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American_Chopper_Cancelled.jpgThe good name of American motorcycling will no longer be sullied by the Teutels’ homoerotic father/son catfighting and novelty t-shirt promotion, TLC has cancelled American Chopper. Orange County Choppers and its shaved apes have been plaguing television screens since 2003, but lately the financial success the show inexplicably brought its protagonists has led to a bitter feud with Paul Teutul Sr suing Paul Teutul Jr for control of the company. It’s believed that this lawsuit led to the show’s cancellation. Hallelujah.

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  • Zirq

    There is a god

    • TeeJay

      It is the most appropiate to read your comment in the first place. Not if I were a religous one, but I think your comment explains all my feeling on this “show”.


    “but lately the financial success the show inexplicably brought its protagonists has led to a bitter feud with Paul Teutul Sr suing Paul Teutul Jr for control of the company.”


    • WS

      There is nothing wrong with that sentence.

      American Chopper has run its course. That show was about egos clashing more then it was about building bikes.

    • TJ MAXX

      but lately the financial success the show inexplicably brought its protagonists has led to a bitter feud with Paul Teutul Sr suing Paul Teutul Jr for control of the company

      the sentence is not not wrong, just awkwardly written.

      It should simply read: The show’s inexplicable financial success recently caused a bitter feud between its protagonists, leading Paul Sr. to sue Paul Jr. for control of the company.

      • Wes Siler

        Sure, that version works.

      • g

        im sorry to bring it to you but you are very limited, hope you dont go about like that with everything in your life.

  • jwinter

    No matter which of the two wins the court case, the real winner is the television-viewing public.

    “Shaved apes” made me laugh.

  • Electra Glide In Blue

    Ditto on the Hallelujah!

  • PeteP

    Hey TJ. Apparently you do not.

  • Shaun

    Thank god this shit was nixed

  • Shawn

    Whether you hated the show or not, I personally think that Orange County Choppers did more good for motorcycling then what you give them credit for. American Choppers, Biker Build-off, and the other chopper shows brought a lot more people into motorcycling….. which is a good thing. It’s easier for law makers to write negative motorcycling legislation when there’s few people that it affects. I would love for everyone to ride some form of a motorcycle…. regardless of what type it is.

    • robotribe

      I’m curious to know of this particular show actually got people to throw leg over a bike a start motorcycling. I’d bet the answer is more “no” than “yes”.

    • TeeJay

      OCC made motorcycling popular? Well, I do not think so. Recent years there were much more interesting bike themed shows, and the perpetually contant fight of Sr and Jr has nothing to do with motorcycling.
      Biker build-off one you mentioned (not if I liked this style), but there is the Twist the throttle show, there were tour shows. However it is a shame that in US with so many chanels there is no real media content on bikes. How much tour, how much practical knowledge, how much motorcycle stories, clubs or what so ever is out there to present.
      No question that Nascar, NFL, MBL is more interesting – for the dumbs. Shame that a congressman had to stand-up and congratulate to Ben Spies to draw some media interest there.

    • BobG

      You’re absolutely right Shawn. American Chopper brought custom bike building of all kinds to TV. Many cool shops sprung up from all the TV hype. Just as many people got in over their heads and thought they could throw together parts and make a killing. Only the strong survive. Anyway you look at it though, American Chopper more than ran it’s course. I think any one of us would have jumped at the chance to have initially been in the Teutals place when the Discovery Channel knocked on their door. I wish them all the best.

    • shrike

      The show did nothing but feed the stereotype of most people have of motorcyclists. Hell, it did not only feed it, it lowered it with all the petty whinny bickering that went on in that show. The show did nothing but give the rest of us a bad name. I’m glad that show is off the air.

  • will

    I didn’t even know it was still on. Badass.

  • nataku83

    wow, TLC has really developed a track record for trashy shows that degenerate toward cancellation. I wonder who’s next, one of the several little people shows, the tatoo show or the fundamentalists with 20 kids. I never knew that “learning” could be so mind-numbing.

  • Tom327Cat

    “but the financial success the show HAS INEVITABLY brought its protagonists to a bitter feud with Paul Teutul Sr suing Paul Teutul Jr for control of the company.”
    There, fixed it, happy?

    • Wes Siler

      Nope, sorry, that’s all mixed up.

      I realize it’s a slightly complicated sentence, so let’s break it down:

      1. OCC made money because of the show.

      2. I don’t understand why.

      3. Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

      4. protagonists = paul and paul.

      5. The shaved apes are suing each other.

  • Adrian

    I stopped watching it a couple of years ago and thne came back to it this series just to watch the meltdown..same shitty ” design”, a different cast of tools working on the ” bikes” and the same immaturity and tedium from Senior. Even worse thoufgh was Mikey’s lame comedy act routine and Junior setting up a design company whose only product so far is a tarted up grill for Coleman.

    Good bye and good riddance, plus I have to drive by that eyesore of a building when I drive the NY Thruway.

  • kawalaser

    There’s nothing overtly homoerotic about a family who builds and sell motorcycles. The only thing more childish and formulaic than the culture on American Chopper is perhaps HFL’s own tired psuedo-analysis. It smacks of overcompensation.

    Maybe more important than why American Chopper was cancelled is why does an effeminate hipster from brooklyn feel threatened by the hypermasculine chopper-archetype?

    • Sean Smith

      Don’t let the tight pants fool you. While hipsters often appear to be veggie eating pussies, they won’t hesitate to beat the shit out of you with a U-Lock.

      • kawalaser

        You’re right…the tight jeans and vegetarian diet may not preclude violence as means of deflecting otherwise self-directed hipster loathing, even when a dimly lit restroom and warm glory hole would probably suffice. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a hipster — I just don’t like it when they feel the need to take out their insecurities on a completely benign and mostly well-received television show. How hypocritical of you to cast such harsh judgment on a show that promotes alternative motorcycle lifestyles. Have you no sense of irony?

        • Grant Ray

          Kawalaser, that show consistently presented bikers as inconsiderate, obnoxious and apish, the machines as unsafe, unable to meet regulation and gaudy at best. I wouldn’t call any of those descriptions good for the industry, especially in the context of how those perceptions directly effect legislation that may harm or help motorcycling both as industry as well as a culture.

          As for “well received” being a barometer of upstanding cultural values, I’d like to point you to the fact that Jersey Shore is currently enjoying huge ratings.

