Alitalia Aprilia RSV4 joins the mile high club

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If there’s a sexier livery road racing this year, we haven’t seen it. The notoriously non-punctual, customer service-challenged, yet inexplicably stylish national airline of Italy, Alitalia, is sponsoring the Aprilia RSV4 in SBK this year. The best rider of all time, ever, Max Biaggi will naturally be heading up the team, followed by British Superbike champion Leon Camier.
We can’t remember seeing a sponsor’s livery as sympathetic to the bike
it’s been applied to since Big Tobacco used to advertise. Red, white
and green are already present in Aprilia graphics and the whole scheme
seems to fit well with the bike maker’s existing graphic design
language. The whole thing looks faster than the crappy commuter plane
its parked in front of.

Max Biaggi, who finished an impressive fourth last year, didn’t say, “As Italy’s leading motorcycle racer, I’m
naturally pleased to be riding a bike that represents the cutting edge
of Italian technology combined with the color scheme of a company that
represents how horribly we treat visitors to our fine country. I
sincerely hope that my team doesn’t get in my way this year and that
I’m able to wrest the championship from Ducati’s fingers despite the
inadequacy of my mechanics.”


  • bzr

    Hey, at least Alitalia still has hot stewardesses. Which is more than you can say for, oh I don’t know, every single domestic carrier ever.

    Same goes for KLM. God bless Europe.

  • General Apathy

    OMG Wes.. There is witty sarcastic banter and then there is completely ludicrous flamebait. Max loves his mechanics! I hear he’s dating one.

  • Sasha Pave

    Gorgeous! Although I’m still holding out for a Braniff International version.

  • Michael

    curiously the Alitalia logo looks a lot like the original Aprilia logo from the late 80s. (google Aprilia AF1).

    As for the “crappy commuter plane”, those DC/MD 9s are the best and only working component of that crappy airline, manufactured in the same Long Beach plant that will probably make the Tesla Model S. Strange times.

  • Cameron Baum

    Just another expense that commuters will have to pay for. Personally, I’d rather have a pack of peanuts or not have to pay $20 to check a bag than be required to subsidize a racing team -and I LIKE motocycle racing. Imagine what Joe Public thinks about it. Airline fares are already expensive enough.

    Then again, my chances of flying Alitalia is about as slim as booking a flight through Iraqi Airways. So what do they care about what I think?

    • jbzzz

      you are correct…nobody really cares.Viva Italy!!

  • the_doctor

    I get it. The plane represents ego. A few years ago, the plane was a Russian An-225 Mriya.

    Nice one Max.

  • pdub

    Very nice. They managed to enhance rather than muck up the lines of the best looking bike on the block. Max? Best ever? That’s a joke right? He’s probably happy Bayliss retired and anyone burning hot in WSBK quickly bounce over to MotoGP to get humbled.

  • Mike Prich

    Mamma Mia, that’s a spicy meatball! The bike looks great – take that Ducati tri-colorie!

    And say what you want about Biagi – yes, he’s a twat – but he did strangle that Aprilia last year and took a completely new frame, motor, setup, everything and got on the podium a good number of times. The guy’s unlikable, but man, he can ride. Expect even better from him this year with Spies out of the picture and a year of development under the team’s belt.

  • Case

    gah! Who gives a shit about the airline? The bike is fantastic looking. I think it’s the best livery in MotoGP or WSBk by a mile. This is how the bike should look from Aprilia.

    I guess it’s possible not everyone thinks running sponsor colors is cool. And then I look at the RSV pictures again and I don’t see how they would not think it’s cool. Full disclosure: I ride a Repsol-colored Honda so my taste is (probably) suspect.

  • powermatic

    “The best rider of all time, ever…”

    Okay Wes, you got a laugh out of me, so mission accomplished. But I think I can improve it:

    “Max Biaggi, the best rider of all time, ever-just ask him”.

  • Adrian

    Best rider of all his humble opinion of course.

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