT
programme. It will feature riders who are also competing in the other
TT classes. The one-lap race will be open to clean emission motorcycles
and will take place on Wednesday, June 9th, at 4.30pm, following the
Royal London 360 Superstock and Supersport Races. There will also be
qualifying sessions on June 5th and 7th.

As with the core TT
Races programme TT Zero will be run by ACU Events Ltd, using the latest
FIM regulations. However TTXGP Ltd, who promoted the 2009 event, will
not be involved and the DTL will become the race promoter for the clean
emissions race as well as the core TT Races programme.

As well
as the usual prize money available to teams and riders, the Isle of Man
Government has also created a £10,000 prize fund for the first TT Zero
Race team to record a 100mph lap (160.93kph) around the 37.73-mile
course. This landmark was achieved for the first time by a conventional
bike in 1957, when Scotsman Bob McIntyre lapped the TT Course in 22
minutes 24.4 seconds for an overall average of 101.03mph. Rob Barber
and Team Agni recorded a fastest lap time of 25 minutes 53.5 seconds
(87.434mph) in the 2009 clean emissions race.

Tourism and Leisure Minister Martyn Quayle said:

have enjoyed a very successful partnership with TTXGP Ltd and I would
like to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard work last
year. We look forward to welcoming many of the electric bike teams and
riders back to the Isle of Man in 2010 as well as to seeing new
challengers pitting their wits against the Mountain Course.”

He added:

are delighted that the Isle of Man was the first country to run an
electric bike race and the fact that there are now events scheduled
around the world is a tribute to the Island’s entrepreneurial,
innovative spirit and shows what an achievement it was for the Isle of
Man to run the groundbreaking inaugural event. We are now building on
this fantastic start by properly integrating the clean emissions class
into the race programme – this really does send a clear signal that
electric motorsport is fast evolving and that the TT Races remain at
the forefront of motorcycle sport.”

Isle of Man TT

  • skadamo

    I guess Azhar can focus on his US, UK and Italian series now. In the end those are the ones that really need to succeed and TTXGP has a nice rolling start on e-Power / FIM.

    Wonder what other bombshells FIM has in the cargo bay.

  • this is not a press release

    this looks like a cut and paste of a news article from another site… not a press release.

  • what is a press release then?

    or the ‘news article’ on ‘another site’ was also a cut and paste of the press release, without admitting that they had simply cut and pasted the press release.

    Either way, as MCN point out- running the ePower rules might make it difficult as they are based around short circuit racing, a bit different to a full lap of the island.

    • Wes Siler

      No, I’m afraid that while many people rip us off, we maintain fairly high editorial standards. In fact, we typically shy away from running press releases at all (and always identify them as such), but chose to in this case as it had a few additional details that some might find interesting.

      I realize that about 99% of the motorcycle-related websites out there do nothing but reprint press releases, but I hope that, as an HFL reader, you realize that we’re different.

    • Wes Siler

      Oh, and the FIM rules were a copy and paste job on the TTXGP rules anyways, which appeared to work just fine on the Isle of Man last year.

  • Harry Mallin

    I know it’s still early in this breaking story, but it seems to me that Mr. Quayle acknowledging he has “enjoyed a very successful partnership with TTXGP” is inconsistent with this sudden switch from TTXGP to FIM. Therein lies the story. How far will FIM go to get its ePower series back on track? I am also left to wonder about whether the Peveril Motorcycle Club is still planning the TTXGP Supermoto event on Douglas Beach during the TT. The IOM government seemed thrilled to have the TTXGP back… The IOM Environment Minister John Shimmin was happy to unveil the Mavizen TTX02 at SEMA in November. What happened?

  • Manx Cat

    The main senior day TTXGP slot was given over to a vintage bike parade lap. The rumour is that this was the cause of disagreement. The zero race has been put in middle of the afternoon on a working wednesday, a dead zone.

    Sounds like the petrol dudheads got their own way on this. The DTL that owns the TT is a joke and is run by a bumbling idiot. Nice but dim.

    Confidence is high that this is a clusterfuck in the progress.

    Great job Martyn, celebrate the past and piss on the future. Well since we are an island with 80,000 pop, 90% of which share 8 surnames, what do you expect? Sorry world.

    • IvarK

      You’re right TTXGP didn’t like it, but I know they accepted the decision and planned to race on the wednesday.

      The vintage bike parade is limited to 200 bikes, each paying £200. 40 grand is all it took to replace innovation with nostalgia.

  • Kevin S

    Maybe what happened is that the IOM officials saw enough interest in electric-bike racing that they could justify bringing it under their umbrella with all their other classes. In other words, it’s not a one- or two-year fad. DTL run every other permanent TT class, so why not this one?

    More-cynical types will instead worry that the FIM used their influence to pull something away from the TTXGP organization.

  • telekom

    Looks like plenty hating on TTXGP right now. Maybe the TT organisers got a bit scared of FIM once they set up their own rules. Boo hiss. Manx Cat, that was a good post, made me laugh. It’s all pretty sad though- Azhar deserves more credit than just “nice working with you”.

  • bystander

    Manxcat, if it wasn;t so tragic it would be funny!
    Having watched the soap opera develop over the last few months i can only say it looks like the cynics were right…

    I saw this post today that explains a lot!

    seems like IOM or more correctly the TT race director were in cahoots with FIM in wanting to put the boot into TTXGP for some time? but why, when they had such a great start? Could it be the actual organisers did not want it to grow beyond their control? Down grading to a Wednesday, no green paddock but instead incorporating electric bikes into the main paddock where if you turn a kettle on you are in danger of blowing the limited and already oversubscribed electricity supply??

    Martyn really does have some questions to answer…

  • Mick @ electric bicycles

    This is quite a big bust up but any press generated for electric bikes is good press in my opinion! More races and organizations that revolve around this industry is only good news for us consumers.

  • green box

    can not find any practise time etc for tt zero any one help