          • kawalaser

            Grant, it’s you who is suggesting that American Chopper is a reflection of motorcycling culture, not me. I think the public is perfectly capable of making the distinction between entertainment and reality. Nobody thinks Jersey Shore is an accurate representation of everyone who lives in New Jersey, nor do they think they think Iron Kitchen represents the restaurant industry. Yet you are making the argument that OCC building and selling $100,000 custom motorcycles to corporations is likely to be viewed as accurately representing the American motorcycle industry. If anyone is stupid enough to believe that, they should probably avoid motorcycles at all cost.

            If anything, the show did more to endear motorcycling in hearts and minds of America, yet HFL continues to grind its editorial axe. Oh well, that’s your prerogative.

  • pigsbladder

    Maybe they could start a show for V-Force Customs that’s where Vinne and Cody went. (

  • Tom Neel

    the decline of man will be paved by greed.

  • jwinter

    I find it more than a little ironic that there is a battle over the nuances of the English language going on inside a discussion of American Chopper.


  • jb

    The chopper era is offically dead…long live bobbers!!!

  • Loud pipes are annoying

    Yeah let’s get back to discussing whether Paul Sr. is a “homoerotic” “shaved ape”. Hillarious.

    Hey maybe with the cameras gone now, they can convert the shop to a meth lab!

  • Jay

    Thank God, it’s finally over! Now I can actually watch TLC again as I have been boycotting beacuse of the big silver back gorilla.

  • HerbL

    I once went to a motorcycle show in NYC about a year into the OCC show. The boys were one of the major attractions. Well, the comments from some of the other builders and former friends, was how they all helped with OCC’s success and then were largely ignored after the boys became “TV stars”. Interesting how the family has turned on each other after a few more years of being TV stars. Maybe a little economic downturn will reunite family and former friends. Hey…that could be another reality show. Moto-celebrity rehab!

  • Ken

    What a shame. Cancelling it just as it was getting interesting.

  • alejo

    but, who is going to stop the reruns?

    i think the show did nothing for motorcycling culture, if anything it showed some of its worst form, but, it did a lot for “american culture” , just as Mc Donald’s or Coke, whether you may like it or not.
    I live in Argentina and i ride Triumph and BSA, even when i ride my Suzuki 850 gs, people who know nothing about bikes have something to say about that show or would love to have some of the show merchandice.

    im happy its over. it did nothing good for the bike culture or the amercan people.

    (guys, please don’t analize too much my spelling or english)

  • GusPorterhouse

    As repellent as I find the culture, I hate to see motorcycling’s presence in the American consciousness diminished. That being said, good riddance.

    << please don’t analize >>

    You sound like my wife.

  • Cameron Baum

    Loud Suits save lives.

    Too bad all the POS 2-wheeled monstrosities (it takes more than 2 wheels for a vehicle to be called a motorcycle so I won’t call them that) can’t be rounded up and given the Buell Blast treatment.

    Orange County Cubed Bikes would be proof there was a god -just canceling this show only shows that people are finally getting sick of the stupid chopper harley-FAG crap.

  • PatrickVA

    “I find it more than a little ironic that there is a battle over the nuances of the English language going on inside a discussion of American Chopper.”

    Now THAT is funny!

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    I was flipping through my cable company’s voluminous channel guide (something like 800 different channels) and noticed that EVERY single frigging subculture, hobby and religious cult has its own 24-hour cable channel.

    Why the hell isn’t there a Moto TV? Seriously. I can’t imagine it would be hard to fill programming for a motorcycle cable channel.

    Only possible downside: Infinite re-runs of American Chopper.

  • Mike B

    “hypermasculine chopper-archetype”?
    You mean the one where they build PR machines for large corporations to give them “Street Cred” while the guys in suits clap and pretend to go “vroom vroom!” at the unveiling?
    Or the one where the son starts a boutique clothing line because his gold digger girlfriend wants him to?

    All I ever saw on that show is them abusing the help who had real talent (Vinnie, Rick, Cody, etc.) in order to drive a bigger Hummer than each other.
    The bikes sucked, they were unoriginal tacky corporate garbage.

    The whole ethos of the company, which seems to be: “We will build you a custom(er) chopper… just like everyone else’s.” or “We will weld on anything inside of a box that your company sends us and put your logo really big on a completely retarded looking bike if you pay us a lot. Plus? Spinner rims!” is counter to the very individualistic spirit that motorcycling engenders.

    So fuck the sellout Teutels, and fuck their company. They did more to harm motorcycling than any youtube vid of a squid flipping ass-over-teakettle doing a stoppie wrong ever did.

  • Isaac

    I’m glad that show got ‘Talibaned’. They used to actually build bikes however lately, they just argu and whine. I wonder which Paul has the fuzzy pink grips on his chopper?

  • Foreigner1

    I liked their pretending to build motorbikes while in fact all they did was assembling mostly non-streetlegal burlesque carnival-rides that have nothing to do whatsoever with bikeriding.
    That said, I found it interesting to see how they did all that building and assembling. That was funny to see.

    But I had the idea that the show would stop when the main characters went their own way- Vinny and Cody going duo- Junior doing his own thing more and more, even the quiet guy at some point perhaps leaving and the lunatic little brother somewhat dissapearing… What was left? ‘Ole “Mysize-12-buriedupyerass” and some new nearly anonymous figures in this way to large always empty glass building?
    They just had to quit because the main part of the show had already melted away before that.

  • Pete

    On top of all of that, Harleys suck.

    • Foreigner1

      No I don’t think Harley’s suck- It can be your personal choise to ride them or not to ride them, okay.

      You do pay for a large part for a by the marketing folks of HD concocted lifestyle and “Rough Biker”-image that only can be afforde by folks wo earn enough or who let their wife and kids eat leftovers and water instead that you would just pay less for a good bike.

    • Foreigner1

      No I don’t think Harley’s suck- It can be your personal choise to ride them or not to ride them, okay.

      You do pay for a large part for a by the marketing folks of HD concocted lifestyle and “Rough Biker”-image that only can be afforde by folks wo earn enough or who let their wife and kids eat leftovers and water instead that you would just pay less for a good bike.

    • AceCafeClipOns

      Absolutely right, Harleys suck. And on top of that these apes where manufacturing even useless devices than Harleys. I’d love to see E. Buell building motorcycles instead of these rednecks building pieces of chromed iron.

  • Gildas

    Any suggestions on where to get my guiltless homoerotica now?

