Video: making leathers and boots

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motocross_boot.jpgEver wondered what it takes to make a set of leathers or a pair of boots? These videos details the processes for both items from Axo, a brand we don’t get here in the US. The leathers alone require 6 different materials, 12 elastic areas, 13 square feet of leather and 98 total pieces. The process is probably a lot more involved than you assume when you see something similar hanging on a rack.  >

  • Eric Irwin

    I don’t know who told you we don’t get AXO products in the USA, but they were wrong. A simple Google search for “AXO motorcycle boots”:

    • Wes Siler

      D’oh. I’ve never actually seen any Axo stuff here, just in Europe where it’s a pretty big brand.

  • shinigami

    Their gear is even sold at Motorcycle Superstore.

    One little heads up- their actual consumer products are made in China. Not Italy, as one viewing the video might be led to assume.

  • vic are made at the same place in romania
    where they make dainese boots
    might have changed since last year in order to save $$$.i ve heard dainese has moved prod to china on some textile jackets


    Quien distribuye sus productos en Colombia?

  • Carlos Antonio

    Wow. If every suit and pair of boots had that level of attention to detail, I would never, ever, complain about spending +2k on riding “kit”!