Wonder why people like sportsbikes?

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riding_postions.jpgThe back pain, the leg cramps, the sore wrists…it’s all worth it.

via Oliepeil

  • http://www.urbanrider.eu urbanrider

    Damn it, I knew I shouldn’t have bought a Brutale! Look what I’d be doing right now if I’d plumped for an F4 :(

  • Mateo

    Man that trials bike guy looks pissed off that the sportbike guy is flogging his wife, hah

  • Mateo

    … and is the trials guy really a guy or are his arms folded…

  • Martin

    I was thinking of making the same joke a while ago, contrasting the posture of the tank-humping sportbike rider and the ape hanger chopper rider.

    • Cameron Baum

      I think the cruiser-rider should be on a gynecological exam table with his feet up in the stirrups.

      I’ve never seen a Harley rider with his feet down that low.

      And his arms should be hanging from a trapeze too like he is when he’s holding onto those ape-hangers…

      • Jesse Mrozowski

        You’ve never seen me then because I ride with my feet on the floor boards. And prior to getting my touring bike I had a sportster because it was quite literally the only bike outside of a Triumph that let me have mid mounted foot pegs.

        • Cameron Baum

          LOL @ floorboards.

          It’s a motorcycle, not a truck.

  • Ken

    Amusing, but most non-inflatable women don’t know the difference between an F4 and a lawn tractor. And they don’t care. The fellow actually getting shagged has a beaten up station wagon with a dog in the back.

  • http://www.1977mopeds.com Dan

    I like the first one most. Its funny that the Ciao made it into the Iconic bike lineup.

  • Papasan

    it all makes so much sense to me now…

  • Mike B

    Of course she’s on her back, she fell off and broke both her legs because she was only wearing booty shorts and flip flops. Her boyfriend however was much better protected. Once he’s done giving her CPR and re-attaching her other leg, he can rejoin the fight against Rita Repulsa with the other Rangers.

  • Isaac

    Now I know I am a Perv, LMAO! (own an R6)

  • http://blog.imbamotors.co.cc/ huskyman

    No no no no no…
    That’s how it should be http://bit.ly/cNMHPR

    • Sean Smith

      Can haz moto-ho’s? You gotta be careful with those types of ladies; if you accidentally tear a weave out, they’ll smack you into next tuesday.

  • Bronson

    We need this and the Pirate vs. Power Ranger illustration on t-shirts ASAP!

  • CafeRacer1200

    If you applied the sportbike end result to the Harley guys, would that be called Hoggy Style?

  • Rick

    This email is off a bit now. (76 bikes as of now) I built my first bike in high school (1971) with a Bridgestone 90cc engine & wheels. Since then I have had 4 Harley’s, a ton of Kawasaki 900′s etc. Built quite a few, with 1 turning 10.02 @ 132 mph. back in the mid 70′s. 2 accidents within 1 year. (They didn’t see me! That’s what they all say!) That’s when I started riding Goldwings. Have had 13 of them, with a Harley or 2 in there. Try getting to “STURGIS” every year. Bottom Line is…………..
    ..I LOVE MOTORCYCLE’S!!! If you are riding, and love it like I do…….DON’T STOP! If you are even a bit unsure…..get a convertable!

    • Hangar4

      Yeah, I had 3 accidents in a span of 4 months and two of them were separated by a week. You would think I would have got the clue, but 5 years later and no accidents since then, I still do it on two wheels.

  • Matt

    I never cease to be disturbed by all of the motorcycle-as-sex-object talk I see online. From this illustration saying that riding a sportbike is akin to sex, to the ad in which a gentleman at a sperm bank is unable to perform his duty until he finds a bike magazine with a centerfold of an Aprilia in it. Anyone else seen Equus and noticed some troubling parallels?

    Maybe I’m just bitter because my bike was compared to a ergonomical kneeling-hippie office chair.

  • http://plugbike.com/ skadamo

    I love those backless knee chairs!

  • http://twitter.com/noone1569 noone1569

    Need this on a t-shirt ASAP. Perhaps with a Buell logo on it somewhere!

  • http://www.motohol.com Shaun

    this made my damn day!

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