  • Shame on Harley Davidson

    It is truly a shame that the United States can not produce a proper motorcycle. In Europe Moto GP riders achieve rock star status. In the U.S. we have Sturgis. Motorcycle manufactures release new and dynamic models every year with improvements in styling, electronics, suspension, engine management, electronic suspension management and many more modern features. What do we get from our motorcycle manufactures? We get Choppers and Harley Davidson. A rehash of a almost antique motorcycle. The American motorcycle manufactures are stuck in the past with a cruiser and chopper style motorcycle first produced by Indian Motorcycles over 80 years ago. The United States used to be a leader in every market. Now we are followers and we settle for the outdated junk that HD sells. Harley spends more time designing next years line of clothes and other shit than they do trying to produce a real motorcycle. Shame on Harley Davidson, no wonder the youth of America laughs at Harley motorcycles. Today’s youth wants new and innovative products, not out of date stuff resting on its past laurels. It is too late for Harley Davidson unless they fire there present air head management and hire some progressive talent. I see Harley being bought by another manufacture in a few years after there present market (the 50 to 60 outlaw crowd) are using walkers instead of motorcycles.

    • Adrian

      This has nothing to do with Harley Davidson.

      Most of the creations the Turtles slapped together had either S&S or RevTech motors in them, plus their homemade wheels and an outsourced frame that they supposedly designed.

      • Cameron Baum

        Just goes to show that someone with a drill press, a stick welder, a few files and a grinder can replicate a Harley/cruiser in a filthy garage with some tube and sheet stock. The technology and design of this type of dinosaur is truly paleolithic.

  • Real Biker

    That show was a laugh. It really reflects the American outlaw motorcycle image. Hey look at me on my bad ass chopper. Typical Harley image. Dress up like a pirate and ride a loud motorcycle around to show off on. I get enough of that shit watching the fag Harley riders in my town. I don’t need to see it on TV.

  • Scottie

    The sentence in question is correct.

    For me Thursday is the longest day of the week and all I’ve ever wanted is some mindless relaxing TV. This show was stupid, but I watched it.

    I stopped by their new showroom after it first opened in ’08. Hope that’s paid for, because it’s quite a palace and they’s have to sell a lot of black t-shirts to cover a loan payment.

  • Darrell

    Mikey is a real looser. I am sure he will really have problems when the money from the show goes away. Maybe he can get a job retrieving carts at Wal Mart.

  • Hangar4

    THANK GOD!!!

  • Loud pipes are annoying

    We should have some empathy for the two Pauls; could you imagine what it must have been like for them growing up with a last name like Teutels, the teasing must have been merciless. Maybe what seemed like roid rage was just Paul senior over compensating, suppressing his homoerotic urges.

    Bet he gets a new reality TV gig within a month. What do you think it will be? Maybe “a night in county lockup with Paul Sr.” Or they could take over the Dog the Bounty Hunter show. Or maybe a show that has them going around repossessing all their bikes that were bought by hapless souls with defaulted home equity loans.

  • BL

    it is kinda embarrassing to tell someone you work in the motorcycle industry and then have them reply “oh, like OCC?”


    if i’m embarrassed to associate, i’m not sure how positive they could be for the industry…

    although it is obviously a good jumping point for discussion, and a good example to show people how not to build a cool bike…

    but i do agree with BobG, how many here would turn down a chance to be rich and famous?

    …and how much of the “smack talk” was promoted, encouraged, or outright written by producers?

  • KS

    55 comments. Your average has got to be about 10 for any of the articles I’ve read, so whats the story? All the witty, urbane, metrosexuals who’d NEVER watch the show seem to have a pretty solid memory of who’s been on, when they left, the bikes built etc. Maybe you have a few closet OCC T-shirt wearers out there that “methinks doth protesteth too much”
    I gotta tell you, I get the “homoerotic” part, but, seriously, what do you think two guys in full, new, race leathers look like when they step off their barely broken in 1098R’s?
    Homoerotic or homophobic-you make the call.

    • Wes Siler

      Why do you think motorcycles are black or white? There’s a whole lotta us wearing grey and riding whatever we damn well please.

  • Loud pipes are annoying

    OK since this is winding down what’s your vote for snarkiest/best lines from these comments?

    I think it’s a tie between the authors “homoerotic/shaved apes”, and kawalasers “dimly lit restroom and warm glory hole”.

    • Wes Siler

      I like the part where not liking choppers as children’s toys = douchebag hipster.

  • Cameron Baum

    Is there some sort of secret phone tree for the Harley faithful that alerts the cavalry to go march on any website that dares point out how ridiculous or silly the cruiser “lifestyle” is?

    Within minutes of this article being posted the Brum-brum-brum-brum-brum! crowd was roaring down on the site with hoofs ablaze to defend the honor of the homoerotic chopper-building duo once again.

    Turn up the pipes, it’s just like South Park all over again.


  • pdub

    Maaaaan, it seems like a bunch of folks here woke up and got a front wedgie by accidently putting on their girl’s panties. Sheesh.
    Why all the hate for the Americana nostalgia cruiser set? Did someone on one of these bikes beat you up and take your lunch money? Did they trip you on your way into your favorite euro/japanese bike dealer? Do you feel threatened? Yeah obscenely loud bikes anywhere but a track or dragstrip is annoying and not doing any good for the cause but last I checked they didn’t have the market cornered on being two wheeled public nuisances.

    On the OCC tidings? Their lasting effect is probably a wash. Yes they’ve shown the world one slice of the men acting as little boys paradigm. Motorcyclists nor Americans have that market cornered either, we just have a pervasive entertainment industry to show it off. I remember waaay back either before the show or somewhere shortly after kickoff (1999?) going to the NYC motorcycle show. In the back where all the local booths were there were a couple custom bike builders with their roped off bikes. I didn’t remember all the bikes but did remember everyone gathering around this exaggerated custom spiderman chopper. It was damn cool. When teh show first aired I remember seeing that bike again and remarking that it was the one from the show. While OCC peddled that themed chopper configuration ad nauseam and spawned some “me too!” builders, initially their bikes did not suck. They weren’t the first, they weren’t the best, but they had something and were damn lucky. The “evil producers” were very candid about the show. It was initially just another Discovery motorhead show like their hotrod builder show but the “evil producers” quickly realized that the soap opera of this family was highly entertaining in it’s own right and refocused their cameras. If you thought that show was about bikes after about the third episode you’ve probably been feeling all righteously offended for years. Why would you still care now? It was here, now it’s gone. So what?

