BMW takes 'race on Sunday, sell on Monday' literally

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Lacking sponsors or maybe just choosing to sponsor itself, BMW has slathered its 2010 SBK racers in ads for its European finance deals. 3asy Ride is the name for the company’s three-part finance package. The justification for the expenditures associated with racing has traditionally been that on-track success fostered showroom traffic; because BMW can apparently afford to go racing without requiring big fat checks from the likes of Repsol or Alitalia it’s been able to eliminate the unspoken “tell people they can afford your bike” step that goes between Sunday and Monday.

Thanks for the tip, Paul.

  • Brian Zooom

    I can honestly say, if I were in the market for a new liter sport bike, having sat on all of the current offerings, the BMW seems to attract me the most. Not due to it’s revealed amounts of ungodly undersold power or due to a unique look to the street model. I would do so because of the general purpose built feel of the bike. It is small like a 600 and light and balanced feeling. It, to me, feels ergonomically as if this took the ideas and principles of exactly what was needed for a sport machine and built the DOT and other extranious around the purpose of how this bike was intended to be used. Why not market it as simple and to the point and let word catch the product by storm in sales, not by flash advertising where people buy because of bright and shiny, but because it is what was needed for exactly what it was designed. That to me is the point of race on Sunday and sell on Monday.

  • Will

    Why does this technological tour-de-force sell for about $13k while the entry level 1200GS sells for over $19k? I’d own another GS if the price hadn’t gone up $6000 since my last generation 1150.

    • jconli1

      starting price on an R12GS is ~$14750, not too far from the RR’s starting price. Its the optional tech that adds both up (though I’m sure BMW’s absorbing a bit of cash to keep the RR’s pricing competitive.)

      F800GS is even cheaper, more capable off-road, and a better power/weight ratio than the last generation boxer.

  • Cameron Baum

    3asy as a sponsor for a racebike?

    Sure, why not?

    At least they are solvent, and BMW has bikes that can be raced.

    It’s not like they are HDFS, which is completely insolvent, and HD doesn’t have anything even remotely race-worthy in their line (or at least won’t as soon as they finally sell MV Agusta). No amount of AMA rule-fiddling will help them these days.

    I don’t think Erik Buell will be building any of his extremely limited racebikes with HDFS plastered on the side of it any time soon either.

  • New BMW Owner

    I got the chance to sit on a 1000RR last weekend and it is sweet. The salesman explained the reason for the different sized head lights and different vents on each side. The bike is amazing and there is nothing like it on the market. I went ahead and bought a fully loaded one in the BMW colors. The price can not be beat for the advanced technology. Cameron mentioned Harley Davidson. I owned a Buell and had it for 2 years before selling it for a fraction of what I had in it. I was the only one in my group of friends with a Buell and I was always the one everyone stopped an waited for. Harley is so mired in the past with there outlaw biker image. My new BMW is light years ahead of anything Harley has. When Harley dropped Buell they lost there only chance to get into the future with young bikers like myself.

  • I'm not a Honda Insider, but

    I was told, by those Honda insiders you hear so much about, that Honda, up until the last six months or so, never needed Repsol money. Repsol basically paid for the corporate hospitality so Honda could concentrate on racing and not be bothered with meeting and greeting. Additionally, Repsol got huge coverage (in motorbike terms at least) for a bargain price. That set the price low enough to screw the sponsorship market in the good times.
    Honda has admitted to cutting there racing budget by something like 60%. The oil companies aren’t hurting so it shows how much Honda were paying. At least that’s how I see it.

  • I'm not a Honda Insider, but

    That should be ‘their budget’. Sorry. G

  • Old world iron comeback

    It’s nice to see the Europeans stepping outside of their niche markets and take on Japan. Let’s hope Buell or others like him get a chance to do the same here in the states (if Harley stock goes any lower Buell could mount a hostile takeover).

    Will’s point is well taken- If BMW can sell this marvel for 13k, then they should be able to sell us a boxer twin for 10k like Ducati is doing with their supermoto. Maybe Wes could get Jim O’Donnell or Peter Miles, the honchos at BMW USA to comment on that. I’ve noticed that BMW has refreshed their boxer touring bikes, but not the standard R1200R yet. Hopefully they’ll take note of the Duc and give us an affordable boxer.

