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Charge_Movie.jpgFrom the maker of “Faster,” comes “Charge,” chronicling the first ever electric motorcycle race on the Isle of Man, the TTXGP. The documentary promises a fascinating look inside teams like MotoCzysz as they re-think what a motorcycle can be. Like “Faster,” “Charge” is narrated by Ewan McGregor, but allows key protagonists like Michael Czysz to tell the story in their own words. Expect plenty of behind-the-scenes action, but the opening scene of this trailer seems to indicate that there won’t be much in the way of exciting race footage.

Charge via Asphalt & Rubber

  • Marshall Haas

    I love the Faster movies. I’m excited for electric motorcycles. Yup, I can’t wait for this!

  • johnny

    “..there won’t be much in the way of exciting race footage” …that’s coz there wasn’t any!!
    seriously though, the movie looks great, and the onboard camera stuff quite terrifying, amongst all those streetscapes. I also loved seeing the MotoCzysz bike being built.
    One of the most beautiful bikes ever, I think.

  • CafeRacer1200

    This will be a must see for me. “Faster” is the greatest bike film ever made and if that same skill is used in this one, the results can only be compelling. Race footage galore or not.

  • MTGR

    They should have called it “Slower – but greener”.

    At least with Czysz anf Brammo it will come off professional and there should be a lot of interesting tech and ideas, I will check it out for sure.

  • the_doctor

    Nice. When I saw the title to this post, I thought, “hohum, unless its by the dudes that did Faster.”

  • Hangar4

    looks good. i may have to pick it up when it comes out.

  • GasBreather09

    pretty much resent the idea of electric motorcycles…but the Motoczysz does sound like a tie fighter..and that’s kind of bad ass

  • DoctorNine

    Ok then. The news is very good. But the illustration looks like a guy holding a muffin pan with an oven mitt. And I haven’t even been drinking. Yet.

  • Odie

    I used to work for a start up that wanted to make fuel cell engines for Chrysler back in 2001. It as a total prototype the project dies soon after, but the electric traction drive were so powerful, if we didn’t restrict them to 60% torque, they would break the frame. Electric bikes now are either heavy and slow or fast and only have enough juice for 15min, but not for long. I love my fire breathing bikes, but their time is past. Can you imagine a full MotoGP….er….eMotoGP race with 15 TIE-fighter-sounding bikes taking off?

    • Sean Smith

      It would probably smell like a welding shop mixed with a window motor on its way out.

      Build a bike with Tie-Fighter-esque laser guns, and I be willing to sit through the stink.

  • KRT

    Just for perspective, the 600cc sidecars were faster. And for even more perspective:

    That said the star of this isnt Czysz or any of the other million dollar American prototypes. The star is two $1200 Agni motors and about $20k in 70ah batteries stuck on a 600 Gixxer frame…but go Americans, wooo!

    • BrammoBrian


      I’m positive that neither Czysz nor any other competitor spent near to a million dollars on their whole program, much less the bikes. Your close to correct on the price of the Agni batteries(from Kokam) – over $30k in just cells. I know because I got a quote on them. For comparison, the cost of the battery cells in BOTH Brammo bikes was much less than this. The Agni motor designer, Cedric Lynch, was also a part of the team. So, those weren’t exactly “off the shelf” parts. Taking nothing away from what Agni accomplished, I’m just tired of hearing that their effort was any less well funded or their bike “thrown together” any faster than the other teams. EVERYBODY had just a few months to put these bikes together after the rules were finally published. It was a level playing field and they won. That’s all.

  • Brammofan

    I just checked out “Faster” from my library yesterday. Started watching it at about 10pm last night. (stayed up TOO late, because, seriously…there was no good stopping point in the middle). An amazing job with the photography, the drama of the conflict between Rossi and Biaggi, and little touches like the interview with the driver of the paddock rig made this a compelling movie. I am looking forward to seeing “Charge.”