    • Cameron Baum

      “Did someone on one of these bikes beat you up and take your lunch money?”


      I like my cornflakes in the morning. I’m an avid motorcyclist who wants to stay one for a long time. These loud dirtbag attention-seekers are PISSING in my corn flakes every time they do their thing and make us all look bad. It’s to the point now where honest riders like me are reluctant to mention at a party that they even own a motorcycle because Joe Public thinks “Dirtbag Biker Assclown” the minute a motorcycle is mentioned. I’m not a “Dirtbag Biker Assclown” but because they DBA’s ride motorcycles as part of their schtick, those of real riders get folded into their DBA shenanagans as far as the general public is concerned.

      It’s an image problem and has been since the days that the AMA pointed out that it was 1% of the motorcyclists that made the other 99% look bad.

      We are sick of our reputations being tied up with these crackhead tattooed freak jerk-faces.

      They aren’t motorcyclists -they are just criminals and brigands (or dentists and accountants trying to dress up cool like criminals and brigands on the weekend). It isn’t about riding a motorcycle, but strapping a piece of ridiculous ass-jewelery to their bottom-side and riding 2 miles to the local hang out to loudly and repeatedly rev their engines at everyone going by in the Pizza Hut parking lot.

      Joe public is getting sick to death of these overgrown children and their anti-social behavior. And I’m getting sick of having the ire of Joe Public overflow onto me, and my cornflakes. I know I’m not alone here. Whenever you see us “hate” on these Harleyfags you now know why.

      I just can’t wait until Harley goes Bankrupt and the whole fad of briefly riding a chopper or other ridiculous “cruiser” goes away and the activity can go back to real motorcycles and RIDING instead of strapping attention-getting devices to one’s ass.

      OCC is just the pinnacle of the ass-jewelry craze, and why we point to it as the nexus of the problem.

      • Axel

        Wow. You really DID get beat up by some guy on a Harley, huh? Get your girl snaked away, too?
        Ever wonder why we dirtbags on Harleys that are worth two or three times what your throwaway japbikes are, pay way lower insurance rates than you boys on your cute little ass-in-the-air-like-the-new-boy-on-cell-block-A crotch rockets? It’s cause YOU are the danger to society and to anyone on the road with your dangerous and moronic racing and riding stunts.

        • Cameron Baum

          I wouldn’t date any woman who would sully herself consorti g with the biker sort. If anyone I was dating wanted to become a trashy whore and leave me for a dirtbag then good riddance. Best to know now than later I feel. I have standards. Any woman I date is free to leave me at any time -she isn’t “my” girl, I don’t own anyone. That is a cave-man concept that I’m not surprised a biker scum would be thinking that way. Typical.

          As for insurance, I pay $60/year for both my bikes. Never had a claim in 35 years of riding. Never crashed a street bike on the road. Dirt & race bikes don’t count -if you never crash a race bike you aren’t competitive. I don’t understand what kind of insurance problem you percieve I have.

          Resale value is another thing. I don’t tend to need to sell perfectly good bikes. I ride them until they are used up andbuy another. The 98 VFR only has 129k on it and is still as tight and strong as it was when I bought it. When the engine starts to get loose I’ll just buy another used one and do it again. So far I have about $4k into this one. Seems like a pretty good $/mile value to me. If you get that with your antique retro ass jewelry thn good for you too. If you are worried about how much money you can get out of it then you have an investment not a vehicle. It’s a motorcycle -not a NYSE stock.

  • OCC

    Shows like that only reinforce the stupid Harley Davidson Idiot Image. Ride a outdated tube frame bike with a out of date motor wear a couple tattoos, dress like an idiot and make a lot of noise. Bikes like that are worthless junk bought by people with an image problem and want to show off. 90% of the Harley idiots are show offs with there Harley Image clothes and loud exhaust riding overweight out of date bikes. OCC or HD, there isn’t much difference both bikes are crap.

  • jimbo

    Howzabout Paulie Sr & Paulie Jr in a cage match refereed by Judge Judy?? Now that’s one I’d actually tune in for!

  • Keith

    This will probably lead to some offshoot inspired by Joanie Loves Chachi with counseling by Dr Drew

  • Emmet

    thank the motorcycling gods. maybe the general public will view motorcycling in a better light. Oh wait, there’s still the documentaries on the countless ‘badass’ biker gangs. nothing more than a bunch of assholes with less regard to their harleys than to their bitches.

  • Brian

    Just another reality show that goes down due to greed.Was a good show the first couple of seasons.They should remember what it was like before all the money started rolling in and the big house purchases and huge shop was built.Have seen some of their work and it is junk compared to alot of other shops.Paul Sr. needs to grow up and think about how important family is.Wont be long before his old lady takes him to the cleaners.

  • Loud pipes are annoying

    Excellent! The anger, sarcasm, vitriol, it’s all outstanding. I got to hand it to you guys, this is honestly some of the best comments i’ve seen anywhere.

  • HerbL

    Hey, any of you guys catch the finale episode (or are you all too macho to admit you were curious)? Well, it was a sad commentary on what the boys have become. Mikey rides in a desert bicycle marathon for charity and actually does better than the rest of us fat guys. Paul Jr. anounces his engagement as well as gives us a glimpse into his future designing doggy toys. I’m not kidding! And Paul senior has found his future in a Kansas City barbeque restaurant. Who could make this stuff up?

  • damien

    can’t we all just get along? nah…. more fun this way, ha.

    wow, paul sr. really does resemble a shaved gorilla!

  • jim lindberg

    I have always just wanted a bike like they make. I am an x fighter pilot Marine type and I wanted orange county copper to make a mike for me—i will miss them!!

    Jim lindberg

  • jim lindberg

    How about making or building a bike for an x Marine fighter pilot –slash–American airlines pilot_-slas union Pacfic Train Engineer—Please call me if interested!!

    Captain American Airlines
    dc10 707 727 sp80 767 757 777 lets make the bike of bikes to a true fighter Airline King

  • Loud pipes are annoying

    So the new show is going to have Paul sr. being loud and abusive to customers in his rib joint?

  • Tom

    Hey Axel,

    Your fantasy doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself.