  • Desmolove

    Check this out; Marchesini is owned by Brembo and I have heard of some insider’s info that Brembo was asking BMW Racing Department in charge of the BMW/MC racing developments Department to switch the wheels brand on the two race bikes which happens to be German built to the Marchesini brand! And that was the condition in order for Brembo division to support and supply the team with the latest caliper/brake set up and better technology upgrades. I guess BMW had not accepted it and that is well apparent on the 2010 WSB bike pictured here. The calipers are the Nissin brand and the wheels are definitely not Marchesini’s. Back in 2006, The BST carbon wheels were tested on a 990 series GP bike and the results were absolutely phenomenal, however Brembo threatened that particular factory team with putting stop to their supplying and support of their latest brake technology if they chose to test any further and that was also for other teams that would get any ideas to do the same, and that’s why it never went anywhere. It still had to pass approval by the FIM anyway, but in any case the line was drawn before the fact. There is nothing wrong with the race spec “Nissin” calipers, although I can guarantee you that they do not and will never work as well as the mighty SBK spec Brembo calipers/rotors set up. Saying that, I admire BMW’s stubborn German attitude towards that! And you know as well as I do that cost could not possibly have been the issue!!

  • Nick

    when did the term ‘WIN on sunday, sell on monday’ get changed to ‘RACE on sunday’. sorry but for all the great reviews the BMW is getting, i’m not interested. firstly, it’s a BMW for crying out loud (this is the brand that charlie boring-man endorses in case you forget) and secondly they can’t even get on the podium. so the Beemer will win the tests this year after the Blade has reigned for 2 years but guess what, the 2011 Blade will trounce the Beemer next year. If I was buying a superbike this year it would be the RSV4 Factory. costs less and has a proper pedigree.

    • jconli1

      yeah, and with that RSV4 you get a second engine for free!

  • lasovan



    to nick:i really dont get the negative feeleengs,”wards”against this SUPERbike,we all want more choice in the 1L segment,yes it is very similar to the jap offerings but….BUT different, you getin it.I could easily write shit about the aprilia(not a bargain at all,the engine brakes,not as refined for the €,bla bla bla…………)but i will just say, first year after many decades that bmw is back in racing and you want them to win straightaway????????? 2009 was just for the telemetry guys, there can not be another way to be competitiv getoverit!aprilia onthe other hand has all the telemetry info you can dream of(125,250)So pleas stop it and be happy,to have a greater choice than ever to get the perfect bike for you….nick

  • shinigami

    No clever witticisms about this being some Nazi plot Wes??

    Just kidding. I think.

  • william

    2010 BMW S1000RR Superbike new products from bmw

  • gigovat

    a proper pedigree? aprilia? ok, not untrue. but there’s no alive brand in bikes that has more pedigree than BMW bar HD perhaps. look a little back in time, read ’bout it and you’ll have to agree. fullstop.

  • meatspin

    the bike is tits and price competitive. They have a factory in Shenyang so I’m wondering if its being manufactured there to lower costs.
    BMWs boxers dont compete with anyone so there is no need for them to compete on price.

  • william

    2010 BMW S1000RR Superbike its best sport bike. The bike powerfull and price not to high for me.

  • jconli1

    the “3asy Ride” concept seems pretty novel in motorcycling, too. Make a moderate down payment, then have low monthly payments, then have the option for a buyout, trade-in, or trade-up at the end of 3 years.

  • C Mad

    Wes, you alive? its been nine days…. I’m loosing it!

  • Bronson


  • AadmanZ`

    I have been able to resist posting this for at least euhm 9 days, but come on, since when is not being able to find a sponsor a strategy?

    And win on Sunday sell on Monday? It would be interesting to see a graph sometime. Yamaha is not doing so well at the moment and I don’t think they have ever done better on the track.. Ducati in the 90s almost going belly up despite winning title after title?

    If Wes isn’t posting, I guess it is up to us :-)

  • BL

    Wes, come back and give us something new to argue about!

    yup, i think the Sunday/Monday Win/Sell thing doesn’t really work that well….doesn’t hurt, but more people are still buying the product than the race wins.

    it’s easy to track in the mx world, the bikes are always 1honda2yamaha….the rest. no matter who the SX champ is.

    although, jumping to road, maybe an exception for gixxers?

  • amsterdam

    Perhaps time to ask Mr. Joel to write some posts?

  • Emmet

    no updates in 10 days….

  • Grant Ray

    We’ve been busy with day jobs and other responsibilities lately.

    Please remember that HFL is just us two guys doing something we love in our spare time, not a corporate and sustainably funded publishing entity.

    The fact that we can routinely punch above our weight speaks as much for our love of bikes and this culture as it does about the current woeful state of the motorcycle publishing industry.

    And so you know, yes, we have projects in the works. Just have patience. They’ll start coming shortly.

  • DaineseDan

    Take your time, Grant! We’ll be here waiting with baited breath until you guys can come back to us. I may not always agree with your points of view, but I love what you do, and I give HUGE props for doing what you do. Take care of yourselves. It’s just motorcycles. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that fact as well. There are other things in life.

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