2011 Yamaha Super Tenere spec'd by Bako

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2011_Yamaha_Super_Tenere_Bako.jpgFrench motorcycle designer Bako, previously responsible for penning the 97kg Tucson BT550 Superleggera, has created this image of what he thinks the 2011 Yamaha Super Tenere will look like when it’s revealed tomorrow. The rendering, created exclusively for Hell For Leather, was extrapolated from the Yamaha Super Tenere Concept, the leaked toy shots and Yamaha’s own silhouettes, as well as Yamaha’s own XT660Z Tenere.
“I included a muffler which only leaves on the left side, which is
confirmed on the prototype seen at Tokyo,” says Bako. “Contrasting
colors define rather well large protectors for the side-mounted
radiators. For the rear, the saddle seems rather long and it should,
considering the vocation of Tenere as a comfortable motorcycle. The
option of large the bags for the Raid model suggest a simple subframe
created more for functional than aesthetics. The shape of the tank
is clear from the prototype seen at the show.”

Yamaha itself has revealed the bike will be equipped with 3-mode ABS and
linked brakes, switchable engine maps, drive-by-wire throttle, traction
control, shaft drive, a parallel-twin with a 270-degree crank and a
long range fuel tank. It’s being directly targeted at the BMW R1200GS
and KTM 990 Adventure, but will likely give the more road-biased Ducati
Multistrada 1200
a run for its money too.

Check back here tomorrow at 2pm EST for the real thing.

  • Skipper

    I would buy one of these tomorrow if they were sold here in the U.S.

  • Mike

    Count me in also. I have always liked parallel twins, and hope that they bring it to the US, maybe with a PDP set up like the FJR’s were.
    Come on Yamaha……..

  • Cameron Baum

    Slick concept. I’d like to see a heftier fork (perhaps inverted) just in case it ever actually got off the road. This would make a cool Adventure Bike. Hopefully the ABS has an off switch or it isn’t going to be leaving the pavement ever…

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    Yamaha has a steep entry price into this market. 30 years of development for the GS, and the KTM is 6 years in. I hope they make a successful competitor. Any known plans for selling this state-side?

  • TeeJay

    17″ front wheels? Please…

  • Penguin

    I dread to think what this thing is actually going to be like. Trying to out ‘dentist barge’ the Germans? Please, people are not going to buy this over a GS. The Bee M is probably cheaper, with ‘the badge’ and as Sasha pointed out 30 years of doing the adventure thing (you could argue that they invented the genre). The original S10 was a great bike, a proper rough and tumble long distance machine; I’m on my second one now. The new 660Z tenere is a good machine, there was a hole in the market and nailed it – in 2008 you couldn’t go into a Yam dealer in the UK and buy a new one, they sold the lot. This is just copying 3 of the biggest European bike builders and trying to beat them at the game they invented. Could anyone honestly tell me they would buy one over a GS, a 990 or even a Multistrada. Come on Japan, where is the innovation?

    • Casey

      I would totally buy this over the BMW. Most likely less maintenance costs. You probably wouldn’t have to worry about final drive issues. And there probably won’t be a CAN-BUS electrical system. If the price is right and it comes here. BRING IT ON. I would like to think that this will come state side and pave the way for the 660.

  • B-art

    Yamaha had a lot of exp with “dakar ” style bikes .What about the old Super Tenere. or the TDM 850/900(more street orientated). It snot as if they er new to the marked. Yes the 1200 is targeting the GS marked and why not, is a big market.
    I am looking forward to test ride one of them.


  • Midwesterner

    I really doubt the 1200 would beat out the BMW in the U.S. or any market. The GS is here to stay and has a good following and a huge aftermarket supply. I would think Yamaha would do great with the 660 in the U.S. market. Kawasaki sells the hell out of the KLR650 and BMW does well with the G650GS and F650GS. But the BMW R1200GS would be real tough to beat. It is a great dual purpose bike and I wish I could afford a new one. I am looking for a nice used GS Adventure now.

  • Medic

    The U.S. market will never get to see this motorcycle. Approximately 65% of U.S. sales are in the cruiser bike lineup. There just isn’t a big enough market for Yamaha to spend the money to get the bike certified. U.S. bikers prefer to buy a cruiser, put loud pipes on it and ride around and showoff. It is just the opposite in Europe and the rest of the world. When I was in England and Europe last summer I found that they really think the cruiser is a joke as they are worthless for touring. The Europeans use there motorcycles for basic transportation and could care less about loud pipes and pirate outfits. Yamaha and Honda for example have a huge line of motorcycles and we see only a few of what they have to offer.

  • Shim Valve adjusts are a nightmare

    What is a CAN-BUS electrical system? What problems has it caused BMW owners?

    Does anyone know the maintenance requirements for the new double overhead cam heads on the 2010 BMW R1200GS? Can owners adjust the valves easily like they can on the previous generation boxer engines?Or is it going to require a trip to the shop every 8k miles for a $850 valve adjust like a Ducati.

    • Casey

      The CAN-BUS electrical system is suppose to make wiring of a new bike less complicated by reducing the amount of wires in a system and instead having a module. So lets say the brake module might be hooked into the engine module and tire pressure module etc. etc. All of these modules require a certain voltage to function correctly and when a voltage drop is introduced lets say a relay lead for heated hand grips the voltage is now different and the system can’t figure out what is going on so it will not function correctly. So trying to add in aftermarket circuits can be a pain and more expensive vs. an older electrical system.

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