  • rob

    I really enjoyed the show the 1st few years. Just another show being overdone. Last couple of years it was about the arguments and family B.S than about the bikes. I noticed that it used to be 2 episodes for a bike build in the beginning and the end it was about 15 minutes of the show. The Teutels in the small shop to the monstrosity they have now. The bikes got Boring after Jr. left. But I related alot to Vinnie.The show was never the same when they moved to the ‘palace’
    Good luck to all of them. curious to see who TLC “kills next”

  • Rio

    First of all,anyone who thought OCC was about the motorcycles from the beginning were in the dark. If there is anything more “FAG” are these stupid mindless “reality” shows that take up WAY to much time on my tv.
    I have been riding and working on all types of cycles for 40 years. I’ve seen it all come and go. This OCC shit was just another one.
    What gets me is all the idiots who think they know anything about motorcycles and their history. At one time having a loud motorcycle did save your life. We did not get the respect we get today. You had to be heard to stay alive. We know now loud or “open” pipes hurt performance. Harley riders are not the only ones who have these pipes.
    Yes I saw the “FAG” episode on South Fart. I can take a joke with the best, but this went to far. There is no reason to single out Harley riders for this.
    If we don’t come together as a group and that means all riders, the goverment will take our rights to ride what we want away. If you think I’m being paranoid just do a little research instead of writing on blogs about something you know very very little about.
    Ride safe and it would NOT be a good idea to call me any kind of fag.

    • Cameron Baum

      …oh, that is TOTALLY what a fag would say!

      • Rio

        Oh come on Cameron is that the best you can do? Don’t forget you are strapping on an attention-getting device to your ass also.You sound like a very ANAL fag to me. Ya see guys,this is the kind of IDIOT I’m talking about. “Totally” is the kind of fag thing a real faggot would say.
        Also if you hate the Harley lifestyle so much,why did you watch AC in the first place?
        Don’t you have anything better to do than to hang out on a blog and whine about the “FAG” Harley bikers. Me doth think he protest to much. What’s wrong,is your Jap crap throw away bike broke down,or is your leather jumpsuit at the cleaners?

        • Cameron Baum

          So you really didn’t watch that South Park episode after all.

          …yeah TOTALLY what a fag would say…

          • Rio

            Tell me what you got from that episode? Why can’t you be more specific? What’s the matter Cameron,does a fag have your tongue? I just realized what 98VFR means {Very Faggy Ride].Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Kevin

    Sr is also suing OCC for over a $1 million for damages. I don’t see how you keep the companies value if the original Designers & fabricators are gone. The owner is suing his son & his company for $1million a piece. Would you buy an expensive motorcycle from them now? Sr has a crew of rookies trying to carry on. Also, Choppers are so 10 yrs ago. Bikes with no suspension, bad brakes etc.

  • Jeff

    Thank God they’re gone. No more “that look straight to you Paul? Yeah, close enough.”

    What a bunch of freaking amateurs.

  • Loud pipes are annoying

    OK so this is completely beside the point but have to mention it anyway; driving home last night(yes driving not riding) down a notoriously dangerous mountain highway, broke out of traffic along with a “power ranger” type riding a Repsol Honda, and a “pirate” riding a Harley touring bike with requisite loud pipes and stereo blasting. I immediately tucked in behind the power ranger assuming he would blow by the pirate through the gnarly off camber decreasing radius turns. But the pirate layed into it, doing impressive dirt track style power slides through the turns, humiliating the boy racer on his “cute little ass-in-the-air-like-the-new-boy-on-cell-block-A crotch rocket”.

    So I guess the moral to the story is; like them or not, there is flat tracker DNA in those Harley’s.

  • Tom

    Wow Rio,

    You really work overtime t come across as the stereotypical Harley FAG as presented in the South Park episode. Perhaps this is your intention – to point out how spot on that episode was. perhaps not. Either way, you are successful in doing so. Here is a story to make you feel better….

    I raced a Harley today and after some really hard riding I managed to PASS the guy. I was riding on one of those really, really twisting sections of mountain road with no straight sections to speak of and where most of the bends have warning signs that say “MAX SPEED 50 KPH”.

    I knew if I was going to pass one of those monsters with those big-cubic-inch motors, it would have to be a place like this where handling and rider skill are more important than horsepower alone.

    I saw the guy up ahead as I exited one of the turns and knew I could catch him, but it wouldn’t be easy. I concentrated on my braking and
    cornering. Three corners later, I was on his mudguard. Catching him
    was one thing; passing him would prove to be another.

    Two corners later, I pulled up next to him as we sailed down the mountain. I think he was shocked to see me next to him, as I nearly got by him before he could recover. Next corner, same thing. I’d manage to pull up next to him as we started to enter the corners but when we came out he’d get on the throttle and out-power me. His
    horsepower was almost too much to overcome, but this only made me more determined than ever.

    My only hope was to out-brake him. I held off squeezing the lever until the last instant. I kept my nerve while he lost his. In an
    instant I was by him. Corner after corner, I could hear the roar of
    his engine as he struggled to keep up. Three more miles to go before
    the road straightens out and he would pass me for good.

    But now I was in the lead and he would no longer hold me back. I
    stretched out my lead and by the time we reached the bottom of the
    canyon, he was more than a full corner behind. I could no longer see
    him in my rear-view mirror.

    Once the road did straighten out, it seemed like it took miles
    before he passed me, but it was probably just a few hundred yards. I
    was no match for that kind of horsepower, but it was done. In the
    tightest section of road, where bravery and skill count for more
    than horsepower and deep pockets, I had passed him. Though it was
    not easy, I had won the race to the bottom of the mountain and I had
    preserved the proud tradition of one of the best bits of Brit iron.

    I will always remember that moment. I don’t think I’ve ever pedaled
    so hard in my life. And, some of the credit must go to Raleigh
    cycles, as well. They really make a great bicycle…

  • Rio

    WOW Tom,

    Why do you feel the need to show your manhood by racing a bike that was meant for the long haul,open hwy? I’ve owned Brit bikes also.They handle great but it broke down all the time and the electrical system was a nightmare.I’ve owned Jap bikes that handled like shit and break down.It’s all about the rider,see the comments of Loud pipes are annoying above.
    Just for the record,I don’t dress like a pirate,I ride a stock HD with stock pipes,don’t rev my engine, ride with a helment,don’t do drugs and don’t need to prove anything by racing with other bikers.
    It shows you’re just another kind of “fag” like the stupid rappers who think I need to hear there loud car stereos coming a mile away,or the truckers who tear up the hwys making it dangerous
    for us all.
    You are right,this does make me feel better.Thank you.

  • Mike

    Things must be tough for Paul Sr. He’s selling his Hummer on Ebay.

  • Rio

    Oh,by the way Tom,I did get your joke about the bicycle.But I suspect you were really riding your British piece of junk and lost the race,and face.
    It’s been fun fucking with you ladies,but I’ve got to go put this over enginnerd Jap bike back together after this ass-in-the-air squid crashed it splitting lanes and doing the “different kind of fag” shit they do.
    Let’s just agree to disagree.

  • Cameron Baum

    “Oh,by the way Tom,I did get your joke about the bicycle.But I suspect you were really riding your British piece of junk and lost the race,and face.”

    Thanks for clearing that up, FAG.

  • Greg T.

    Is it true that “Vinny”………left the show because SR. & JR. were fighting over him and he and Cody wanted to have more private time…..together?

  • Rio

    It’s funny Cameron how you’ve been reduced to one-liners.I’m glad you finished crying on your keyboard long enough to whip that one out.I was afraid I would not hear from you. In the mean time your lover Tom had to take-up for you. At least it was entertaining.
    Ever wonder why at a party when you mention you ride a bike,it’s what you ride and your personality that puts the non-riding public off.They are also tired of the “ass-in-the-air-new-boy-on-cell-block-A-fag-of-a-different-type.
    I got laid this morning by a pretty woman who thinks you guys are a joke.How did you do? Oh I forgot about Tom.
    Keep crashing them bikes Squids,the money is good!

    • Cameron Baum


      I think you are getting FAG and SQUID mixed up in your head. You see, real motorcyclists dislike the SQUIDS as much as we dislike the FAGS.

      Both are hurting the image of motorcycling -both are the 1% that makes the 99% look bad. A lot of FAGS embrace the 1%-er bad-boy image and actually enjoy and revel in the fact that they are pissing in everyone’s cornflakes who takes motorcycling seriously.

      I don’t party with scuzbag hoes and FAGS, so I don’t have a problem mixing with the haute couture set which turns a scornful eye to the FAG behavior of the Brum-Brum-Brum types. That’s why I avoid mentioning motorcycles because the entire activity of the 99% as well as the 1% FAGS has been pissed on and the cornflakes are soggy with urine because of them.

      You wouldn’t understand, being perpetually sodden with urine yourself you no longer even notice it. Let me assure you that the general public does.

      I wish you FAGS and the SQUIDS would all just go crash in the ditch already and Darwin yourselves out of the gene pool.

      • Rio

        Thats more like it “Fag of a different type” You take your self way to seriously, “real motorcyclist”.The piss in your cornfakes has messed up your percentage calculations and your outlook on life in general.You would not know a real motorcyclist if you blew one.I’ve meet loners like you that have never even ridin a HD and don’t even know what the hell you are talking about.When is the last time you road in a charity event and helped someone? My guess is never.Even I stop to help a broke down rider no matter what he or she is riding.I’ve seen “real motorcyclists” like you ride right by just because of the type of bike they ride.Do you think your hate couture friends would stop for you? At least I have”brothers” I can count on. With so much hate in your system I don’t see how you get anything out of riding. You’re the 1% that should die out.”FAG/Squid/Fag of a diifferent kind”,there is no difference.
        Love and kisses.
        Man this is fun!

        • Cameron Baum

          I’ve riden(sic) harleys and found them lacking. The sporties had all the sport of hauling apples out of the orchards in the old stake-side pickup trucks to market. The larger (wide, glide, whitewall-tired fatboy-porking, XLMNOP “touring” bikes shake like a paint-mixer at and off idle and make me feel like your wife must feel after you are done and she has to pleasure herself to get the job done.

          Ground clearance -WTF is that? One might as well make a trike out of those tanks as hard as you can corner them. Floorboards? Aren’t those for trucks? I guess a harley is good at those “charity” toy runs as it is about as fun as driving an 18-wheeler full of toys as much as strapping one crappy walmart-bought POS stuffed bear to the back and stopping by 176 taverns on the way to delivering it to some orphanage or children’s hospital so as to make yourself feel like a big hero. Hope the kids didn’t smell all the booze on your breath or any of your fellow dirtbags didn’t kill 9 kids terrorizing the countryside drunken and disorderly on the roads. Hopefully they’ll just kill themselves.

          I’ll think about you on the side of the road the next time I “break down” on my bike that has yet to leave me stranded in the last 100k -even though I carry a full set of tools and know how to use them.

          You make me giggle. I bet your comedic persona has something to do with DNA that looks like your smile, and too few ancestors.

  • Rio

    I think your persona is lacking everything and my comments have really hit home.You make me laugh not giggle like a little girl.
    If you know how to work on your bike,why do you throw them away and get another one? I’ve rebuilt every kind of bike I’ve ever owned from the ground up. I also have never broken down on the side of the road but for a flat tire. I’ve got 93K on my 99 HD Wide Glide with the Twin Cam engine and it still runs like the day I bought it,hauls ass and it corners like a dream.Just shows your limited knowledge of HD.
    We don’t feel like heroes.We give toys AND money to very sick people who have nothing but hope they won’t die today.Something your heartless,selfish,arrogant,ass-in-the-air could care less about.You can have the last word if you want.I’ve made my point. Nuff said.
    Oh yea,my girlfriend says Blop,Blop,Blop,Vrooom!Fuck you.

    • Cameron Baum

      Classic projection there Rio,

      Re-read your own words if it is too hard to search the strong feelings you are suffering from here, skeezball.

      I’m still giggling like a little girl -you can go on laughing like a “big strong manly-man” if you want.

      And go on rebuilding every bike you have ever had from the ground up. Sounds like there must have been some sort of design flaw in the bikes you own if you need to rebuild ALL of them “from the ground up.” Either that or something wrong with the fool that keeps buying a brand that requires such “ground-up rebuilds” ALL the time, as you have so plainly stated.

      97k on a wide glide? That’s hardly broke in for a Honda. No need to “rebuild” for many miles -or do much more than check the valve clearances and change the spark plugs out. Fill the tank, put on new rubber, brake pads every once in a while and a chain every 25k. And it TURNS -not like the wide glide that touches down at about 20-degrees with the 18-wheeler truck floorboards throwing up sparks if you try and turn it at anything more than 20MPH on a twisty road. Have fun driving that big fat rig down the interstates, 10-4 good buddy! Vroom!

      As for “throwing away” -yup! Guilty as charged. When they get to about 200k they aren’t worth the time and effort rebuilding as the bike I have now (’98 VFR) can be got with only about 20k on the clock for about $3k easily. It’s not an over-priced Hawg that “keeps its resale value” or anything so I can buy another for less than the cost of my protective gear and swap over my goodies (Givi bags, Corbin seat, Heli bars, Stebbel horn, and other assorted farkles) and be good to go for another 175k miles before it starts getting loose and is ready to be replaced again. Disposable? Maybe, if you ride it like I do and acutally put miles on it not sitting on a trailer.

      Try that with your HOG POS farm implement that needs a regular “rebuilding from the ground up” because it is cold-war era farm tractor technology.

      Again, I’m giggling like a little girl -don’t ask your “old lady” what that sounds like because she probably sounds like Marge Simpson’s sisters with the nasty hoe smoker’s cough and laughs like an old rusty chisel plow bouncing down the road over potholes behind your tractor.

      • Ammerlander

        You shouldn´t belittle farm tractors, Cameron.
        Some of those are great pieces of engineering.

    • Tony

      After reading all the comments posted here, I feel compeled to add my two cents. The demise of OCC/American Chopper, which was the origin of this ranting, was inevitable. As is any series on TV. It’s value to the motorcycle culture is only relative to the person watching it. I watched for a while, and often with the sound muted. I saw no value other than a diversion from other mindless TV.

      I have owned and riden many types and manufacturers of motorcycles (HD, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph, BWW, Suzuki). I am 61 years old, married, and an amputee. I lost my leg (above the knee) due to riding motorcycles, and I still ride. I will ride as long as I can, and when I can no longer manage two wheels, I will probably go to three.

      The brand or style of bike a person is on is not important, it is that you are on one. Of all the bikes I have owned (I still have three), the one I like the best is the one that I’m on going down the road. Bikes are no different than cars or trucks, each person has their own preference. Is one better than the other? That’s an individual decision. Each bike manufacturer make different styles to meet different life styles and needs. The same with cars and trucks.

      American Chopper TV series gone – Good. Personal attacks – Not Good. You ride for your reasons, and the other person is riding for his or hers. What is important is the enjoyment of the riding experience whatever the reason.

      • David Bell

        Why was your reply directed at Rio when Cameron Baum was the one who started it all? Just read his rants at the beginning and on different subjects on this website.

        Cameron,get a women,please!

  • Loud pipes are annoying

    Well put Tony.

    Out of curiousity, did you lose your left or right leg? I’m wondering how you manage to shift and balance the bike at stop lights.

    In any case hats off to you, I always like to see people who keep on doing their hobbies in spite of physical limitations.

    • Tony

      I lost my right leg, so applying the rear brake was an issue. I have a C-Leg (coumputer chip operated) that I can lock in any given bent position. I don’t do this locking exercise while riding alone, but when my wife is on the back she locks it (she controls the remote) to help at stops due to the extra and higher center of gravity weight. I have tied the front and rear disc brakes together with a proportioning value and have eliminated the rear brake pedal.

      Thanks for the interest.

      • Cameron Baum


        That is pretty neat that you still ride with the C-leg. I had a pretty bad off-road crash back in ’99 and crushed my Tib/fib but good. It was touch and go for a while but the docs were able to save the leg and with only minor nerve damage. It’s mostly OK now with some feeling in my foot so I am still pretty stable at a stop. I think I’d still ride even if I had lost it though. As it is, the left leg feel isn’t the best and the range of motion sort of sucks.

        I think in your situation I’d buy a bike that had a good linked braking system like the VFR or something like that, and maybe put a thumb brake for the rear on the left handlebar grip. On the road with mild riding you can get away with a totally linked single-input system but being an old dirt rider and enduro racer I really like being able to control each brake separately. In spirited riding a linked system has some distinct disadvantages. Brakes are a control input -not just for stopping/slowing.

        If I had lost my left leg I was thinking about having a right-hand shift linkage machined and moving the rear brake to the handlebar. I hope that the C-leg system keeps moving ahead with technology so that the operation can be more easily controlled with some sort of brain-wave/nerve transponder.

        Keep riding for as long as it brings you joy. It takes a lot to impress me but guys like you who keep riding for their own joy are what it is all about. Most guys would move onto something with shiny fenders and spend all the time on the garage polishing the chrome rather than actually ride it. Like loud-pipes said above, you are the real deal.

  • Loud pipes are annoying

    You are hard core dude. The real deal.

  • Tom

    Hey Rio and David,

    Enjoy Harley hard core performance.

    The fun begins at 30-seconds in.

    • David Bell

      I thought it was funny too.Stupid is as stupid does.It’s got nothing to do with it being a HD.
      No one on any kind of bike could have made that corner at that speed after being blinded by that cage.If you can read that road,you can tell.

      I saw an “organ donor” with no helmet,no shirt,with flip-flops and shorts do the same in front of me.It was even an easier corner.

      Most of the clips are of stupids on sportbikes.
      My favorites are “So Embarrassing” and “How To Drop Off Your Girlfriend”.

      It’s funny how most of the DVDs on this subject are of these crotch-rockets crashing.
      Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Cameron Baum

        “No one on any kind of bike could have made that corner at that speed after being blinded by that cage.If you can read that road,you can tell.”


        You HAVE to be kidding here.

        Dude had a TON of ground clearance left and could easily have made that corner if he had just pushed the inside bar and went around the corner without locking up the rear brake. (he shouldn’t have used hardly any except perhaps a little trail brake)* EVEN on that Big Harley Overweight Pig of a cruiser he was riding.

        If you REALLY think that nobody on any bike could have made the corner at that speed then you really don’t have a clue. He wasn’t even going very fast.

        But you are right in that there are a lot of squids on sportbikes too. Most riders (and by most I mean 95% plus of all riders) suck and don’t have a clue what they are doing.

        *Trail Braking: You probably don’t know what this is but I’m not going to go into it here. Buy Nick Ienatsch’s book, Sport Riding Techniques, if you really want to know.

        • David Bell

          Make-up your mind man.You say Harleys have no ground clearance,then you say they have a TON.

          After watching it again,maybe I was wrong about no one making that corner in that situation. Rossi,Spenser?
          I say the guy was going too fast,was suprised by the hard left corner after being behind that box of a car, paniced and did not have enough time to get into position for trail braking.And yes,I know what it means.I won’t go into such a controversial subject as this.Nine time World champion,Valentino Rossi,has been quoted to say that trail braking is a racing technique,not a street technique. Rossi,unlike most world class racers,spent many years riding on the streets and roads of Italy.

          If you listen,LPAA,it’s the pussy of a guy that was worried that they were going to beat there ass.

          By the way,pushing the inside bar is called “counter-steering”.

          • Cameron Baum

            “Nine time World champion,Valentino Rossi,has been quoted to say that trail braking is a racing technique,not a street technique. Rossi,unlike most world class racers,spent many years riding on the streets and roads of Italy.”

            Rossi is a yurup turd. Yeah, he’s a good racer but he’s a stupid kid. Trail-braking is a technique that will help a bike turn faster and allow the bike to slow down and use all the traction available as braking transitions to turning forces on the wheel. There are TIMES when turning faster is NECESSARY on the street.

            Perhaps using trail-braking on the street is not a good idea because it leads to quicker speeeds and lower safety margins and should only be used in an emergency. But it is a TOTALLY VALID technique in an emergency and not knowing what it is, not knowing HOW to do it will only handicap a rider when it IS NEEDED.

            Only a retard would bind himself into not even knowing a survival technique or never using it on the road. Even Rossi, if faced with the necessity of using it on the street to avoid being swallowed by the bumper of an oncoming car crossing the centerline WOULD use it -don’t tell me he wouldn’t. It’s not a good technique to habitually use because it is NOT NECESSARY 99.99% of the time and if you are going that fast then you are going TOO FAST on the street. But there are times when you need every last IOTA of control and technique to survive and those who do not ever use or haven’t practiced have only handicapped themselves.

            Read Nick Ieanatsch’s Sport Riding Techniques for a more full understanding of the technique and forget about quoting yurotrash skater kids like Rossi out of context when discussing trail braking.

  • Loud pipes are annoying

    We’ve been discussing whether Harley and chopper riders project a positive image of our sport to the general public. I think the wife’s reaction in this video is telling; she’s affraid those guys are thugs and are going to harm her and her husband.

  • Cameron Baum

    LPAA said,

    “We’ve been discussing whether Harley and chopper riders project a positive image of our sport to the general public. I think the wife’s reaction in this video is telling; she’s affraid those guys are thugs and are going to harm her and her husband.”

    That is exactly 100% relevant to this discussion. The harley guys project a criminal/dangerous image onto all of us. And the Squids also give us a bad image as irresponsible and reckless -but at least most people aren’t afraid of them most of the time.

    Between the two of them the average real motorcyclist is stuck with a bad image.

    But I can’t say “average” because since Harleys are so prolific that the average rider IS a harleyfag. Most of them are RUB’s but they do tend to glorify the image and bask in it -which only tends to make things worse.

    At least in the rest of the world the Harleyfag culture is NOT the majority of riders and they don’t bring the “average” rider down so much.

    this is why I can’t wait for Harley to go bankrupt and the whole Harleyfag trendy phase is over. It’s been way too long-lived for my tastes. I want to go back to the days when HD was almost going out of business because nobody bought them and they had to beg the government to put in the 750cc tariff -but without the tariff!

    I just want them to go bankrupt already and for people to move on to real motorcycles and not rolling chrome-plated antique displays.

  • Cameron Baum

    “Make-up your mind man.You say Harleys have no ground clearance,then you say they have a TON.”

    He had a ton LEFT -as a proportion of total available and total used. Enough to make the corner, as he was almost vertical when he panicked and “forgot” how to countersteer (and yes, I do know what that means and teach it that way too, just didn’t want to confuse the issue with terms that many RUBs don’t understand -like Trail-braking) and just locked the back brake up and rode it straight into the ditch like a typical no-talent RUB n00b.

    Sure the total ground clearance is poor on these bikes and there isn’t enough for riding at a decent pace without grinding floorboards (Floorboards -LOL like it is an 18-wheeler truck or something OMFG!) But he wasn’t really going that fast even when he stuck it in the ditch after making a STUPID STUPID STUPID pass like that.

    A real motorcycle could have gone around that corner at twice that speed and without any dramahz whatsoever -provided the person actually knew how to ride, what countersteering IS, and didn’t just have a vague understanding that you “lean to a side and the bike just turns.”

    Typical RUB n00b on a bike that he didn’t know how to ride to limited potential that it did have. I’ve seen many stupid freeze-up accidents like this.

    If you don’t really know how a bike turns and are just faking it, when it comes time to atually TURN the thing to its ootential in a crisis situation the rider just freezes up and the bike just goes straight. And not knowing how to use the front brake doesn’t help either.

    Bozo bought it because he is a RUB n00b on a crap bike with enough power to go fast, but doesn’t turn well enough to ever need to know how it is done.

  • guitar tom

    since the damn show started Ive pointed out they dont make choppers, they make customs, that has annoyed the shit out of me from the get go, and If I never have to hear “round bar” or see another fuckin stupid spider web theme bike I can die a happy man,

  • chimp

    Seriously guys……. who in their right mind would want to be even seen on one of these OCC monstrositys? Each build would begin with a frame from a catalog……. an engine from a catalog…….., fenders from a catalog etc, etc. Basically Jr. or Sr. would then bend some rusty roundbar for a sissy bar or build a of set of struts for the rear fender and then try to fabricate some handlebars that only a blind gymnast could be proud of…… and when all the catalog ordering and bolting on of other peoples parts is over……. they would call it “custom”. DSC/TLC had it right with the chopper build-off series…. now those were creative, custom one off builds that any rider here would love to own….. no matter what you ride. Oops…… sorry everyone, gotta go. My girlfriend and I are opening a boutique this weekend, if I’m late Im afraid she’ll leave me for the next TLC “star” that comes along. Coleman grills? Yeah that was my latest custom build…… paint it black and add a different handle! Now who could have ever thought of that?

  • HerbL

    Have any of you checked the OCC website lately? No sign of Ducati ads (Remember a few months ago, the announcement of their new brand? BUT….it seems they now are an official agent for Schwinn Motorscooters. How far have they fallen. Sad.

  • Hunter

    Strange, I never noticed any homoeroticism on American Chopper, but that’s one of those things that people see when they have questions about themselves. I just heard about the cancellation from one of my coworkers at DISH, and while I am sad to see the show go, it has had more than its fair run. Thankfully, I have huge 2 terabyte hard drive on my DISH Hopper DVR, so I was able to record and store all 233 episodes. American Chopper may be ending, but at least I can always relive my favorite moments. It is good to know that they get to go out on their terms rather then the abrupt ending you give so many other shows.